Blue Lace Agate Meaning

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If you’re familiar with agate, you’ve most likely seen or heard of this particular variety. As with all other healing crystals, this stone carries its own unique set of healing properties that can aid the physical as well as spiritual body. In this article, we’ll talk about the various aspects of healing that Blue Lace Agate offers as well as the ways in which we can benefit from this beautiful healing stone. 

What is Blue Lace Agate?

Blue Lace Agate is a banded Agate variety of Chalcedony that can be found in many parts of the world, but which was initially discovered in Namibia. It’s airy light blue and white striped hues bring to mind the free flowing energies of the ocean and the refreshing breezes of a cool afternoon. It reminds us of clear skies and comforting clouds. As associated with the Archangel Michael, this healing stone has been used by many cultures throughout history to imbibe its properties into medicine as well as protection seals. In ancient Mesopotamia, Blue Lace Agate was a symbol of power and authority. Not much has changed in modern times, if we’re being practical. Spiritualists and practitioners still use this stone for its many metaphysical benefits as well as for physical healing. Along with the basic healing properties of chalcedony and agate, blue lace agate carries calming energies that soothe and instill a sense of peace and tranquility. It promotes communication, hope, and self-acceptance while encouraging honor, loyalty, and trust. This stone supports, nurtures, and uplifts one’s state of being and relieves stress and anxiety. Blue lace agate is the ideal healing stone for meditation to bring a sense of clarity and inner peace. 

How Blue Lace Agate Affects us

Before we can properly benefit from a crystal, we must first understand what areas of the body and mind they relate to best, as well as how they affect us. Each healing crystal has its own unique correlations to the zodiac, the planets, and their chakras, each affecting us in different ways, depending on their and our characteristics. Listed below are the astrological, physical, and spiritual healing aspects of Blue Lace Agate.  

Birthstone: Pisces 

Pisces are known to be logical yet emotional beings and can often become frustrated when trying to separate their heart from their head. Blue Lace Agate helps Pisces to put both aspects into their proper place while clearing the mind and instilling focus. This healing stone also boosts their creativity and imagination, helping them to develop new ideas and overcome obstacles. For the Piscean who often has trouble seeing with their intuitive eye, blue lace agate strengthens their intuition and promotes introspection. Meditate with this stone to remove stagnant and negative energy from the chaotic mind and to bring mental clarity. 

Planet: Neptune 

In Greek Mythology, Neptune is the God of the Sea and represents the waves of duality between tranquility and fear of the unknown. He represents dreams, inspiration, and psychic capability as well as intuition and enlightenment. Neptune is the ruler of sensitivity and spirituality, matching blue lace agate and its divine properties. In astrology, Neptune symbolizes a connection with love and the divine principles of man. This planet promotes compassion and an exploration of realms unknown to us. Its mystical and mysterious energies are embedded into blue lace agate as both inspire creativity, inspiration, and quests driven by curiosity. 

Vibration Number: 5

In numerology, each number or combination of numbers corresponds to a particular energetic vibration. Every crystal and healing stone has a vibrational frequency that is unique to its structure, shape, size, and color. This number determines the level at which the stone itself vibrates energetically and therefore how it responds to different areas of our being. Blue Lace Agate vibrates at level 5, which is the number of curiosity, change and new beginnings. Numerologically, the number 5 represents the individual who is always on a quest for new experiences and an exploration of the senses beyond the physical state. If any of these characteristics fit you, incorporating blue lace agate into your jewelry and crystal collection will provide the answers you seek. 

Chakra: Throat 

For the individual who loves using their voice in the freedom of self-expression, blue lace agate unblocks the throat chakra and promotes clear communication. Not only does it inspire calm and mental clarity, it also helps to organize your thoughts in a creative and eloquent way to get your message across in the most efficient and honest way. This stone will clear any blockages in communication between yourself and the divine, encouraging a strong spiritual affinity with your higher self. Wear blue lace agate as a necklace that sits close to the throat or meditate with it to find your inner wisdom. 

Blue Lace Agate for Specific Intentions

Of all the healing crystals and their vast variety of healing properties and uses, blue lace agate is one of emotional, spiritual and psychic abilities. Below is a list of the specific purposes for which we can fully utilize this stone’s properties. 

For Spiritual Healing

Whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual, all healing starts at the core and with the right tools. Blue lace agate offers a wide range of healing properties, the most prominent being spiritual healing as it has an immense connection to the divine. As it opens up new pathways to the spiritual realms and enhances communication with angels as well as the higher self, this stone provides all the right conditions for ascension. Meditate with blue lace agate and incorporate it into your spiritual practices to bridge the connection between the physical and metaphysical. 

