10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rutilated Quartz

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Rutilated Quartz is arguably one of the most beautiful and captivating healing crystals known to man. With its golden inclusions of streaked titanium, it carries the essence of something divine and angelic, a magic not of this world. And its many attributes and properties would attest to that. Rutilated quartz is said to be one of the most powerful manifestation stones as it urges you to turn inward and find your truest power, helping you to channel that through your own strength of will. The magic of rutilated quartz can be felt even just by looking at pictures of it, its undeniable beauty pervading all sense of time. Although it was just recently discovered, its value was quickly recognized, being traded from Brazil to El Salvador – today it can be found in almost every continent. Rutilated quartz corresponds to the planet Venus and is best related to the zodiac signs Leo and Taurus, but is absolutely perfect for everyone. It opens, aligns, and balances all the chakras, proving itself to be the ultimate healer. So, what else is there to know? Here are 10 things you didn’t know about rutilated quartz. 

1. Rutilated Quartz, the origin of the name 

This captivating healing stone has its roots buried deeply in the time of man, dating as far back as ancient Egypt. However, it was only until recently that it became recognized as valuable, both spiritually and physically. The word Quartz comes from the Saxon word querklufterz meaning “cross vein ore” while the word Rutile is derived from the Latin word for rutilus meaning “red”. Rutilated quartz also goes by the names Angel Hair,  Venus Hair Stone, Cupid’s Darts, and Fleches d’amour.

2. Rutilated Quartz, the Hair of Angels 

This nickname was given because of the golden inclusions inside the quartz stone which resembles golden ethereal strands of hair, and was connected to the idea that it came from the head of a beautiful otherworldly woman. In ancient Greece, rutilated quartz was often referred to as “the Hair of Venus” or “the Hair of Aphrodite”, in honor of their goddesses of beauty and love. 

3. Rutilated Quartz, the Stone of Goddesses 

Its association with ancient royalty is perhaps linked to the fact that rutilated quartz holds an undeniable magic about it which pervades all sense of time. Its beauty and power alone has made it the stone of goddesses since the beginning of man. In Greece, it is associated with the goddesses of Love and Beauty, Venus and Aphrodite. To the Vikings, rutilated quartz is associated with the goddess Freyja, In Norse Mythology, she is one of the central goddesses, representing beauty, love, and the finer things in life – much like Aphrodite. 

4. Rutilated Quartz, eternal magic 

In many versions of mythology, whenever a part of a God or Goddess became detached, it would not die. Instead it would be preserved by magical transmutation or by the help of other mythical creatures. Rutile quartz is believed in some legends to be golden strands of a goddesses hair which fell from her head, to then be preserved by mythical creatures inside a quartz stone. 

5. Rutilated Quartz, the soul tether 

In some Native American cultures who recognized the power of rutilated quartz, the elders would often place the stone upon the body, head, and feet of a newborn baby. This was believed to keep the soul of the child tethered to the earthly realms until at which point it decided to stay on its own.

6. Rutilated Quartz, a Sacred Inclusion 

In many cultures and beliefs, rutilated quartz has been known as a manifestation stone. Its inclusion in spiritual practices became sacred after the people of those times understood just how powerful the stone actually was. In ancient Greece, it was believed that if you prayed with this stone in hand, your prayers would be answered. To the ancient Mayans, it was a sacred inclusion in rituals, as well as being used to dowse for water. 

7. Rutilated Quartz, Stone of the Soul 

In much the same sense as it is referred to as “Angel Hair”, rutilated quartz carries the properties of divine essence. It supports all the chakras to promote a healthy flow of energy throughout your entire being, essential for spiritual growth. Rutilated quartz is known to be an illuminator of the soul, as it highlights those hidden parts of the self that would prefer to remain in the dark – an essential part of shadow work. This healing crystal strengthens the inner consciousness and helps one battle waves of negative thoughts and emotions.

8. Rutilated Quartz, Power in its Essence 

Of all the legends and beliefs surrounding this mysterious stone, perhaps its most interesting comes from the rutile inclusions inside the quartz, believed to be magic itself fallen from the heavens. It is said that the rutile inside the quartz amplifies the metaphysical properties of its host quartz crystal, as if the rutile is a living entity entirely residing inside another. Rutilated quartz is also said to slow down the aging process, boost the immune system, and help the body to heal more rapidly. One step closer to immortality. 

9. Rutilated Quartz and its Spiritual Associations 

In numerology, numbers are considered spiritual representations of our place in the universe. Each number corresponds to certain attributes and aspects of our lives. Rutilated quartz specifically, is the numerology stone for Life Path number 2. These individuals are dependable hard-workers who just love to make others happy. With this manifestation stone in the hands of an individual with life path number 2, great things can happen, to say the least. 

10. Rutilated Quartz, a Physical Healer 

Aside from its many amazing spiritual and metaphysical benefits, rutilated quartz carries a variety of physical healing benefits as well. It is known to greatly impact the keratin-rich areas of the body, such as skin, hair, and nails. It is also believed to aid the respiratory tract, repair and regenerate cells, and treat chronic conditions such as infertility and thyroid issues.