Crystals for Protection from Spirits

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Spirits, like crystals, exist in all forms, shapes and sizes. Some are good, some are bad, and some just sit in the corner twiddling their fingers and minding their business. Whatever your experience with spirits is or whether or not they are bothersome to you, they can undoubtedly alter the energy in your space so it’s important to put up some protection around yourself and your home. Here are 5 crystals for protection from spirits. 

Peridot, although a popular crystal, is not often known for its properties of protection, purification, and emotional balance, but they can be borrowed nonetheless. This crystal’s ability to neutralize the energy within your auric field will help to minimize the effects of vibrational shifts that are caused by spirits. If you’re sensing a presence in your home or near you specifically, keeping peridot in your home or wearing it around your neck can help to protect against harm or evil intentions. If it’s a friendly ghost you’re dealing with, at the very least this stone makes a pretty addition to your collection. 

Shungite is best known as a protection crystal because of its amazing ability to detoxify the body and remove negative energy from your auric field as well as from the environment. Its dark reflective surface, as you would imagine, acts as a shield that deflects all forms of harmful interference from the outside world and even the aetheric world. If you feel like something isn’t right energetically, it probably isn’t and you should always trust your gut. Keep a bowl of shungite crystals in that particular area of your home where you sense sketchy energy or for added protection, carry one in your pocket. 

Smoky Quartz is – in my opinion – one of the best members of the quartz family simply for its properties that impart peace, protection, and strength. This greyish brown crystal introduces powerful healing benefits that present themselves instantaneously, especially when touched or held. For imbalanced energy or psychic interference, smoky quartz will reinstate energetic stability and keep you grounded with a clear mind so you can tell whether those thoughts are from your own brain or rather from the disembodied creature lurking between the door and the wall. In times of doubt, hold on to smoky quartz for dear life. 

Jet is yet another powerful protection stone that acts as an energy purifier, drawing out and dispelling harmful thoughts, feelings, and vibrations from your energetic field as well as from your space. Its grounding abilities serve to remind us of where we are physically in space and time, even if our mind wanders and especially in those moments when we’re creeped out by the mentioned creature who lurks you-know-where. Jet keeps you connected to the world you’re living in so you can tether yourself when you most need to. If you’re experiencing nightmares or are suddenly woken up in the middle of the night, keep a jet crystal on your bedside table or tuck it under your pillow. This stone is especially great in times of solitude. 

Amethyst is most commonly known for being a crystal of peace, intuition, and harmony, but it also provides mental clarity and thus protection. If you’ve been stressed and dwelling on something that you just can’t get out of your mind, amethyst’s soothing energies will help you put those worries to rest once and for all, at the same time helping you to fall asleep regardless of whatever dweller you suspect may be in your home. When paired with a protection crystal such as Shungite or Jet, it will give a longer life to the calmness you suddenly experience. Keep either combination (or amethyst alone) in the bedroom with you. 

Protecting yourself with crystals is as simple as keeping them inside your home or carrying them on your person. Spirits don’t own clocks (or at least I don’t think they do), but usually it seems like they often play at night, in which case you can keep these crystals tucked under your pillow or on your bedside table. Whichever way you decide to use them, always remember to cleanse them regularly. For our purposes, we can pass these crystals for protection from spirits through smudge smoke (sage, palo santo, rosemary) – not to mention smudging the home is an added bonus for cleansing energy!