Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Meaning

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If you haven’t heard of this particular type of fluorite, the banded crystal is exactly what you’d expect it to be: striped with beautiful hues of varying purples, blues, and greens. As is the case with other healing crystals, this particular stone is not just for aesthetics, but offers a wide range of metaphysical benefits. Below we’ll discuss the various astrological, spiritual, and physical aspects of Rainbow Fluorite and the ways in which we can properly utilize all it has to offer. 

What is Rainbow Fluorite?

Rainbow Fluorite is a mineral of Calcium Fluoride composition found mainly in Russia, China, and the United Kingdom. The name itself is derived from the Latin word “fluere” meaning “flow” and is quite fitting to the healing stone itself. It is most commonly known to balance and align the chakras, allowing energy to flow freely through the mind, body, and spirit. Because energetic properties are correlative to a fluorite stone’s specific color, Rainbow Fluorite and its multitude of hues is especially powerful and boasts many uses, the most common of which is to promote clarity. In European folklore, fluorite is known as the home of rainbows, imagination, and creativity. Rainbow Fluorite affects most, if not all aspects of our being. It raises consciousness, aids in concentration, and encourages spiritual growth. This powerful healing stone provides protection, strengthens intuition and intellect, and cleanses the auric field. One may also use Rainbow Fluorite to reduce stress and anxiety, balance emotions, and to promote truth and positivity. As it relates to the third eye and crown chakras, this crystal is directly associated with spiritual ascension and divine communication. Meditate with rainbow fluorite to instill its healing energies into your overall being as well as your environment or wear it as jewelry near your head to open the mind and the spiritual eye. 

How Rainbow Fluorite Affects us  

Before we can properly benefit from a crystal, we must first understand the areas of the body and mind they relate to best, as well as how they affect us. Each healing crystal has its own unique correlations to the zodiac, the planets, and their chakras, each affecting us in different ways, depending on their and our characteristics. Listed below are the astrological, metaphysical, and spiritual aspects of Rainbow Fluorite.

Birthstone: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

For these three specific zodiac signs, Rainbow Fluorite has something special to offer each. Gemini’s duality is unified by this stone’s ability to seamlessly connect the conflicting parts of themselves while helping to release any negative emotions that they may sometimes experience. When it comes to Libra’s artistic and creative inclinations, rainbow fluorite allows their energy to flow freely while balancing chaotic energy. For the Aquarian who loves organization and balance, this stone harmonizes energy and emotions. 

Planet: Mercury

As the messenger of the gods in mythology, Mercury represents all aspects of communication, intuition, and self-expression. This planet also symbolizes the way we approach daily life, relationships, and our own thought process. It dismantles situations so that we may generate new ideas to navigate through those obstacles. When we embody the characteristics of Mercury, we become inquisitive and learn to communicate more clearly; however, on the negative side and when this planet goes retrograde, we can become anxious and overly speculative. With Rainbow Fluorite’s ability to calm the mind and instill clarity of thoughts, it lends the healing properties necessary to overcome Mercury’s chaotic energy as well as those that enhance its positive aspects. To enhance truth, intuition, and clear communication utilize this healing stone for its communicative abilities. 

Vibration Number: 7

In numerology, each number or combination of numbers corresponds to a particular energetic vibration. Every crystal and healing stone has a vibrational frequency that is unique to its structure, shape, size, and color. This number determines the level at which the stone itself vibrates energetically and therefore how it responds to different areas of our being. Rainbow fluorite vibrates at level 7 numerologically. The number seven represents intuition, introspection, and mystery. It symbolizes the individual who isn’t afraid to look beyond the horizons of their “normal” perspective and is the number best representative of the mind. Because rainbow fluorite lends so many of its properties to the aspects of our being directly related to intellect and spiritual ascension, it is best suited to people with this life path number or those who wish to expand their consciousness. Number 7 energy is highly sacred and spiritual, promoting psychic abilities and a deeper connection to the divine which matches rainbow fluorite and its intuitive correlations. 

Chakra: All (specifically the Third Eye and Crown)

While rainbow fluorite aligns and opens all the chakras, it is best related to the third eye and crown. All the properties of this healing stone are best described as being connected to areas near the head and our spiritual mind. In regards to the Third Eye, it boosts intuition and psychic abilities, helping us to see with our ethereal eye. In many ways as rainbow fluorite expands spiritual consciousness, it also connects the wearer to the higher self, promoting communication between themselves and their spirit guides. Meditate with this stone to align the chakras and get your energy flowing freely so that you may see more clearly into the path that is yours. 

