Crystals for Stomach Pain

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When we think of health, our first image might be of doctors and medications. We learn a lot of information from a very young age that creates in our mind the idea of health as external, something to be restored through medicine. 

There has indeed been a massive cultural shift over the years. It is no longer considered a bit “mystical” to think of our health in terms of personal responsibility. Science discovered the power of our mental states and emotions over the functioning of our body, at least in part. Many traditions have been talking about it for thousands of years.

In this search for optimal living and inner balance, we found many alternative treatments that can do wonders in our bodies and minds. And some of these treatments work on subtle energies that even today are not accepted although sometimes implemented by medical professionals in hospitals (such is the case of acupuncture and “healing touch”)

Natural substances and crystals are among those natural treatments that have consistently been recognized as sources of power as if containing a special kind of lifeforce. We can even go back to the Bible because, in Exodus, a mention is made of a breastplate of twelve precious stones. These had been created by God to grant powers and virtues to humanity. They also directly related to kings and members of the nobility, who still today wear the best pieces to reaffirm their status, power, wealth, and security.

In India, kings wore diamond-encrusted jewelry and ornaments as they claimed that in this way, they escaped sadness. Today, grinding some of these stones into powder, mixing them with water, and ingesting them is recommended by traditional Indian doctors to attract health.

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is so common that we all experience it at some point. It can be due to a large number of factors such as excess gas, gastritis, or a glut of food. Also, this pain can be caused by the consumption of spicy food, coffee, or an excess of alcohol.

It can also be caused by a situation of stress, nervousness, or anxiety, among others. Suppose you feel identified with these possible causes. 

We will show you simple steps to free yourself from the stress that could become an impediment in your day-to-day life. Plus, other treatments to implement right away to relieve pain and bring harmony to your digestive system.

Stomach pain usually subsides in a short time. If it is maintained, it is necessary to consult with the doctor to determine if there are any health problems and that a special treatment is applied. In this case, we will give you some tips to remedy stomach pain with some home remedies. 

The therapy

What should I expect from crystals and gems?

Crystals act subtly. This is common to most forms of holistic healing. This speaks of the manner in which such treatments affect the body. They do not start on the physical plane but on the energetic dimension of our existence. This means that even though the effects of the practice will be felt on the body, the cause of the bodily change must be comprehended by looking at the person as a conglomerate of energies. These energies manifest in different realms of existence that constantly interact with one another. 

This therapy can be approached in a variety of manners. 

Jewelry for healing

Costume jewelry has its origins in the energetic knowledge of gems since ancient times, used for physical, emotional, and spiritual strengthening. Carrying a stone or a crystal combined with a suitable metal is one of the simplest ways to receive its health and internal balance effects. I suggest using the stone or crystal that gives us the energy we need according to the internal process we live at. You can use them as jewelry or acquire the gem and place it in a special place for you. You should do so, keeping in mind the properties of each gemstone and also your intuition.

So powerful is its energy that many people in many disciplines are getting closer and closer to crystal therapy. The healing effects of these stones act on the human body, magnifying the energy of the tiny crystals that make up our body, normalizing their function. In scientific terms, gems and crystals magnetize their peers within the body, producing a sense of relaxation and vitality. Crystals have a vibration akin to that of the earth. The feeling of peace can be attributed to a vibrational connection with it.

In the sacred books of India, such as Ayurveda (Veda of life), crystals are present as living beings; in each of them dwells a deva, commanded by a spirit of nature.

From a Hindu standpoint, the devas (divine beings) are responsible for forming gems or crystals. They are the ones who channel the cosmic and geomagnetic energies through them. In the practice of meditation, we make contact with these devic beings to be able to program in different healing and harmonizing functions of these gems and crystals.

From a spiritual and esoteric perspective, we communicate with the Devic world, connecting us with beings of different evolution, who in their lower aspect manifest as forces of nature but never losing the link with their divine nature.

The celestial plane contains cosmic energies that open the higher chakras. These allow us to connect with divine wisdom through devas (which we call angels in the West) and other celestial beings.

As you will learn, gem therapy is a vast topic where work is done on several levels:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

Thus exalting the light energies that flow in us.

Which Crystals To Use

We will now dedicate ourselves to detailing the different ways modern Esotericism relates to the use of crystals for stomach pain and other ailments. They range from methods as dissimilar as placing gems on the photos of the people we love

to help up their harmony at a distance, and walking meditation.

Stress and Anger

Approaching stomach problems that may be related to stress and emotional tension. These are the crystals we could use:

Aquamarine: placed on any part of the body, has soothing properties. It can be used next to other crystals for stomach pain.

Turquoise: In addition to its detoxifying properties, turquoise has protective properties and helps eliminate parasitic energies. Relieves stomach cramps and discomfort. It is perfect to wear as a pendant.

