Moon Water Crystal Cleansing and Charging

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Whether or not you’re new to the spiritual community, you’ve probably heard of moon water and its many benefits – but what is it really and how can you make your own? It really is as simple as it sounds, yet offers so many amazing benefits, including acting as a cleansing agent for your crystals.  

Moon water is water left in direct moonlight to harness the healing properties and cleansing energy of the moon. It’s used to cleanse crystals, the self and when ingested, also the spirit (if you’re planning to drink your moon water, be sure the water is clean and safe). Start by finding a clean glass jar (plastic inhibits the flow of energy), preferably with a lid and fill it with clean drinkable water. To pack even more natural power into your intentions, you can catch some rainwater and use that. Leave the container on a windowsill or anywhere it can catch the moonlight properly, preferably outside under clear skies if possible. Leave the container of water for a few days or overnight if you’re looking for something quick, but it’s best to wait so it can absorb as much of the moon’s energy as it can. Just be sure to keep a lid on it to keep insects and debris from tainting your water.  

Recommended Moon Phases for Making Moon Water 

New Moon 

As the name itself would suggest, this is the phase responsible for energies of release. It’s all about endings, new beginnings, and transition. Making moon water on the new moon is perfect for cleansing your crystals, but also to charge them with the intention of attracting new opportunities. If there is anything you wish to release from your current situation or practices, speak it into the water clearly. 

Full Moon 

This moon phase is an especially powerful time for intentions regarding manifestation and setting goals. It is a time of completion and success that promotes fulfillment of your desires. Making moon water on the full moon serves the purpose of charging your crystals with powerful manifestation energy. As you prepare your moon water, set your intentions clearly and with purpose so the universe can hear you. 

Lunar Eclipse 

An eclipse is not so much a moon phase as it is an astronomical occurrence, but its energies are powerful nonetheless. As the moon moves into the shadow of the earth, it pushes us to introspection, urging us to identify that which no longer serves our highest good. This is the time to release negative thoughts, traumatic memories, and hindering beliefs. Making moon water during a lunar eclipse provides powerful cleansing energies that are perfect for cleansing your crystals. Just remember to charge your crystals afterwards and set clear intentions. 

Bathing your crystals in moon water will release negative energy that’s built up over time, depending on the phase of the moon in which you made your moon water. 

Leaving your crystals to sit in moon water for a few days will charge them with the energies of the moon as well as purify their properties. 

*Before you attempt to cleanse or charge your crystals in moon water, it’s important to distinguish which crystals are water safe as some may dissolve or become damaged when submerged in water. See our article which crystals cannot be cleansed in water.