Which Crystals are Sensitive to Sunlight?

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If you’re fascinated with crystals like I am, you should be aware of how important it is to regularly cleanse and charge your crystals. After cleansing negative energy from your crystals, you should always follow up with a charging routine to re-energize your crystals and get the most out of their healing benefits. Crystal charging is usually done by placing them on a windowsill or anywhere they can soak up the sun’s natural energy, however, some crystals are sensitive to sunlight and may become damaged over time. Here is a list of crystals that are sensitive to sunlight and some alternative ways we can charge them instead. 

Aventurine will fade in color    

Amethyst will crack and fade in color  

Citrine will fade in color 

Rose Quartz will fade in color  

Smoky Quartz will lose its color or become opaque 

Calcite will fade and become brittle 

Aquamarine will fade in color  

Beryl color will fade to white  

Celestite will fade in color and become brittle

Kunzite will fade in color, although slowly

Sapphire will fade in color and lose its luster  

Fluorite will lose all of its color if exposed for long periods of time

Alternative Charging Methods 

Moonlight Charging is a method as effective as sunlight charging as it harnesses the natural charging energies of the moon. While crystal cleansing is normally done under the light of a full moon, charging should be done during the new moon as this particular phase is all about new beginnings and transformation – manifesting that which we most desire. Charging your crystals under the light of a new moon while setting your intentions will ensure the effectiveness of your crystals for each specific purpose. Place them on a selenite plate (or any surface for that matter) and leave them on a windowsill in direct moonlight. Leaving them to sit for three days or three weeks is ideal, but overnight will suffice.  

Earth Charging is a method by which the earth’s natural energies are harnessed and drawn into your crystals. This method is exceptionally powerful as it not only encapsulates the energy of the earth, but also the energy of the sun and moon that have been absorbed into the ground. If you have access to a patch of earth near your house, find a nice moist area and dig a small hole to bury your crystals in. If you don’t have a yard, you may use a plant pot or any container in which you can bury your crystals. Leave them in the soil for as long as you like, then wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Just remember that certain fertilizers and chemicals may affect your crystals and even potentially have harmful effects.  

Selenite is a powerful cleansing and charging crystal that purifies and revitalizes the energy of any space or crystal it comes in contact with. A selenite want may be used to touch your crystals to instantly cleanse and charge them, or you can place them on a selenite plate. While selenite carries augmentative energy, it should not be paired with other high vibrational crystals as this can cause hysteria, anxiety, or panic attacks. Reference our article which crystals should not be together for more information.