What Crystals are Associated with Hecate

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In many spiritual practices, ancient and modern alike, it’s quite common to work with deities. This is especially true for Wiccans, Neopagans, and other independent practitioners, with or without set rules for their craft. Those who honor the Divine Feminine work mostly with female deities, although some of them can be gender fluid. One of the most recognized deities in these aspects is the Goddess known as Hecate. She is the goddess of the moon, the night, magic, witchcraft, ghosts, and necromancy – the only child born to Titanes Perses and Asteria from whom she received her power to rule over heaven, earth, and sea. With these powers, she bestows blessings and wealth, and her help is often sought for protection and justice. Hecate has been recognized for thousands of years by many cultures around the world, with one statue representation residing in the Vatican. 

In any craft or practice, working with correspondences greatly increases the energy behind your work. A correspondence is essentially any object that is spiritually attuned to the energetic forces of the universe. Hecate being the Witch Mother, is the ultimate point of origin of all correspondences, although certain things are more strongly representative of her. Certain colors, metals, and crystals for example, can increase your chances of invoking her power and the type of energy she represents. Here, we’ll talk about what crystals are associated with Hecate and how you can incorporate them into your practice. 

Pearl is strongly associated with Hecate’s role as Goddess of the Sea and the Soul of the World. Pearls correspond to ancestral wisdom, the spirit world, and the underworld. Wearing them will bring you closer to what you seek. 

Sapphire has long been associated with royalty and higher ranks because of its value and rarity. The ancients would often adorn statues and representations of Hecate with these precious gems as a symbol of their reverence to her majesty.

Ruby also has an ancient association with royalty and is greatly representative of power and respect. Hecate can be honored with this representation. 

Obsidian is an ancient stone known for its protective energy and abilities to banish evil as well as anything that may cause harm. Hecate’s likeness was often carved into these stones as it perfectly matches her own representation. 

Moonstone has long since been known to carry the energies of the moon in all its phases, representing change as the shifting of the tides. It represents Hecate as Mistress of the Moon, along with her eternal energy. Use moonstone to amplify your inner power and to connect with her wisdom when working your craft. 

Jasper is another stone that was often used by ancient witches for embellishment with Hecatean power. In modern day, jasper is known to invoke the Goddess herself for guidance and wisdom in the material world. 

Honor Hecate by setting up an altar for her in your home. As with any altar, it should be a sacred space that will be dedicated to this purpose only – clean and uncluttered. If you’d like to utilize Feng Shui, your representative altar (or simply your crystals) can be kept in the South East or rear left area of the home, the area responsible for Wealth and Prosperity, the gifts Hecate often brings. They can also be placed in the South West or front left area of the home, the area representative of Knowledge and Self-cultivation, if that is what you seek. Decorate the area with representations of her, such as a statue or picture of Hecate, her crystals, three keys, and candles in her colors: red, black, and white. During your craft or meditation, fill your mind and heart with her image and all the magic she represents, intentionally and respectfully. She is the Queen and Mother of Universal Force, offer her love and she will bestow upon you innumerable blessings. 

“Hecate is the ancient Witch Mother, whose powers are without compare. Summon her presence through the use of her power colors, numbers, stones, and symbols. Create an altar to evoke her presence. Wear them to awaken the Witch Goddess within.”