Crystal Bowl Healing

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Crystal bowl healing is the practice of manipulating energy with sound and crystal magic. This type of energy healing is especially powerful because it combines the healing vibrations of sound with the natural healing properties of crystals. Typically, in this practice, a crystal wand or mallet is gently glided along the rim of a crystal bowl to produce a soft hum of soothing vibrations. These vibrations reverberate from the bowl into the environment and enter our auric field, bringing the energies of the crystal bowl to mingle with our own and align the chakras for a healthy, balanced, body. The type of crystal from which the bowl is made plays a major role in crystal bowl healing, and there exists a multiplicity of choices. Choosing the type of crystal bowl that’s right for you depends on the purpose you intend to fulfill. In this article, we’ll have a look at some different types of crystal bowls, their purposes, and the applicable methods through which we can utilize their healing properties. 

Crystal Bowl Healing Through the Ages

Throughout history, sound healing has been used for the purpose of aligning the chakras as well as balancing the emotional, physical and spiritual body. Crystal bowl healing was first used in the ancient time of Buddhism, when they were first crafted from pachaloga, a sanskrit word meaning “five-metal alloy” – copper, zinc, iron, gold, and silver. The importance of sound in regards to supporting the human being as a whole has since become known throughout the world and across many different religions. As the advancement of modern technology has allowed, crystal healing bowls have become more commonly used in sound healing; the human body is a crystalline structure that resonates with natural crystals, which is why most crystal bowls are made of pure quartz. However, other options still exist for the spiritual practitioner who wishes to incorporate the energies of other healing crystals into crystal bowl healing. 

Types of Crystal Healing Bowls 

Rose Quartz crystal bowls lend nurturing energies to the healing practice through the pink stone’s properties of promoting universal love. This type of crystal bowl will open the heart to receive and give love, encouraging empathy and understanding, as well as harmony in relationships. 

Amethyst crystal bowls bring peace and enhance intuition through the crystal’s properties of instilling mental calm. This type of crystal bowl will soothe the mind to relieve stress and anxiety, encouraging positive energy in meditative practices. 

Clear Quartz crystal bowls, as the most common in crystal bowl healing, bring the stone’s natural healing energies into the practice. This type of crystal bowl works to align all the chakras and cleanses the mind as well as the spirit from negative energy. Its naturally uplifting properties makes this the most versatile choice in terms of crystal bowl healing. 

Sound Healing and the Chakras

As sound can be translated into color, the chakral body can be seen as a spectrum of our varying states of being. Because quartz is believed to contain all the colors of the rainbow, it works to align all the energy centers in the body, each corresponding to a different note and color. 

Crown Chakra: color Violet, note B

Third Eye Chakra: color Indigo, note 

Throat Chakra: color Blue, note G 

Heart Chakra: color Green, note F

Solar Plexus Chakra: color Yellow, note E 

Sacral Chakra: color Orange, note D 

Root Chakra: color Red, note C 

Crystal Bowl Healing Benefits 

Crystal bowls are used to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Their healing properties depend on the type of crystal bowl you choose, but they all have some things in common. Crystal bowl healing will relieve stress and balance the chakra system while instilling mental clarity. It boosts the immune system and helps to relieve physical pain. Crystal bowl healing lowers brain activity so you can fall asleep faster and get a good night’s rest. 

Starting Today 

Crystal healing bowls vary in size, tone, color, and adornments. Choosing the right one for you is as simple as listening to your intuition as well as the bowl. For online shopping, most places will provide a sound sample of the bowls you’re browsing. If the sound of a bowl resonates with you, loving the way it looks is a bonus. Have some fun with it and choose something that sings to your soul.