Crystals for Heart Health

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We are in a constant process of dynamism and evolution. This is due to our interconnectivity with our environment. Our health depends on our ability to create a harmonious relationship with our surroundings. We need to find an inner balance that promotes harmony in ourselves and in our society. Individual health is clearly linked to the community’s health and the environment where a person lives. 

This is particularly true when it comes to our emotional health and that of our heart.

The way to do this starts with a healthy lifestyle. Caring for ourselves and letting into our lives only that which is genuinely beneficial (for us and our environment) can set in motion a change that will naturally go beyond ourselves.

Natural Health

The inner balance of our body is constantly shifting. We face different challenges that our immune system engages in and minor ailments that our body heals silently. 

Now and then, we need external help to keep this equilibrium in motion.

We must think about what to do and what to avoid. Suppose we bring this attitude to the field of nutrition. In that case, we will have to promote the consumption of those foods beneficial for heart health, such as olive oil, nuts, or avocado, and avoid harmful ones.

A Heart Friendly Lifestyle

A heart-friendly, varied, and balanced diet should be followed, avoiding those foods that contain much-saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. 

On the other hand, include foods rich in magnesium such as nuts, cereals, and legumes in your diet.

Various treatments are available for us to restore our health holistically. Nutrition, meditation, and crystals for heart health make a potent mix that will show you great results in the short and mid-term.

We also must have a diet based on fruits, vegetables, and vegetables (up to five daily servings), cereals or whole grains, seeds, legumes, oily fish, and olive oil as a reference fat. As for meats, we should rely on poultry and other lean meats and take them in moderation. 

Avoid salty foods: salty nuts, snacks, ham, bacon, sausages, cured meats, canned foods, soups, commercial pastries, strong flavor cheeses, and sauces in sachets.

Also, think in terms of slowly reducing the amount of salt on the menu; the easiest way is: once the food is prepared, never add salt, neither to stews nor salads. Replace the salt with herbs, spices, lemon, vinegar, pepper, garlic, etc. This can happen over time by finding the right condiments and reducing the amount of salt organically.

A few examples: 

  • Whole dairy (substitute skimmed dairy)
  • Butter (substitute with virgin olive oil)
  • Fatty meats (substitute for lean, low-fat meats, such as rabbit or skinless chicken)
  • Egg yolk, commercially fried foods, and industrial pastries. Trans fat is found in some frying and pastry fats (e.g., hydrogenated vegetable oils) used in cookies, baked goods, dairy products, fatty beef, and sheep.

Power of Crystals

Whether through jewelry, as a souvenir of a trip, as decorative objects, or part of an altar, stones and crystals may have accompanied us in different ways. However, the impact they can have on our energy field goes far beyond giving us an aesthetic moment since these formations hide a world of uses and benefits that we can take advantage of in our day-to-day life. And what better time than this to learn more about them and how they can become a support for difficult times, where we need calm or, on the contrary, motivate ourselves in challenging times like the ones we live through.

Crystal Therapy

It is a vibrational therapy that helps heal the different dimensions of the human being through gems and crystals. These act through the emission of high vibration. Their main objective is to restore the person’s energy flow, favoring the balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

How does it work?

Working from its vibration in our bodies. The human being is made up of a body (matter), which is nothing more than a slow vibration that materializes. It also has an energy field sustained by the energy vortices called chakras, hundreds of them. Other more subtle bodies are found that store the vibrations of each experience generated by emotions and thoughts. Gems and crystals work on all these subtle bodies providing the balance necessary to restore harmony. You can undoubtedly apply crystals for heart health, as for any other healing process.

There are different techniques for working with minerals and for acting comprehensively in therapeutic work. Gem or crystal therapy ranges from the physical body –through an energetic alignment– to creating emotional and mental structures –through the channeling of crystals–, delivering awareness of any given internal process. This method can also be supported by the intake of crystal elixirs.

What are the main benefits of incorporating gems and crystals into our daily lives?

The main benefit is harmonization. Gems and crystals are perfect and harmonic in themselves, and their vibration helps us order and stabilize our energy. Crystals, being born from the depths of the earth, their basal energy is stability and containment. However, there are gems and crystals with specific characteristics for each situation.

In this current context, where each person is experiencing different needs and emotions, we need to pay attention to our hearts, feelings, and subtle energies.

Gems and Crystals can transform our energy and create the changes we need right now.

To promote calm and manage stress and anxiety, use green quartz because it helps to diminish stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction.

For a night of good sleep, try amethyst: it lowers the mental noise, calms the mind, and garnet rests and allows the body to regain energy.

To focus and have greater mental clarity: clear quartz provides clarity and focus.

Increase energy and motivation, carnelian: it helps with motivation and desire to do things, and cuprite helps connect with the earth’s energy and get us out of inertia to move forward.

To flow with the present moment and uncertainty (embracing change): Larimar, as it helps us flow in evolution.

Smoky quartz gives us stability and focuses on realizing new ideas.

How should you start using crystals for heart health, and what should you look for when buying and choosing them?

Rose quartz is the most suitable crystal to start using on the body through a jewel, maybe with a chain over the heart. For example, meditating with a quartz crystal, keeping it with you as an amulet, or using it in physical spaces harmonizes your heart chakra and raises your general vibration.

Another simple way to connect with your vibration is to ingest a crystal elixir. 

How to choose your crystal?

Each type of crystal has its properties, though sometimes they overlap. Quartz, for instance, can be used for a variety of purposes and ailments. It is my favorite to carry at all times and also my meditation companion.

