Crystals For Love And Healing

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We all want love in our lives, and we want it for others too. Love is the kind of emotion we can desire for any person in any circumstance. As part of several Buddhist traditions from Tibet, some meditations consist of sending love to others, those we like, and those we don’t.

Love indeed puts us through a learning process in which we have an increasing understanding of what we want for our lives. So, at times it might seem we need our space to regroup and assimilate our experiences with others. But now and then, we may feel we get stuck, and love is not flowing in our lives in a way we would like.

There are innumerable therapies that aim at healing or removing what is preventing us from experiencing love in its abundance. These may range from body-centered therapies or more Freudian approaches to holistic methods, which are very effective in the shorter term.

The damage that we may get in our relationships can go really deep and alter how we live our lives. This is why it is so essential to consider healing as an integral part of our lives. We need to be able to choose what we want in our story instead of closing our hearts because of fear.

This is not to say that we should take significant risks all the time, but living a life guided by our hearts is not the opposite of being careful with the people we let in. Being a romantic is not an excuse for poor decisions.

Starting Over

First of all, we need to regain confidence in several aspects. We can begin by reconnecting with who we are, having more self-confidence, trusting our resources and our value. If we try to move ahead from a place of self-doubt, we will reach poor results.

As in any crisis, we should look at the lesson we have gotten out of our experiences. If our last relationship was complicated, understanding the part we played in it may prove very useful in the future.

Once we feel we have a grip on our mistakes, we shall not fixate on them. Living in the past is very harmful to our minds and soul. We need to let go. And if our thoughts go through the bad times only, we need to remind ourselves that there were happy times too, that there is a lot we did right, and again, move on. 

Leaving The Past Behind

Mindfulness has become a trend our days. It is an aspect of Buddhism that transcended into mainstream society with unusual strength. It is recommended by psychiatrists to lower anxiety and manage stress. 

Its importance lies in bringing us to the present and cutting through the entanglement of past and future.

When we want to get over something that is bothering us, a first impulse might be to “change the channel.” The idea is to put our minds into a different train of thought through activities or do something new or get to know someone. But this “moving on” is not entirely healthy. It involves repressing our mind, and as we all already tried it, we all know it does not work so well…

The key is finding peace, which at those times we are haunted by memories seems impossible. It is not. In fact, it is much easier than we could imagine and quite pleasant. It is all about being in our own skin right now.

It may sound very simple to be present as we all may feel we are always present. But there is a quality of the mind, an inner balance that manifests as peaceful states, which is not common. 

Meditation itself has higher goals, but the very tangible results of mindfulness are available for all of us quickly. 

The heart chakra is considered in Hinduism the source of our love energy and our sense of self. These two ideas are linked in many cultures. We hear that God is love through every major religion in the world. So it is not surprising that the same crystals for love and healing are the ones we can use to empower any meditation practice. They help us in the process of clearing our hearts and minds to be more present.

Chakra Healing

These centers of energy are distributed in our whole body. They are connected through many channels called nadis and receive and send energy to every other center. Each center also sustains different organs, providing them with unique energy according to each. 

Now that we are talking about love and its relationship with our energy system, we should understand the heart chakra and how it relates to the type of healing we are after.

The Anahata chakra serves as a link between the upper and lower chakras, between our earthly body and the higher realms. This is why our spiritual potential is enormous.

Anahata means intact, or pure, referring to what is beyond our mundane experiences, in the same manner as the sun remains behind a cloudy sky.

An imbalance in this chakra manifests itself as a disconnection with love and affection, and other feelings. When we are immune to feelings because our heart chakra is blocked, we feel as if nothing really happens. It may seem like our life is happening to someone else because its everyday unfolding loses meaning if we cannot be reached by emotions. Emotions, negative and positive, are an integral part of daily life and they feed and shape our vitality.

Anahata’s association with love is not limited to romantic love, not even by the affection for a particular person, but also for more subtle ways of love. We can think of the love for mankind as a whole, art, or a place that is special to us. The love generated by the fourth chakra is more encompassing and unconditional. It works from a place of feelings and compassion. These may well arise towards another person, or any other living being, or nature.

This chakra’s relationship with the air element has something to teach us. The love manifested here is like air; it is within us, and it also surrounds us; it embraces us. A deep and spiritual understanding of love’s feelings helps us relate compassionately to our environment, spreading and dispersing its values ​​as we go.

