Crystals for Sleep

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Insomniac or not, we’re all familiar with the consequences of sleep deprivation and/or have had the experience of needing to rest while our mind or body simply will not comply. If you’re part of the percentage of the population who fall asleep as soon as your head touches a pillow, then congratulations! However, for those of us who are in desperate need of assistance falling asleep, crystals are here to turn our brain and body off (just for a little while, don’t worry). Whether you’re tossing and turning or can’t even wind down enough to make it to the bedroom in the first place, these crystals for sleep will have you out faster than you can say “Lordt, please help”. 

Amethyst is undoubtedly one of the most popular stones for stress relief. Its calming energies help to soothe the mind and quiet those overbearing thoughts so you can finally let go of the tension built up throughout the day. With its healing energies of peace and tranquility, amethyst is like a lullaby that will ease you to sleep after even your most worrisome days. 

Selenite is the ultimate energy cleanser and purifier that removes negativity and bothersome thoughts from the mind, replacing them instead with feelings of positivity that will help to relieve your burdens at the end of the day, shutting off the noise in your head and making it easier to fall asleep. This powerful healing crystal will also align your chakras while you sleep so you can wake up feeling energized and ready to face anything the world throws your way.

Angelite allows you to connect with your spirit guides, angels, and higher self. In the same way that this crystal itself brings to mind, soft floating clouds, it instills feelings of calm and inner peace, alleviating an overactive mind and balancing the emotional body. Angelite also stimulates the third eye and promotes lucidity in dreaming to help with your late-night endeavors as an astral traveler. If ever there was a stone to help you fall asleep (and dream peacefully), it’s this. 

Moonstone, as the name itself, would suggest, is an excellent choice for all “activities” normally done at nighttime which, although some of us might prefer to be productive, mostly consists of sleeping. If you’re having trouble finding your way to your bed and staying in it, moonstone will help you to fall asleep easily by relieving you of physical and emotional tension. 

Fluorite is related to the heart chakra and is most commonly known for its ability to soothe the mind, spirit, and body while instilling relaxing energies. This stone of tranquility and peace relieves tension, stress, and mental clutter to help you fall asleep more easily. It enhances your decision-making and prioritization abilities so you can learn to compartmentalize all those things that just won’t leave your mind. Whether you’re an insomniac or are hyperactive, let fluorite ease your troubles and help you get a good night’s sleep. 

Smoky Quartz is best known for its ability to remove negative energy, clearing the mind and the aura from unwelcome thoughts and feelings. Its powerful grounding energies help to keep us tethered to the earth so we don’t get too carried away with imaginative thoughts that can trail on and on and on and on…. For calming and reassuring energy to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep, turn to smoky quartz. 

In any situation, utilizing crystals for sleep is best done at nighttime, or whenever your bedtime normally is. These crystals are most effective when kept in the bedroom, specifically on a nightstand, above the bed, or under your pillow. If you meditate, try doing so before you turn in for the day, with one or two of these crystals in hand. Pick your favorite or collect them all – true insomniacs will understand that you can never have enough sleep aids.