Rutilated Quartz Meaning

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You may find that you are immediately captivated by this stone’s beauty or that you feel inspired just by looking at pictures of it. This is because of the golden needle-like strands that grow inside the quartz. Let’s talk about what this stone is exactly and what we can expect to benefit from this beautiful healing crystal. 

What is Rutilated Quartz ?

Rutilated Quartz is a variety of quartz which is a silicate-tectosilicate crystal found mainly in Russia, Brazil, the United States, Australia and Madagascar. Also known as Venus’ Stone or Angel’s Hair, this powerful healing crystal is best described as the stone of Self Manifestation. The golden streaks (or rutile) that often appear through this crystal is possibly the reason for its connection to the highest level of spirituality and the divine. Throughout history, Rutilated Quartz has been used for many purposes and the name itself comes from the latin word “rutilis” meaning “red” or “glowing”. In Native American cultures, this stone was believed to connect the spiritual body to the earth and they would often place it next to newborn babies for this reason. The ancient Greeks and Ancient Mayans believed that this stone helped to manifest prayers and that it made rituals sacred. In modern day, these beliefs are still honored by practitioners far and wide. Rutilated Quartz is a stone of manifestation and helps to make dreams come true. It brings you closer to your higher self and is a stone of good fortune, love, and the divine. This particular healing crystal is a great stone of protection and introspection as it illuminates the soul and promotes spiritual growth. It is a psychic protector that balances emotions while purifying and energizing the aura. Rutilated Quartz is the best stone for communicating with spirit guides as its sun-mars connection represents the power of manifestation through one’s personal will. This is the stone of healers, leaders, teachers, and therapists as its energies of determination and willpower lend them the strength they need in daily life. This healing crystal also helps to heal emotional wounds, allowing you to move past trauma and become the best version of yourself. Meditate with Rutilated quartz in its raw form if you like, but when cut and polished it is a gorgeous stone to wear as jewelry. Not to mention all its magical benefits it offers from being held that closely to the skin at all times!

How Rutilated Quartz Affects us 

Before we can properly benefit from a crystal, we must first understand what areas of the body and mind they relate to best, as well as how they affect us. Each healing crystal has its own unique correlations to the zodiac, the planets, and their chakras, each affecting us in different ways, depending on their and our characteristics. Listed below are the astrological, spiritual, and physical benefits of Rutilated Quartz. 

Birthstone: Leo, Taurus 

Leos are known to be strong-willed, passionate, and opinionated. They are driven and hardworking and stand firmly in their beliefs. Rutilated Quartz not only helps Leo to manifest their dreams, but it also balances their emotions when they find themselves becoming a little irrational. Taurus, much like Leo, are passionate and firm. They can be stubborn at times, but it’s only because they have a strong sense of discipline. For Tarueans, rutilated quartz will help them to balance their heart against their head. It strengthens their will in a positive way and provides spiritual protection. Leos and Taureans especially should wear this stone to harness its healing properties. 

Planet: Venus 

Venus shares not only its name with the Greek Goddess of Love, but also its properties of love and passion. The planet itself is symbolized by the circle and the cross, representing the union of the physical and spiritual aspects of man. Venus is responsible for the emotional body and all matters regarding the heart. Rutilated Quartz will balance the chakras, but it will especially open the heart and crown chakra which allows healthy and positive energy to flow between the heart and the head. This encourages the wearer to take action based on their intuition as well as giving them the strength to make difficult decisions. 

Vibration Number: 4

In numerology, each number or combination of numbers corresponds to a particular energetic vibration. Every crystal and healing stone has a vibrational frequency that is unique to its structure, shape, size, and color. This number determines the level at which the stone itself vibrates energetically and therefore how it responds to different areas of our being. Rutilated Quartz vibrates energetically at level 4, which is the number of manifestation, creation, and harmony. It represents the “door to illumination”, corresponding to the attributes of the Rutilated Quartz which allow for spiritual growth. Numerologically, 4 is the number of fate which is fixed and unchangeable, reminding us to accept things out of our control. It allows, however, the flexibility to manipulate the energy around us in order to manifest an outcome we desire which is reasonably attainable.  For people with life path number 4, rutilated quartz helps them to relinquish their sometimes obsessive need for control and encourages them to just live. 

Chakra: All

Pertaining to all the chakras, Rutilated Quartz promotes a healthy energetic balance from the Crown to the Root. It unblocks and aligns the chakras in these respects: the root to keep you grounded and level-headed; the sacral to promote passion and authenticity; the solar plexus to provide vitality and motivation; the heart to encourage love and compassion; the throat to enhance healthy communication; the third eye to strengthen intuition and insight; the crown for inspiration and spiritual ascension. Meditate with this stone to instantly recognize the balance of energy throughout your entire physical and spiritual being. 