Rainbow Fluorite Healing Properties for Specific Intentions

While each healing stone has their own unique properties and uses, those that rainbow fluorite offers are exceptionally versatile. Listed below are a few examples of how we can utilize the energies of this particular stone. 

For Mental Clarity

As we’ve mentioned earlier, rainbow fluorite is a stone best suited to clearing the mind of mental chaos and upset. This powerful healing stone dispels negativity and reduces distractions so that you can stay focussed on the task at hand. If you’re naturally an overthinker or are prone to anxiety, rainbow fluorite will help to ease your stress and calm the mind. Use this stone especially during meditative sessions to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts as well as to instill a sense of inner-peace. Keep it on your desk or in the workspace to promote focus without distractions or keep it on your nightstand for peaceful sleep. 

For Physical Health 

While rainbow fluorite offers a wide variety of spiritual healing benefits, it also helps to maintain overall physical health. It relieves joint and arthritis pain while addressing areas of the spinal cord. This healing stone helps with issues involving coordination and balance while promoting healthy bone marrow and clear skin. It protects against viruses and infections as well as relieving ailments related to the nervous system. Incorporate Rainbow fluorite into your spiritual and physical therapy sessions to benefit from its many physical healing properties. 

For Spiritual Healing 

At this point it goes without saying that rainbow fluorite benefits the spiritual body in many more ways than one. While it deepens the connection with the divine and the higher self, it is overall a highly spiritual stone in every aspect. The best way to harness this stone’s spiritual healing energies is to keep it close at all times by wearing it as jewelry, but you may also incorporate it into your meditation rituals to further benefit from all it has to offer. 

Cleansing and Charging your Rainbow Fluorite

Because this stone is highly absorbent to negative energy, it should be cleansed often (at least once a week) or after each meditative or therapeutic session. While it is very important to cleanse your healing crystals, it must be mentioned that rainbow fluorite requires a certain amount of knowledge before you attempt any form of cleaning, especially if it involves water. You should never attempt to ingest any water that has been infused with this stone as it is highly toxic to the body and mind. For these purposes, however, you may cleanse rainbow fluorite by holding it under running water for several minutes at a time and then charge it by leaving it out in the sun to dry and absorb natural light energy. 

Crystal Pairings for Rainbow Fluorite 

Most healing stones are pairable with one another for a variety of purposes. For example, pairing light with dark enhances stability and protection as well as the purification of stagnant energy. You may also pair two stones of the same color to enhance their healing abilities, but always remember to exercise caution when pairing two dark crystals or two light crystals as this can cause extremely heightened or lowered vibrations which can lead to depression or anxiety. Below are listed the best crystal pairings for rainbow fluorite and their combined healing properties. 

Rainbow Fluorite and Turquoise 

Turquoise is similar to rainbow fluorite in more ways than just their similarities in color. Both stones enhance communication while promoting creativity and intuition as well as providing protection to the wearer. Combine these stones to enhance their healing energies. 

Rainbow Fluorite and Amethyst 

Amethyst is most commonly known to open the third eye chakra and promote creativity as well as a deeper connection with the divine. Its deep purple hues match those found in rainbow fluorite stones and both carry an immense ability to communicate with the higher self. Pair these healing crystals to promote spiritual awakening and psychic abilities. 

Rainbow Fluorite and Green Aventurine

Green aventurine, with its rich hues, promotes good fortune and abundance on a financial level as well as in relation to an adventurous spirit. This stone opens the heart chakra to welcome love and prosperity. In combination with rainbow fluorite, this pair works together to attract wealth and abundance in regards to spiritual values, enlightenment, and a sense of curiosity and wonder as well as in the material sense. Pair these two for success and good luck in all your endeavors. 

Rainbow Fluorite and Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz, also known as the master healer, purifies energy and amplifies the properties of any stone it is paired with. Rainbow Fluorite, as known for its wide variety of healing properties, promotes an expansion of the higher mind as well as purification of the aura and alignment of the chakras. Together, these two powerful healing stones will provide mental, spiritual, and physical healing energy to address all aspects of the self on any level. 

Rainbow Fluorite and Obsidian 

Obsidian, as known for its protective and grounding energies, also provides the conditions necessary for introspection and self work. Together with the rainbow fluorite’s natural ability to connect the physical with the spiritual aspects of one’s being, obsidian will also add its strong protective energy to the mix. Pair this healing stones when you’re looking for an added level of protection and grounding during meditation or in your spiritual practices.