Healing Crystals in Rings

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Healing crystals in jewelry is one of the most simple and effective ways to harness a stone’s energy and make it your own. This ensures that the crystal’s healing properties are  kept in your auric field, as well as making the crystal personal to you. Healing crystals in rings is a bit more complex than healing crystals in other types of jewelry, in that it requires some understanding of what each finger signifies. In this short article we’ll look into what crystal is best for which finger and why, based on their astrological and spiritual connotations. 

We can place a ring’s compatibility or incompatibility based on two things: either it feels great and supportive, or it feels awkward and restricting. It’s notable that the fingers on the left hand pertain to matters regarding your personal life while the fingers on the right hand represent your public life and the way you interact with others. 

The Thumb is responsible for willpower and self-assertion; its representative element is ether. Wearing a ring on this finger supports properties of strength, motivation, control, and aggression; these properties are either restricted (the ring is on the wrong finger) or in need of support (you feel the inclination to put a ring on this finger ). Let’s take a look at a few examples of healing crystals in rings and their attributes when worn on the thumb. 

Amethyst is an intuitive stone of peace and creativity. Wearing this healing crystal in a ring on the thumb encourages spiritual growth and finding your authentic self. It allows you to step forward into the world with confidence and a clear mind.  

Moonstone is a transformation crystal that encourages one to look inward and reflect. Wearing this healing crystal in a ring on the thumb encourages positive change and helps you to live comfortably and confidently in your own skin. 

Clear Quartz is the master healer and helps to bring the body, mind, and spirit into alignment. Wearing this healing crystal in a ring on the thumb will provide clarity of the mind and instill focus in your endeavors. It lends clarity and strength when you need it the most. 

The Index Finger is responsible for love and relationships as well as ambition, leadership and authority. Wearing a ring on this finger boosts self-esteem, motivation, and confidence. If you’re inclined to wearing a ring on your index finger, it indicates that these areas of the self are lacking or in need of support. Its element is Water and its corresponding planet is Jupiter. Here are a few healing crystals that are best worn on this finger. 

Opal is an emotionally stabilizing stone that matches the mood of the person wearing it. Its properties promote freedom, independence, and cosmic consciousness. Wearing an Opal healing crystal in rings on your index finger will dispel negative emotions and promote love to help point you in the right direction, .

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone of protection, intuition, and inspiration. It aids in communication and promotes growth, helping you to slip comfortably into your own skin. Wearing lapis lazuli healing crystals in rings on the index finger will allow you to regain power over your life and identity. 

Peridot is a gorgeous green healing crystal that cleanses on all levels. It relieves negative thoughts and feelings like jealousy, anger, and resentment. As its green color relates to the heart chakra, it makes one more receptive to love and happiness. Wearing a peridot ring on the index finger will enhance the mind’s function and encourage healing, renewal, growth, and intuition. 

The Middle Finger is the hand appendage responsible for your identity as a person. It represents individuality, self-worth, and life purpose. Wearing a ring on this finger will give the wearer confidence, while promoting emotional stability, and reducing anxiety. Its element is Earth and its corresponding planet is Saturn. Listed below are a few of the best crystals to wear on the middle finger. 

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony which lends powerful stabilizing properties to the wearer. It promotes stamina and self-confidence, assisting in the release of negative emotions. Wearing an onyx ring on the middle finger will impart wisdom and self-control while encouraging joy and good luck. 

Agate is a healing stone in the crystal family of chalcedony that brings good luck and abundance. It cleanses the aura and brings harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. Wearing an agate ring on the middle finger will improve concentration and analytical ability so you can become the person you most want to be. 

Garnet is a gorgeous healing gemstone that promotes love and sensuality on all levels. It removes inhibitions, while bringing powerful energies of courage and hope. Garnet inspires honesty, loyalty, and passion. Wearing this healing crystal in a ring on your middle finger will boost your self-confidence and help you to find stability in your sense of self. 

The Ring Finger is responsible for romantic relationships, love, trust, honesty, and adventure. Wearing a ring on this finger will promote creativity, self-awareness, and approachability. It represents the emotional body and artistic endeavors; its element is Fire and its corresponding celestial body is the Earth’s Moon. Below are the healing crystals most appropriate for the ring finger. 

Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz crystal that brings joy, protection, and creativity to the wearer. Its healing energies promote motivation and self-expression while cleansing the aura of negative energy. Citrine promotes truth, intellect, and alignment. Wearing this healing crystal in rings on the ring finger will stimulate the imagination and help you to communicate your truth in the most effective way possible.  

Ruby is a beautiful red gemstone most commonly known for its properties of love and passion. It promotes integrity, devotion, and prosperity, while removing negativity from the environment. Wearing Ruby in a ring on the ring finger will encourage trust and faithfulness to build and strengthen healthy relationships. 

Topaz is a healing stone of communication, love, and abundance. It promotes truth, forgiveness, prosperity and good health, while stimulating and recharging the chakras. Topaz soothes, calms, and relieves tension from the mind and body. Wearing this healing crystal in a ring on the ring finger will help you to express your ideas with authenticity. 

The Pinky Finger is responsible for matters regarding wealth, intelligence, communication, and sex. Wearing a ring on this finger represents abundance in these aspects and promotes mental capacity where lacking; this is the finger of business, sexuality, and intuition. Its element is Air and its corresponding planet is Mercury, representing free-flowing and open communication. Below are a few examples of healing crystals in rings best suited for the pinky finger. 

Aquamarine is a cleansing and meditation stone that brings calming energies to the mind. It instills peace and tranquility while inspiring the wearer and sharpening intellect. Wearing Aquamarine on the pinky finger will help you speak with wisdom and communicate your thoughts and desires more effectively.

Sapphire is a precious gemstone of wisdom. It brings balance to the mind and body and aligns all aspects of the self. Sapphire encourages wisdom, knowledge, and independence. Wearing this gem on the pinky finger will help you to manifest the life you most desire. 

Amber is a fossilized tree resin whose magical energies heal the mind, body and spirit. It is a stone of cleansing that promotes good mental health and encourages creative expression as well as romantic love and good fortune. Wearing Amber on the pinky finger promotes success in business and sexual relationships. 

Keep in mind that these attributes have two aspects, depending on which hand you wear the crystal. Spend some time assessing where you’re most in need of healing, find the corresponding crystal and the finger it belongs to and put a ring on it.