Digestive System

When thinking of the digestive system as a set of organs (mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine), we might adopt an even more holistic perspective. This is in case we cannot find a cause of our pain. The transformation of food carried out by our digestive system allows nutrients and energies to be absorbed and used by the body’s cells. Its function is that of transport (food), secretion (digestive juices), absorption (nutrients), and excretion through the defecation process.

Crystals for stomach pain that treat the digestive system:

Calcite: It is especially indicated for disorders of the digestive system.

Smoked quartz: It is for digestive system disorders that manifest with intense abdominal pain. Place it on the area to be treated.

Pyrite: helps treat digestive system disorders and the esophagus. Its chakra is that of the solar plexus.

Topaz: It is a great digestive system healer. Its chakra is also that of the solar plexus.

Tourmaline: Green tourmaline helps treat digestive system disorders, especially diarrhea and constipation.

Citrine: It is used to help relieve intestinal problems and skin issues caused by stress, diseases of the pancreas, nervous and endocrine systems.

Six Ways Of Listening to Our Body

  1. Go to the bathroom

Stomach pain is sometimes related to not having used the bathroom. Evacuating is one of the solutions that the body is asking of us. A bowel cleansing is highly recommended in many cases because the discomfort can disappear quickly. If we notice digestion problems, it can also be related to the liver and a possible excess of toxins. For this, we recommend, from time to time, some cleaning of this vital organ. Purifying the liver will help us improve the absorption of certain nutrients.

When sitting on the toilet, try to lean forward. In addition, the feet should be raised, ensuring that the knees are as close to the chest as possible. Thanks to this position, evacuation will be significantly favored without the need for too much effort. If the body was asking us to evacuate, indeed, we would have eliminated the stomach pain. This position seems odd when described; it simulates the basic squatting position.

  1. Take a hot shower

If stomach pain occurs as a reaction after a stressful day, it is best to relax. There is nothing better than taking a warm and relaxing shower. With this, we will eliminate nerves and stress. Indeed, you will have relaxed in this way on more than one occasion, and you will know the results.

If you try the contrast shower (hot/cold water), you will activate the circulation, calm the pain and relax the muscles.

  1. Give yourself a massage in the abdomen area

Getting or doing a massage in the abdomen area may be another solution. A message will help relieve tension in the muscles in this area. In this way, stress is released, and stomach pain that may be had is reduced.

To do the massage, you have to use your fingers and make circular movements. It should be done in both the upper and lower abdomen. When it is done, it is recommended to exert a little pressure, especially in the areas where the pain is concentrated. You can use a sphere made of any of the crystals for stomach pain; just make sure it’s warm before applying it.

Care must be taken when doing so so as not to increase the feeling of discomfort. While the massage is being performed, we must breathe deeply; we must try to relax and forget about the sensation of pain

.4. Consume a chamomile or ginger tea

The infusions have excellent relaxing properties and can be another of the ideal remedies against stomach pain. They are straightforward to prepare, they are not expensive, and their results can be speedy and effective.

Anyone can have chamomile at home, an infusion that is ideal for stomach pain. Thanks to the properties of this infusion, you can relax and calm stomach pains very quickly. Chamomile is an infusion that reduces muscle cramps and general discomfort; it is highly recommended that we always have it at home.

Another alternative is to prepare a ginger infusion. We can buy it from a herbalist or in a large area, and its price is quite affordable. This root has anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it is known around the world for being an excellent remedy for relieving stomach pain. It can calm indigestion and nausea in the most severe cases.

Although it can be consumed fresh, the most effective way to achieve results against stomach pain is infusion. Several pieces of ginger will be placed in hot water for several minutes until it boils. A few drops of lemon will be added, and we will wait for it to cool a little to drink it.

  1. Natural yogurt, another ally against stomach pain

It may seem like a real grandmother’s remedy, but it is scientifically proven to be very useful in these cases. It is best to choose a natural quality yogurt (we should not add sugar or buy sugary ones), avoiding flavored ones.

It is a highly recommended food to protect the stomach. It is a fermented food and contains healthy prebiotics that reduces stomach problems and protects it. Many studies have been done on its consumption, and the results have been surprising. For example, when you have irritable bowel syndrome, yogurt consumption is excellent.

  1. Apply heat to the abdomen

Giving a warm temperature to the stomach muscles can be another excellent solution against stomach pain. Heat can be applied with a heating pad, an electric blanket, or a hot water bottle. Very effective remedies that almost everyone has at home.

The heat must be dry, especially to have more comfort and not to get everything wet. Also, a hot, damp cloth cools down pretty quickly. What interests us is to have a good time in the hot zone to eliminate the pain or at least reduce it to the maximum.