It is usually safer to buy your crystals online than from someone you see in a market. Quality is essential, and an imitation will not provide any result.

The power of gems has never been replaced. Crystal therapy appears in most ancient cultures, and it remained in one form or another. This is because it actually acts energetically and spiritually, taking the power of gems as a reference.

But before you continue reading this post, I want to clarify, as always, that it is an alternative and complementary therapy.

However, the power of gems in the therapeutic field can be used in different areas and for various purposes. Many times crystals are an integral part of someone’s healing process, physical or emotional. They are an excellent focus for meditation practices. They transmute the energy around them, even more so if intentionally programmed. Crystals also can be a way of bringing certain qualities into your home or workspace. They apply their energy to their surroundings in multiple ways. 

We can find out how to include their presence in our lives to positively impact ourselves and our environment.

Heart Crystals

Rose quartz has always been connected to the emotions of love and friendship. It increases soothing energy that opens the heart chakra. It is the principal crystal for the heart chakra since it teaches the true essence of love and strengthens awareness.

It transforms energy to align it better with the heart vibrations. This also makes it a great healer for our emotions because it does not block our internal processes. It helps us go through them more healthily. It also relieves engrained pain and heals energy deficiencies.

Green Jade, on the other hand, is a cleansing stone for negative thoughts and obsessions. It can be a gateway to internal changes that were not on your horizon. IT can bring harmony to relationships, but it can also make a transition smoother. A healing process can be less sour through its energy. It is also great for those who struggle with sudden mood swings.

Approaching our need for more balance from different angles is what makes this process faster and smoother. Think of adding an herbal infusion to your day.

Five Herbal Infusions

The infusions are drinks obtained through flowers, roots, seeds, or barks of different herbs (aromatic or not) mixed with hot water. They have existed for millennia and are traditionally used in the treatment of almost everything. Today, the most popular infusions are those used to restore balance to our body and treat stress, digestive issues, insomnia, etc. In this case, we have selected those that can benefit your heart and cardiovascular health. If you want to take care of yourself, make a list with them and combine them to get the best results for your health.

White Hawthorn

This shrub, which can grow to five meters high, is considered a cardiotonic plant; that is, it is good for the functioning of the heart. Its leaves and flowers are used to make infusions with a remarkable vasodilator and relaxing effect on the nervous system.

Lion Tail

Not only does it allow to regulate blood pressure, but due to its vasodilator effect, it is also recommended to avoid tachycardias or angina. Of course, if the person is taking anticoagulants, the consumption of lion’s tail is contraindicated. It is also not recommended for use if you are taking tranquilizer medications.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in flavonoids, so it has excellent antioxidant qualities. It is also hepatoprotective, good for diabetes, and helps lower blood cholesterol. It is remarkable that in Japan, a country with the lowest incidence of cardiovascular diseases, there are many green tea drinkers. Experts say that you can drink up to four cups a day. 

Olive leaf

In addition to being an antioxidant and therefore having anti-aging benefits, it has shown its ability to lower blood pressure. It also dilates the coronary arteries, thereby helping to prevent heart attacks. Its leaves are the base of infusions with multiple properties, and from its fruits, the olive oil that we consume daily is obtained. It can be combined with rosemary. This plant native to the Mediterranean has been used for centuries as a remedy for a wide variety of ailments. Rosemary infusions have significant anti-inflammatory properties, which help to improve the circulatory system. One cup of olive leaves and rosemary a day can be very beneficial to our hearts.

Lemon Balm

Its citrus aroma gives lemon balm an unmistakable smell and flavor. It has soothing properties and can re-establish the heart’s normal rhythm, avoiding the phenomenon of palpitations or arrhythmias triggered by a nervous imbalance. Likewise, it is frequently used in infusions to improve the quality of sleep. It is better known as a digestive in every continent.

Crystal Elixirs

The existing theories regarding the properties of crystals bring some ways of preparing the Elixir, some of which are more elaborate and others more practical and even emergency. It is up to each of us to choose the form that feels most secure.

The elixirs should be prepared with mineral water with a PH 7 or approximate, as they are less acidic. Or tap water, properly boiled or filtered, can be used. The ideal is that the preparation is carried out in the period between New Moon and Full Moon. The energy of the specific moon phase can also be used for preparation. 

For conservation and storage, Cereal Alcohol, Vodka, or Cognac is used. The Elixir must be kept in amber glasses (or somewhere dark), adequately sterilized, and labeled with the date of manufacture and what type of crystal is contained therein. Typically the elixirs are valid for two to three years if well preserved. They should be consumed from 7 to 9 drops 3x a day, for a maximum of 28 to 60 days.


Basic Rose Quartz Elixir Method 

(Never use jade for this)

After cleaning the crystal:

  1. Place it in a colorless glass container.
  2. Add 100 ml of still mineral water. The crystal should be immersed in the water.
  3. Leave it exposed to sunlight in the morning for two hours.

There should be no shadow over the water. This procedure aims to make the water naturally heated by sunlight, causing the crystalline body to swell smoothly, transferring the properties of the crystal into the water. When ready, remove the crystal with a plastic or wooden spoon. Add 50 ml of cereal alcohol or grape brandy (brandy) so that bacteria are not released into the water. Its conservation is maintained. This method follows the same preparation of solarized water.

You can also use this process for clear quartz. It revitalizes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. But if you want to make an elixir of another crystal or gem, make sure it is safe to drink as some minerals can be harmful (this is the case for jade, be it blue or green) and water-soluble.