How Does Crystal Healing Work?

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Crystal healing is the practice of utilizing a crystal’s natural energy and healing properties for the benefit of the human being as a whole. These healing crystals work with our chakras to bring balance and alignment to the spiritual, emotional, and physical body. The applicable methods vary depending on your intentions, but there’s really no wrong way to practice crystal healing. So how does crystal healing work? Let’s take a look at a few examples of how we can benefit from crystal healing. 


Perhaps one of the simplest ways to practice crystal healing is through mediation. In this process, the healing crystals are held while meditation is carried out as normal. It’s recommended to use two separate crystals: one from which you wish to harness specific healing energy, and a clear quartz for cleansing and balancing energy. The practice of crystal healing in meditation works to cleanse your aura and bring balance to the chakras. If done properly, meditating with crystals will help to integrate the stone’s healing energy into your auric field and instill mental clarity. Who doesn’t need that after a stressful day?

Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is the arrangement and rearrangement of items and furniture to allow for the healthy free-flowing energy in the home. It uses symbolism in order to improve the flow of chi (universal life force). In Feng Shui, a bagma map is used to divide the space, area, or home into eight sections, each representing a specific area of your life which is determined by the energy in those areas. Keeping crystals in the home is not only decorative, but serves the purpose of balancing the energy in your space. The healing crystals you choose will determine the type of energy that flows in your environment. Reference a bagua map to bring your crystals’ healing energies most effectively into your life. 


As a candle represents all elements, it is one of the most effective ways to carry out set intentions, and who doesn’t love candles? Incorporating healing crystals into your candles will lend their energy to the flame and work to bring healing, peace, balance, and love into your home. The color and ingredients of your candle should correspond with the type of crystal you will use. However, if you’re not a candle-maker or are not too keen on DIY, you can simply set the crystal/s next to your candle to help it work its magic. 

Chakra Healing

Much like meditating with healing crystals, chakra healing utilizes the energy of a crystal to benefit one of the seven energy centers of the body. In this practice, a crystal is placed on different parts of the body, depending on the type of crystal and the chakra it pertains to. This works to unblock and align the chakras for an overall healthy state of being. Chakra healing with crystals balances the mind, body, and spirit. 


Perhaps one of the most common ways that people practice crystal healing is by wearing crystals in jewelry. Sometimes without even realizing the power of a stone, we choose something we’re most drawn to, but it definitely helps to understand what we’re hanging on our bodies. Wearing healing crystals in jewelry brings the stone’s natural healing energies into the auric field and allows us to form a bond with it. For example, wearing a healing crystal around the neck can either benefit the throat, heart, or solar plexus chakra, depending on how low or how high the stone hangs. Choosing healing crystal jewelry is as simple as using your intuition to find one that calls to you, so go find a metaphysical store and have a look.