Rutilated Quartz for Specific Intentions 

Rutilated Quartz is undoubtedly one of the most versatile healing crystals when it comes to intentions of manifestation, making it the perfect tool for your spiritual craft. Below is a list of a few examples of how we can use this stone to our benefit. 

For Mental Health 

As the powerhouse of man, the mind can easily become disorganized and chaotic. This causes a variety of mental health issues aside from just being downright unpleasant. There are many stones which address the mental state and well-being, but Rutilated Quartz in particular will balance you out in no time. It promotes calmness and peace, which allows you to effectively assess any situation and find the root cause of a problematic mind. Meditate with this stone in times when you are feeling upset, depressed, anxious, or when you are unable to focus. 

For Manifestation

Rutilated Quartz needs no explanation when it comes to manifesting your goals and dreams as it is called “the stone of manifestation”. It should be included in your intention candles, spell jars, spell pouches and makes a gorgeous and magical addition to your altar or crystal collection. Incorporate this healing stone into your spiritual practices to see results instantaneously. 

For Spiritual Healing

It goes without saying that Rutilated Quartz is the best choice for anyone looking to deepen their connection with Spirit, the Divine, or any higher power in which you place your faith. This healing crystal will open the crown and third eye chakras, allowing you to see with your intuitive eye. It promotes illumination, enlightenment, and ascension. Meditate or pray with Rutilated Quartz to have your intentions manifested and your prayers answered, just like the ancients used to do. 

For Physical Health 

Along with its many spiritual benefits, Rutilated Quartz offers a variety of healing properties to the physical body. It promotes reconstruction of the nerves, muscles, and tissues while removing toxins from the blood and intestines. It balances the thyroid while rejuvenating and revitalizing the physical body, restoring lost energy and alleviating lethargy. Rutilated Quartz also helps the reproductive system where impotence and infertility are involved. Incorporate this stone into your physical therapy sessions or keep it close to your other medicines. 

*Please note that this is not a diagnosis or a prescription. If you are ill, be sure to see a licensed doctor*

Cleansing and Charging your Rutilated Quartz

Healing crystals are known to lend energy to the seeker as well as absorb the leftover energy therefrom so it’s important to cleanse your crystals often. While certain healing stones have the ability to cleanse and charge themselves, it’s still vitally important to cleanse your crystals of any stagnant or negative energy left behind, especially after it’s been touched or used in healing practices. The proper ways to cleanse and charge a crystal depend on the composition of the stone itself as certain minerals are sensitive to sunlight and water. Rutilated quartz is water-safe, which is great news as far as water cleansing goes. For charging, you may leave it in the sun for a little while; this will allow it to absorb the sun’s natural light energy. However, because this stone is a variety of quartz crystal, it may fade over time if left out in the sun for too long so exercise caution. Additionally, for cleansing you can pass it through sage smoke or any smudge smoke of your preference. Another effective way to cleanse and charge rutilated quartz is by pairing it with selenite or setting it on a selenite plate. After cleansing and charging your healing crystal, it’s also important to bond with it. Wear rutilated quartz as jewelry to bond with your crystal or by simply touching it or holding it in your hand. You can even whisper your intentions into the stone! 

Rutilated Quartz Crystal Pairings

Healing crystals are often paired to amplify their healing properties. For cleansing and boosting energy, a stone can be paired with light colored crystals such as clear quartz or selenite. For grounding and protection energies, pair any crystal with a dark crystal such as black tourmaline or obsidian. To enhance cleansing, purification, and protective properties, pair a light crystal with a dark crystal. However, it’s important to exercise caution when pairing two crystals of the same color as it may cause high or low intensity of energy; two dark crystals can lower vibration to a depressing level, whereas two light crystals can heighten energy and cause anxiety. Because rutilated quartz is such a versatile stone, it doesn’t need to be paired with any other crystal in particular, but for amplification purposes below are two crystals best suited to its properties. 

Rutilated Quartz and Amethyst 

Amethyst is a highly intuitive and creative stone, so naturally its properties complement those of rutilated quartz. This combination of healing crystals will boost both stones’ healing energies and open up the third eye and crown chakras to the fullest extent. Meditate with them or wear them in a jewelry set. 

Rutilated Quartz and Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love and promotes love healing on all levels, from romantic relationships to self love and familiar relationships. Pairing this stone with rutilated quartz will enhance the level of love vibrations in your life and open up the heart chakra to allow caring and nurturing energy to flow through you. They also make a beautiful jewelry set!