Best Crystals to Sleep With

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After a day of hard work or physical activity, or after an intense experience, we may all have said or thought, “I need a good night’s sleep.” Sometimes we want to get to the sofa or bed because we are exhausted, not only physically but also on a psychological or emotional level. Once we lie down, close our eyes and relax, we feel like we are resting… but sleep is a whole other level of rest.

While we sleep, our body continues its metabolic functions, tissues are repaired, proteins are formed through amino acids, and muscles are developed.

Sleep improves the immune system, and above all, the cognitive faculties and the ability to concentrate are relaxed. It is as essential as eating well; it is vital to maintain health and a correct mental balance.

In short, if we feel renewed in the morning, it is because our sleep had the quality we needed. While we sleep, our body is filled with energy, and many metabolic cycles do not rest. Our brain is active in sorting out information, what we know as “long-term” memory.

Cortisol decreases while we sleep but rises during the night to be at the highest levels when we wake up, and that is why we are on alert at that time. Very high cortisol levels will cause nervousness and anxiety. Still, an average amount will induce activity, which will start our day.

After dusk, melatonin is released; this hormone helps to initiate sleep and to be able to maintain it. At night, the highest growth hormone content is secreted, and the body is dedicated to repair and regenerate cells. The nightly production of collagen is another reason why if we get a good night’s sleep, our skin will look much better the next day.


Lack of sleep will make your skin look much duller, lower blood pressure, dark circles appear under the eyes, not to mention the immune system’s damage.

I know insomnia is affecting a lot of us. It is tough to stop the activity of our minds just because it is nighttime. Our busy days have an intensity that leaves us “wired.”

It is stress. We may feel it is our passion for what we do or the desire to be responsible, but having an overactive mind is not healthy. And sometimes, what we choose for recreation is not relaxing either. We need to see that we are stressing our minds and affecting our bodies.

What is restful sleep?

Suppose a person wakes up without exhaustion of any kind, recharged, and without any type of physical discomfort or problems with concentration, memory, or attention that can affect daily performance. In that case, we will conclude that his nighttime healing process has been positive.

However, we do not always get up feeling one hundred percent, which indicates that this rest should have helped us more.

A typical sleep cycle lasts approximately ninety minutes. During this time, our brain waves change, first entering a light sleep, then deep sleep, and returning to light sleep.

The sleep cycles are followed until about five complete processes are carried out, at which time you wake up with a feeling of rest. But if sleep is interrupted or ends the deep sleep phases abruptly, rest does not occur appropriately.


Insomnia indeed has many causes. Smoking and drinking are common factors among people who do not usually have a good sleep. They may sleep for several hours, but they are tired the next day.

Energy drinks and supplements have increased their online presence during the last few years. We are feeling tired and cannot find a real solution. The first choice seems to be caffeine which hides the issue, while relaxation is healthy and productive.

There are many approaches to relaxing the mind. Some of these techniques don’t focus on the body, while others do. It is essential to pay attention to how you create tension in your body. That information will help you understand how to relieve it better.

Relaxing The Mind

The pillars of relaxation are probably familiar to you: meditation, dancing, yoga, listening to relaxing music and walking.

There is a lot to be gained and enjoyed from all these activities. If we put in motion that aspect of us that wants peace, it is to found in many ways.

Working with crystals and energy therapy might not be the first option for many people. Still, they bring extra power to the table. They can integrate into our quest for a better life, empowering our efforts. The results are very often surprising.

A Good Night Sleep

Suffering from a chronic disease that causes us pain or constant worries can make it difficult for us to get a good rest. However, there are some habits that we can follow to achieve it.

When trying to improve your sleep, it is crucial to take into account your diet. Avoid anything that contains caffeine, and keep in mind that alcohol and fatty meals can hinder digestion. Whenever possible, choose foods rich in vitamins B3, B6, or B12, as they help the nervous system’s normal functioning.

Likewise, it is fundamental not to expose yourself to artificial light from the screens of devices such as laptops and mobile phones before bed. Lights activate the brain (as daylight does), and the production of melatonin is minimized.

Finally, relaxing activities such as taking a hot bath or reading will make our body begin to slowly enter the rest phase.


You may find that working with crystals alone proves very useful, and decide to incorporate a crystal meditation into your daily life. Or you may use the best crystals to sleep with under your pillow every night. Either way, we aim for results in the short term that will last.

