Which Crystals to Put in Your Crystal Grid

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Crystal grids are a specific arrangement of crystals and stones that are set with the intention to manifest a desired result. The way you  arrange the crystals as well as the crystals you choose, play an important role in how effectively you will be able to harness their energy. There isn’t a set rule book for making crystal grids and you should definitely use your intuition and go with the flow. However, to add more power to your crystal grid, you should use sacred geometry in your patterns as well as numerology in selecting multiples of crystals. When it comes to crystal grids, there is a wide variety of patterns you can use that suit your purposes, both of which depend greatly on your intentions. You can find these patterns online to then be printed and used as a guide. There are even more useful plates made of wood and other fancy materials that you can shop for. Now that you have that all figured out, it’s time to choose your crystals. Here we’ll take a look at which crystals to put in your crystal grid as well as the patterns best suited to your intention. 

Remember that the universe is more likely to give you what you need, rather than what you want. That being said, setting intentions around your needs rather than your wants, have a much better chance of manifesting. 

Crystal Grids for Wellness & Health

Perhaps one of the most beneficial things you can manifest for yourself is an overall healthy state of being – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Creating a crystal grid around this intention is best done using crystals that promote health such as clear quartz, green jade, tourmaline, amethyst, and rose quartz. You may also choose crystals of each chakra color to represent alignment and a healthy flow of energy throughout the body. The pattern you choose for this intention should be something simple to support intentions that revolve around fundamentals. For example, the circle represents completeness and is the fundamental element of Cosmic Design. Making your crystal grids for health in a circular pattern will provide support to your intention as the shape itself symbolizes what you seek.

Crystal Grids for Abundance & Prosperity 

Being financially secure and stable is something we’re all constantly seeking on a daily basis, and sometimes feels like it’s a never-ending struggle no matter how hard you work. Crystal grids for abundance and prosperity can help to attract the wealth you seek, if done properly of course. There’s no right or wrong way, but using specific crystals and patterns can greatly increase your chances. For these purposes, use crystals that are known to promote good luck and abundance, such as green aventurine, pyrite, green jade, golden obsidian, carnelian, tiger’s eye, and even rutilated quartz to get that extra kick of manifestations. The patterns best suited to these purposes are those similar to the seed of life as this represents our basic needs as well as helps energy to flow and circulate. 

Crystal Grids for Love & Relationships 

If you can use crystal grids for just about anything, why not use them to promote healthy relationships. Whether you’re already in a partnership, or are looking to attract one, crystal grids for love and relationships can help you achieve that. To invite harmony and loving energy in your relationships, incorporate crystals like rose quartz, moonstone, carnelian, rhodonite, and red garnet into your crystal grids. You can also incorporate the use of crystals that promote healthy communication such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, blue lace agate, and aquamarine. For this specific type of crystal grid, you may use a pattern that promotes unity, completion, and teamwork, such as circular patterns or the seed of life. Another pattern to try for this would be the Icosamedron, a shape made up of 20 equilateral triangles, and the shape that represents emotional, sexual, and creative energies. Play with it a bit and try some mandala patterns. There’s really no wrong way to do it. 

Crystal Grids for Banishing Negativity 

Protection seems to always be at the root of our spiritual practices, perhaps stemming from our need to survive. There are many ways to protect yourself from harm and just negative energy in general, one of which is to create a crystal grid for banishing negativity. For these purposes, you’ll want to use crystals that have strong protective properties, such as black obsidian, hematite, black onyx, smoky quartz, and black tourmaline. Crystal grids for protection can be made with virtually any type of pattern, as long as your intention is clear and purposeful. As triangles and three- pointed symbols often represent protection, try using patterns that incorporate these shapes, like the pentagram or the star of David.

When choosing crystals for your crystal grids, remember to use your intuition. If a crystal just “feels right” to you, that’s a good indicator that it is suited to your intents and purposes. Also, keep in mind that some crystals don’t work very well together. For this, refer to our article on what crystals should not be together. Most importantly, remember to have fun with it.