For Cleansing

Blue lace Agate holds and gently emits the energy of water, promoting purification and tranquility. Its energy is one that is formless yet powerful and represents rebirth and reflection. With its free-flowing properties, this is the perfect stone for clearing out stagnant energy and allowing positive vibrations to pass through the self and through the home. To promote healthy and restful energy, incorporate this stone into the practice and methods of Feng Shui. Place blue lace agate in the north areas of any space to provide a naturally self-cleansing environment and to enhance clarity and good fortune in your daily life. 

For Communication

Because of its blue color and vibrational energies, blue lace agate is well known to open and unblock the throat chakra. When this particular chakra is blocked, one will experience difficulties in communication and self expression. This healing stone aids in the clarification of thought as well as voicing one’s true meaning and intentions. It provides wisdom and insight and encourages one to speak their truth with confidence. Meditate with this stone close to the throat chakra or wear it as jewelry that rests against the throat area to improve communication skills. If you have a workplace, you may also place this stone near your documents, computer and phone. 

For Physical Healing

The metaphysical healing properties of blue lace agate are many and varying, but let’s not overlook the physical benefits of this particular healing stone. Blue lace agate aids in healing ailments of the throat area such as inflammation in the lymph nodes, thyroid deficiencies, and sore throat. It is known to strengthen and repair bones as well as soothing irritation of the skin and eyes. Incorporate the use of blue lace agate in your physical therapy to assist healing of the physical body. 

Cleansing and Charging your Blue Lace Agate

Healing crystals are known to lend energy to the seeker as well as absorb the leftover energy therefrom, so it’s important to cleanse your crystals often. While certain healing stones are known to cleanse and charge themselves, it’s still vitally important to cleanse your crystals of any stagnant or negative energy left behind after it’s been touched or used in healing practices especially. The proper ways to cleanse and charge a crystal depends on the composition of the stone itself as certain minerals are sensitive to sunlight and water. Fortunately for lovers of blue lace agate, this stone is sensitive to neither. For water cleansing, you may hold it under running water for several minutes or give it a water bath (preferably natural water) to wash off the excess energy left behind. After the stone has been cleansed, you may leave it to dry in the sun for several hours or for a few days; this will also charge the stone with the sun’s natural light energy. Another effective way to cleanse and charge blue lace agate is by pairing it with selenite or setting it on a selenite plate. After cleansing and charging your healing crystal, it’s also important to bond with it. Do this simply by touching it, holding it in your hand, or wearing it as jewelry. You can even whisper your intentions into the stone! 

Crystal Pairings for Blue Lace Agate

Oftentimes, healing crystals are paired to amplify their healing properties. For cleansing and boosting energy, a stone can be paired with light colored crystals such as clear quartz or selenite. For grounding and protection energies, pair any crystal with a dark crystal such as black tourmaline or obsidian. To enhance cleansing, purification, and protective properties, pair a light crystal with a dark crystal. However, it’s important to exercise caution when pairing two crystals of the same color as it may cause high or low intensity of energy; two dark crystals can lower vibration to a depressing level, whereas two light crystals can heighten energy and cause anxiety. Below is a list of crystal pairings best suited to blue lace agate specifically. 

Blue Lace Agate and Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, also known as the “master healer” cleanses and purifies energy as well as boosts the properties of any stone it is paired with. Along with blue lace agate, clear quartz provides purification of stagnant energy and natural recharging of both stones’ healing properties. Pair blue lace agate with clear quartz to improve communication, spiritual healing, and to clear the mind of negative thoughts. 

Blue Lace Agate and Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a healing crystal best known for opening the throat chakra and improving communication with the divine. It also boasts many of the same qualities as blue lace agate. Pairing these two stones enhances both healing abilities, specifically in the areas of the throat and mind. Where lapis lazuli has a more direct healing approach, blue lace agate tends to these matters in a more gentle way. Pair these two to ground yourself mentally and emotionally, as well as for ultimate enhancement of the spiritual aspects of the self. 

Blue Lace Agate and Amethyst

Amethyst is best known for its creative properties as well as its natural ability to balance and open the throat and third eye chakras. It carries emotionally stabilizing energies and helps the wearer to overcome mental blockages while encouraging them to “see” using their intuition. Amethyst enhances one’s psychic abilities and allows for ease and protection during astral travel. Pair this stone with blue lace agate to add a touch of divinity and the essence of spirituality to your daily life. 

Blue Lace Agate and Black Obsidian

Black obsidian has been long since regarded as the perfect protection stone. It aids in scrying and divination practices while it lends powerful grounding energy to the wearer. Its deep black color adds a certain level of stability to the properties of blue lace agate which, as a stone that relates to the element of water, is very free-flowing. For those who are looking to benefit from blue lace agate’s carefree properties, pairing this stone with black obsidian will ensure that you keep your feet on the ground while exploring the realms surrounding you.