In addition to helping you sleep well, these crystals will help you decompress your mind, relax, and make you feel calmer. Know its characteristics and choose the most suitable for you.


This stone is the first on our list, as it is excellent to help you sleep. It has a profoundly calming and reassuring energy, which is also very useful in relieving stress.

It is one of the crystals that best helps fight insomnia, and it is also a stone that stimulates lucid dreaming, so if you want to have these types of dreams, it can help you with that.

It is also an excellent crystal to keep with you at all times. It brings the mind to a more receptive state.


This stone is my personal favorite, and it is associated with angels and celestial beings in general. It has a very numinous quality that elevates our energy and brings deeper awareness, spiritual insight, and inner peace.

It can improve the quality of your meditation practice. In mindfulness, it may help you persevere without frustration, deepening your experiences.

Although it depends on our personal connection and sensitivity, this is one of the stones that may send a glimpse of harmony into your life. Or it may reveal the equilibrium of the higher realms as they reflect in your day-to-day experience.

Celestite is widely recognized as a great ally to stabilize, soothe the mind and among the best crystals to sleep with. Light blue in color belongs to the category of sulfate minerals. It is characterized by small, delicate, and very bright crystals. It brings balance and releases the tension that we cause in our body by stress. It creates the opportunity to reach deeper levels of relaxation. Similarly, Celestite sharpens the intellect, dispersing the stagnant energies accumulated during the day and synchronizing body and mind to get a harmonious rest during the night.

You can cleanse it with moonlight or through visualization, bathing it with a pure white light. A few minutes in the sun will do to energize it, but keep in mind to do it in the early morning or near sunset, as a stronger sun might decolorate it.


Lepidolite is undoubtedly one of the best crystals to sleep with if you are hyperactive. If you are inclined to keep a high mental activity all day long, this crystal is for you.

It will allow you to unwind, have some peace and even meditate.

It is useful for meditation as it allows your brain to enter an alpha state. Alpha brain waves are the state of relaxation that can easily be reached through meditation. It also appears on the path to sleep; it is associated with stage one of the sleep cycle.


It is one of the most commonly recommended stones to help you sleep better. The crystals are made of quartz, which has strong amplification properties.

Visualization while focussing your eyes on this crystal can be a door not only to a deeper sleep but to heightened psychic sensitivity.

Physical Activity

We should try to exercise consistently and do it often and at a similar time each day. It does not have to be a very demanding activity. Walking is an excellent exercise, as it increases blood flow, heart rate and prevents problems with the digestive system.

It is not advisable to do strenuous physical activity close to bedtime. This would make it more difficult for us to deactivate and more challenging for us to fall asleep.

Eating and Supplements

We know that it is better to have dinner at least two hours before going to bed. It is also a good idea to avoid carbohydrates at the end of the day when melatonin is elevated, promoting insulin resistance development.

Valerian root is recommended even by doctors, and there are medications for insomnia that contain it. It is also a component in some antidepressives. It generates feelings of well-being and prolongs rest. It might not help you to fall asleep faster, but it makes it less likely that you wake up many times at night.

Warm milk is also a natural remedy. It is beneficial due to the tryptophan it contains, an amino acid that increases the body’s melatonin. A cup is enough right before bed.

Almonds are also high in tryptophan. They also provide a significant amount of magnesium. This essential mineral relaxes the muscles and participates in achieving restful sleep.

A Good Place to Rest

The temperature of the room should be cool (neither excessively cold nor hot). This allows our body’s core temperature to reach the minimum necessary for sound sleep.

And we should be aware of noises. We may have noise from the outside that wakes us up too early, or sounds at night breaking our sleeping cycles. Noisy neighbors can certainly be a reason for a bad night.

Unfortunately, it is not always a factor that we can control and “turn off” at will. Of course, even though the law regulates it, especially at night, it is hardly adequately enforced.

We need to think of our options regarding noise. They could be earplugs or soundproof windows, but the room we sleep in must be inviting.

Sleep should be our priority; we will not recover it, even if we try it during the weekend. We may sleep more the day after a long night out, but it does not mean that it will have the same effect as regular sleep does.

Pay attention to your body caring about your sleep. You have a “medicine” that will help you fight obesity, diabetes, cancer and improve mental stability. It’s free and effortless. Also, it will boost your physical and mental performance along with your mood.