Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure

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Joy and happiness are often elusive. Sometimes we get the impression there is a shortage of these elements in the universe. It is not the case. We stir our lives away from many of the things we want. We just do it unconsciously. 

It is the teaching of many traditions: the plenitude of happiness is available to each of us in our own way.

We have confused our concepts, and we have linked pleasure and happiness with success. In a conservative society like ours, the focus is always on material accumulation and on everything that is productive and leads us to success, be it professional, personal or social. 

But we need to keep in mind that natural pleasures cannot be confused with “constructed” or unnatural ones. Among the latter, the Greeks include the search for political power, fame, social prestige, or money.

Crystal healing and sacred pleasure are essential to living a good life. We shall not understand it as the satisfaction of a superficial and meaningless whim. Instead, it is a much simpler and innocent type of pleasure, linked to a great extent to nature, to the warmth of our relationships, the rewards of the world: creativity, joy, and peace.

We can honestly take a look around us and realize that precisely these “pleasures” that were not such for the ancient philosophers are specifically the most embedded in our culture. We are taught to desire power, to fight for that promotion at work, for a raise in salary, to get the best grades, to achieve a particular appearance or a certain status.

A part of us is aware of this search but pulls in many directions. In the midst of this, we are encouraged to consume. Be it the miraculous cream that will leave our skin smooth and make us feel better or a delicious chocolate dessert that we deserve after a long week. We are bombarded by pleasure ideas. Pleasure might not be easily found, but mirages are all around us. 

Pleasure can occur naturally, but our upbringing can become a limitation. We can work on ourselves to reach what is behind the ego, behind what was imposed on us since childhood. We can find in ourselves the potential that truly represents who we are, and thus be on the path to liberation.

Fear of Pain

When we speak of suffering, we do not necessarily do so as a blind man might talk about color. In other words, there are no exact limits between suffering and not suffering; because we are afraid of suffering, and that very fear is already suffering. Our outlook of the future or our memories of the past may hold immense pain.

In the same manner, fear of physical pain is often worse than the pain itself. And this being so, fear of suffering can taint all experience.

But this fear and suffering are personal traits, characteristics we have, and not so much caused by present circumstances. We have adopted them and transformed them into a part of us.

Releasing All Fear

There is a strong connection between crystal healing and sacred pleasure. We will find in healing the peace that we need to openly approach a positive experience.

Wilhelm Reich (famous Austrian psychologist of the twentieth century), going a step beyond Freud’s concept of “libido,” sought this energy’s biological basis. He discovered that it followed the same pattern as orgasm, the fundamental movement of nature. The process of contraction and expansion generated life by itself. He understood that there needed to be flexibility and expansion for a person to be healthy and to allow life to fully manifest.

Reich spoke of a “muscular armor.” It refers to the rigidity of the organism produced by the accumulation of frustrations. In such an organism, energy does not circulate, closing the person to any authentic pleasure experience.

The degree of rigidity or flexibility of the armor determines the healthy or neurotic character of each person. The stronger the hold it has on the body, the more it identifies with the frustrations of a reality the person cannot change. Instead of release and liberation, the body blocks its own energy flow as an aggressive reaction. In his viewpoint, everyone has an armor, but the rigidity level varies from healthy to stagnating.

To some extent, society influences how this armor is created, according to each culture. Releasing it involves recovering our connection with our animal side, with the free flow of our energy and the health of our energy body.

In this case, sexuality is presented as something more than a physical liberation and much more than two sharing a meditation. It refers to the emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual elements, thus celebrating the energetic force that invites transcendence.

Personal Armor and Chakras

There is a correlation between the ideas of Reich and the system of the Hindus. They understand the body’s energy as a deep and complex network. This network receives and distributes energy through the whole body, feeding the many layers (through the chakras) that constitute a person’s energy fields (or energy bodies).

In both Reich’s system and the Hindu’s, the energy body suffers if there is any blockage. Those happen due to emotional circumstances, among other reasons.

Spiritual Growth and Liberation

To grow spiritually and sexually, you must leave behind all the beliefs that generate feelings of guilt and begin to value these intimate moments with your partner. It is about consciously deciding and accepting pleasure, giving this a little meaning and priority in each one’s life, taking care of oneself physically and emotionally, taking the time to create moments, truly celebrating, feeling, vibrating, enjoy, live, share, merge, be, that is really sexual spirituality.

If you dare to open your heart to what you have been avoiding, you will cut through a veil and be able to let go. You will see that by giving yourself to your partner entirely in the act of love, a true union happens, not only with the other person but with the whole universe. Because in this context, your partner is the “other,” representing what we consider to be the “outside”. The mind then, if it stops its usual chatter while full awareness is present, is no longer bound to a body. Your skin stops being a frontier, as consciousness has no shape, name, or place.

Sexual Pleasure, Sacred Pleasure

Sexuality, for its part, has lost its connection with love and pleasure. It is not perceived in its former value within the needs of human development. It has been reduced to genitality and productivity. With this mindset on, we have accepted a “throwaway” sexuality. We consume porn, short relationships, and want quick orgasms. We have completely confused the function of sexuality associated with pleasure and love. Recovering it would be totally transformative, although it requires weaning from routines and practices and a rediscovery of our personal purposes and social structures.

