Crystals for Manifesting

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By now, you probably know what manifesting is, but if you don’t, here’s a simple explanation. Manifestation is the art of willing the universe to provide a desired outcome or situation. It can be done by manipulating energy: setting intentions through focusing your thoughts, candle magic and spell work. For our purposes, we’ll focus on manifestation by utilizing the magical properties of crystals. Listed below are 8 of the best crystals for manifesting. 

Golden Obsidian is an unusual form of volcanic glass whose golden sheen reminds us of our own divine powers. Its ability to show us who we are truly, in terms of the universe allows us to form a deeper connection with our higher selves, enhancing our ability to manifest that which we most desire. Wear a golden obsidian bracelet or carry the crystal itself in your pocket. 

Black Obsidian removes limiting beliefs and negative thoughts to better build a solid foundation for your spiritual work. It helps to overcome obstacles and blockages, bringing stability and alignment as well as new opportunities for growth and success.  Needless to say, this is a powerful stone of manifestation. Place this stone on work desk to keep its energies close to your area of work. 

Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile crystals when it comes to any type of spiritual work. It clears out negativity and has the amazing ability to augment the energy of any crystal, spell work, or intention. Using clear quartz crystals for manifesting your desires is arguably one of the best ways to go about it. Utilize this crystal in any way you desire. 

Rose Quartz, as the stone of universal love, is an exceptional choice for manifesting any intention that speaks to the heart. It lends loving energies to your craft or practice, representing the heartfelt desires that drive your ambitions. For manifesting compassion, healing and love, this gentle pink crystal is the perfect choice for you. Wear it on a necklace to keep its energies close to your heart. 

Citrine is the stone of joy, abundance, and prosperity. Its ability to raise vibrations and elevate moods will make you optimistic and more receptive to success, wealth, and prosperity. Always choose citrine when manifesting abundance, whether spiritual or financial. Keep this stone in your workspace or purse. 

Hematite carries properties of balance, clarity, and focus, helping you to stay grounded and determined in all your endeavors. Its physical and metaphysical density absorbs negative and stagnant energy, purifying the aura as well as the environment so you can look toward the future without apprehension. Lucidly visualize every step you need to take to reach your goals with this powerful crystal for manifesting. Harness this stone’s energy in any way you can. 

Malachite is a stone of love and abundance. Before you can successfully manifest anything, you must first release unhealthy habits and thought patterns – malachite allows you to do just that. As it appeals to the heart chakra, it helps to identify that which no longer serves you and gives you the courage to let those things go. Keep malachite in your pocket or wear it in a piece of jewelry. 

Pyrite, otherwise known as “fool’s gold”, is perhaps one of the greatest and most powerful crystals for manifesting financial success. Money is often difficult to manifest because of the way the world works, but this metallic golden stone never fails to help you climb over those obstacles and achieve what you desire. It helps to align oneself with the energies of wealth and luxury, attracting good luck in any and all aspects of life. Keep pyrite in your workplace, purse, or cash register. 

Manifesting with crystals is as simple as holding them in your hands while you focus your intention on what you would like to manifest. You may also incorporate these crystals into any type of ritual or spell work, given that the crystal itself is compatible with what you’re trying to achieve. Whether you choose one or all of these crystals for manifesting, remember that the true power is within you as we are all stardust and carry inside us all the magic of the universe. Crystals are conduits, and we are crystals.