Love is a potent and unifying transformative force, a fantastic vehicle of healing. Through it, we harbor feelings of solidarity and goodness, which guide us towards existence in peace and harmony with the universe as a whole. By giving love, we inspire those same feelings in those around us, making us, at the same time, recipients of them. We find trust, acceptance, and union.

Unblocking Love

There are many techniques within yoga to unblock the chakras. Most of these practices within hatha yoga involve a particular series of postures, called asanas, combined with breathing exercises, called pranayama. They are all are used to work on our energy system.

The essential objective of yoga is to reunify the self with the totality of being. This means to access the supreme consciousness that leads to enlightenment.

As it happens with mindfulness, yoga has become popular in the West, becoming a discipline based on a Hindu worldview but more focused on the physical side and benefits of the practice. In this sense, modern yoga is more of a system of exercises that seeks to achieve integral balance in the practitioner.

Among its benefits, yoga helps the individual to have a more harmonious relationship with his body, to control his mind and emotions. It also provides greater physical flexibility, greater concentration, and muscular tension relief if the practice is consistent.

The other approach to our chakras is through meditation. Here is where crystals for love and healing can be applied to help us.

Healing The Heart

Rhodochrosite and rose quartz are the two crystals for love and healing you can always trust. Other options may depend more on your intuition. We will mention a few alternatives to keep in mind.

Rhodochrosite strength is considered the healer of all physical or spiritual ailments mediated by the heart. It is also an ally stone to accompany respiratory conditions. It provides serenity to achieve stability (also recommended for high blood pressure). Softening and flooding with love and calm, it also helps activate the circulatory system.

Unlike other stones and minerals, the uniqueness of rose quartz is centered primarily around its ability to attract love. Just as the Amazonite is the stone of warriors symbolizing freedom and independence, rose quartz represents love, harmony, and tranquility. Its vibrations will help us deal with negative feelings from a place of acceptance and healing.

Rose quartz is highly recognized in Hinduism. We are used to many of its practices, and crystal healing also has its root in the East. Quartz is one of those chosen crystals for love and healing. 

Hematite can be used with the previous stones or by itself, and it will share with us excellent properties. Through hematite, you can repel or block negativity, and it will help you gain strength and concentration. It is ideal if you feel self-sabotage is a big issue in your life. It makes an extraordinary amulet for everyday life and very useful in rebuilding your self-confidence.

Another great addition could a Chrysoprase crystal as it is recommended for healing. It helps the flow of positive emotions and happiness. By just keeping it with yourself it will bring joy into your life. It is a good idea to also have one for your home. If you do so, just keep it in the room, you spend the most time. You will notice how it can get you through a storm in much better shape. 

A Crystal Healing Meditation

During meditation, we intend to connect with ourselves through silence. In this experience of silence, we are doing something extraordinary. We are lifting the veil of the constant chatter that hides our presence. This does not mean that we are actively “fighting” thoughts. We are just allowing our awareness to be open without focussing on every story that pops into our minds. 

Through meditation, we give room for our energies to settle down, regain strength, and listen to them. We are opening our intuition.

Crystal Meditation is about using your crystals to help you create a specific result during meditation. Any stone can be used, but we should one of the ones we mentioned before for our current purposes.

Since all crystals can be programmed, especially quartz crystals, you can program them with a specific task. This task could be to help you get closure or to help you start the next phase of your love life.

A Few Simple Steps

If you are using quartz, please keep in mind, it is a great amplifier of energy; try to bring the kind of energy you want, to multiply it through this crystal.

A programmed crystal will create a positive feedback loop. When you use a programmed crystal in meditation, you send energy to it that you will receive refined. 

  1. Sit quite upright if possible; this means with your back straight. It is better if you are not leaning against anything. This will allow your vital energy to flow freely through the seven main chakras.
  2. Be as comfortable as you can, as you will not find it easy to meditate if you feel discomfort or pain of any kind. Hold your crystal in your hand; use your intuition to determine if you use your left or right hand. Follow your feeling on this.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe normally but focus your attention on the breath.
  4. Focus on the crystal in your hands and try to feel the crystal as yourself. I mean: shift your perception, as if the crystal was the center of your being, and you sense the universe from that point in space.
  5. Once you are in the crystal, forget about the breath and allow it to happen. Continue for a few moments; this meditation should not last longer than ten minutes.
  6. Shift your focus to your heart. Try to feel like your heart was at the center of all existence. Once you are wholly there, open your eyes.