Though many simple experiences can be a source of this transcendental pleasure or bliss (similar to the concept of Ananda in Hinduism, a fruit of their spiritual practices), sex is clearly at the top of what is commonly considered pleasurable.

Spiritual sexuality occurs from sexual intimacy. It is possible to connect with the other, beyond the physical, mainly from the spiritual. The conscious sexual act manages to open the soul to exchange energetic forces and revitalize the emotions, generating a whole and meaningful moment.

In the past, this knowledge was hidden. Hence we need to discover and recover everything that expanded us and connected us with joy. In short, everything that made us free to be who we are. With this lineage, it is easy to conclude that we have lost the memory of inhabiting life from care, pleasure, love, and the ability to not only give them to ourselves personally but also to radiate them globally. 

Crystal Healing

When we think about crystals, crystal healing and sacred pleasure, we may already have an intuition about the necessity of healing. Any profound personal evolution starts with a good diagnostic, recognizing where we stand today and what we need to work on.

Any treatment with crystals is about finding harmony through them, allowing healing and change to happen and manifest in the material plane.

Crystals have their own vibration and properties that affect each of us according to our needs.

The crystal healing process works directly with our energies and with the fields they form in and around us. 

When we use crystals, we introduce their particular vibration and create a change in this energy field with which we work, be it the human body or a specific space. These effects can appear immediately or take a bit of time. This often depends on different factors such as the intention with which the treatment is carried out, the chosen crystal, and ourselves.

There are numerous types and subtypes of crystals and stones used in healing. Quartz is perhaps best known for its unique vibration, which made it famous in the entire world.

How To Heal 

The crystals can be used as talismans that you carry with you. But they can also be placed in your home and used during a meditation or a healing session.

Carrying a Crystal

Once you found a stone of the right size for you to carry, it can be placed in a silk pouch, or held in a pocket as a talisman for crystal healing and sacred pleasure will be a consequence of its healing properties.

They can also be used as accessories in the form of bracelets or necklaces.

During crystal therapy sessions, crystals are placed around and on the individual, particularly on specific energy points called chakras. It may require particular sensitivity to know which chakra is closed. 

Crystal therapy usually involves evaluating each chakra to determine which crystals to use and where to place them. This evaluation is frequently made with a transparent, pink, or black quartz pendulum placed on top of each point to determine how strong the energy flow.

Nevertheless, we can understand this by what is happening in our lives. Each chakra has properties that link it to an aspect of existence.

Sometimes specific crystals can also be used for isolated cases such as headaches or insomnia, placing them on the night table or desk.

Choosing a Crystal

Crystals can store, transmute and transmit their energy. We share our energy with them, and through this process, we begin a relationship, a sort of friendship. Each crystal can be charged by the sun, some for more extended periods and others for a few minutes.

When using crystals for therapeutic use, it is essential first to recognize the type of blockage we want to treat in us. Then we must identify the particular properties of the crystals that we want to use.

When choosing crystals for or for balancing energy, it is vital to use our intuition. To find out the effect or compatibility with a specific crystal, you can hold it in your left hand for a few minutes and focus on the physical and emotional reaction it causes. Usually, there are crystals to which we feel more attracted or give us a feeling of peace and harmony.

These are a few Crystals to bring balance into your life:

  • Pink quartz

This crystal is considered a symbol of divine love. It helps eliminate irritability and brings calm, peace, and well-being. It helps develop love.

  • Citrine

It is regenerating, energizing, and helps clear the mind. It also strengthens the Manipura chakra.

  • Amethyst

This quartz represents spirituality and has calming effects. It enhances intuition and psychic powers. It helps open the mind to spirituality.

  • Red Jasper

Above all, it is a stone of protection used to avoid the evil eye and negative influences.

It also helps with long-term plans and goals.

  • Larimar

This is the stone of adaptation to changes; it is ideal for those who feel resistance to new situations.

Keep one of these stones on your nightstand and your office to release stress more naturally.

  • Aventurine

Aventurine also helps us adapt and learn from our environment. It is a stone that will help you feel happy with yourself and with life in general, enjoying the little pleasures that come your way.

It is recommended to create a link with the stones that we choose; keeping the crystal very close for at least the first week is recommended to calibrate energies. It is also necessary to clean and charge the crystals, which can be done with sea salt, Reiki, visualization, or moonlight.

Crystal therapy can complement other alternative methods such as flower essences, Reiki, chromotherapy, or meditation with angels and has been applied without side effects in people of all ages and physical conditions. However, as with all energy healings, it is crucial to understand that these treatments do not replace traditional medical care. Just like a blocked chakra can have clear feelings associated with it, a part of our issue could have a physical origin or a physical consequence. In both cases, we might need medicine to find its balance.

Innocent Pleasure

As we work on ourselves, we will have different day-to-day experiences. We will notice a difference in how we feel after meditating with our crystals. These changes may seem small at first, but they are the foundation of evolution.

A new appreciation of pure and innocent pleasure will arise: music, food, landscapes, or artwork. Others are derived from our relationships, such as talking and spending time with friends or working creatively with our hands.