The Magic Behind Crystal Grids

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If you love crystals then you’ve most likely heard of and seen pictures of crystal grids floating around the internet. In case you haven’t looked into them yet, crystal grids are a specific arrangement of crystals and stones that are set with the intention to manifest a desired result. The way you  arrange the crystals as well as the crystals you choose, play an important role in how effectively you will be able to harness their energy.

There isn’t a set rule book for making crystal grids and you should definitely use your intuition and go with the flow. However, to add more power to your crystal grid, you should use sacred geometry in your patterns as well as numerology in selecting multiples of crystals. Each crystal has a unique crystalline structure that stores your intention and keeps it working for as long as you need, while crystal grids follow similar patterns to help you manifest.

Sacred geometry is the metaphysical science and belief that the geometric patterns found in nature and the universe is like a Divine fingerprint. Presenting itself as somewhat of the framework of all existence and creation, it relates well to the idea that Sacred Geometry is essential to manifesting anything in the earthly realm. Similarly, different geometric patterns and shapes have their own specific uses and can tap into different types of energy. 

Numerology is the ancient spiritual science of numbers and their meanings. By purposefully choosing certain numbers of crystals, you can harness that relative energy and channel it inside the grid – this can also be used to multiply the energy of any specific crystal. Again, using numerology while creating your crystal grid is not a must, but it definitely helps to up your manifestation game. 

Incorporating both Sacred Geometry and Numerology into your crystal grids is a perfect way of setting the grid with the intention of manifesting something. There are also other types of crystal grids that serve no specific purpose other than to help the energy flow nicely and healthily throughout your home. They can also be made merely for the sake of a creative endeavor. 

Here are some tips and steps you can follow to set up your very own crystal grid: 

  1. Cleanse your crystals and your space

It’s vitally important in any type of manifestation work to make sure that the energy of your crystals and your surroundings are clear and flowing healthily. Do this with smudge smoke or singing bowls. Set the mood with a nice candle or incense, whichever feels right to you.

  1. Set your intention

Before you can properly do this, you must take some time to clear your mind. If you have too many things on the brain, your intention can become lost and confused. When you’ve properly centered yourself, you can start to think of what it is you really want out of your crystal grid, then speak those specific intentions clearly into your crystals. 

  1. Choose your crystals

There are a couple ways you can do this; you can either purposely select crystals based on their properties and said relation to your intentions, or you can simply let your gut and intuition decide (meaning, if the crystals feel properly suited to you and your intentions) and then check if they are actually a good fit. I personally prefer to choose crystals based on whether or not I feel drawn to them as well as what their actual properties are. 

  1. Prepare your crystal grid design & intention 

There are grid plates with geometric designs available online if you want to get extra about your craft, but it’s in no way necessary. You can also print out a design on a piece of paper or simply wing it with your intention written down on a piece of paper which you will then place in the middle of the grid. Depending on your intentions, you will want to choose a certain design or simply use divine guidance. 

  1. Lay out your crystals

This is actually the fun part (as if you hadn’t been having fun yet). Begin in any way you like with whichever crystal/s you like, but most people like to start from the outside and work their way in. This method is meant to channel the energy inside the grid to capture your intention. 

  1. Activate your crystal grid

When you’re finished laying out your crystals, it’s time to activate the grid. Do this with a crystal-tipped wand or simply with a clear quartz point. This crystal is recommended, not only because it’s a supercharged cleanser, but also because it amplifies the energy of the other crystals. Touch the point of the crystal to each of the crystals in the grid, sort of drawing a line to connect each of them. You may also place the same clear quartz crystal point in the middle of the grid if your design allows for it. 

Much like an altar, the place you put your crystal grid should be clean, cleansed, and considered sacred, meaning that surface will be used for nothing else. If your crystal grid is temporary, you can leave it out for as long as you like. If you’d like to keep it permanently, you should cleanse and charge it often. A nice little tip is to glue the crystals down to a wooden surface and hang your grid on the wall. You can put it virtually anywhere in the home, but here are the areas of the home and their purposes as suggested by the Feng Shui bagua map: 

For Wealth & Prosperity place your crystal grid in the South East or Rear Left area of the home. 

For Fame & Reputation place your crystal grid in the South or Rear Middle area of the home. 

For Love & Relationships place your crystal grid in the South West or Rear Right area of the home. 

For Family & Home Life place your crystal grid in the East or Middle Left area of the home. 

For Overall Health place your crystal grid in the Center of your home.  

For Children & Creativity place your crystal grid in the West or Middle Right area of the home. 

For Knowledge & Self-Cultivation place your crystal grid in the South West or Front Left area of the home. 

For Career & Work Life place your crystal grid in the North area of the home or at the front door. 

For Travel & Helpful People place your crystal grid in the North West or Front Right area of the home. 

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