Healing Crystals For Viruses

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Many types of gems and crystals have been recognized for millennia for their mystical, healing, and energetic properties. This is why they were used as amulets or jewelry; their powers’ importance for a better living has never gone unnoticed.

The Aztecs, the Mayans, the Native Americans, the Australian Aborigines, and the Celts used crystals in their rituals and ceremonies. 

For instance, Turquoise was used as a protecting stone by Native Americans. It was also attached to their arrows to assist them in the hunt. Even as a decoration or amulet for headdresses was a usual component.

Ancient people looked at minerals and gemstones to protect themselves from their enemies and the elements. Also, to enhance their harvests, see and predict the future, and lift their spirits.

Inner Strength

The strength of our immune system is what we need above all; we should be able to trust that our bodies will defend us from anything attacking us. Natural therapies’ objective is to keep and restore the body to that natural balance, which equals strength and harmony. And when we need to recover, we can also use the help of healing crystals for viruses, bacteria, and every danger surrounding us.

Many crystals align with Earth’s magnetic fields and also naturally vibrate with their own energies. These vibrations energize the environment and anything and anyone in the vicinity.

One of the primary uses of obsidian is to block negative energies or vibrations; for this, they can be placed around the home. They make excellent guards. But when we think about the body, we may also use protection to keep our aura strong. 

The immune system and aura are interconnected. A robust immune system allows the body to have a powerful energy field. In the same way, a strong aura guards the body. 

Taking Care of Our Emotions

If we are consistently tired, angry, or sad, we weaken our aura and our immune system. Today, it is widely accepted (and you can easily find studies online from 2019) that show these emotions as a real danger to our health. However, it reacts positively when our attitude is one of motivation, joy, happiness, and impulse.

There was an era of positive thinking about thirty years ago. It is popular now but not nearly as much. It is possible that it was taken too far. Still, it gained so much traction because it reflected an essential truth: our attitude is incredibly powerful, and stones are there to potentiate those positive emotions. 

We may use healing crystals for viruses and improve our mood or quiet a habit. Anything that we need to change in our lives can be significantly enhanced by applying a crystal to the process. To do that, we need to understand if our minds might actively participate in this issue. We need to see if we are creating a reality that keeps us from balance and harmony.

Inner Talk

It takes some observation to see our mind repeating itself, but we all know it does. We think in a particular fashion, and we criticize ourselves in a manner we picked up along the way. 

This negative inner talk is at the root not only of negative emotions but of everyday experiences. Our perceptions and actions are tainted by lingering thoughts. These thoughts can support our transform the way we live.

We can listen carefully to ourselves and recognize the inner dialog that makes us weaker. Once we did that, we have something tangible that we need to change to make our lives better.

Clearing our mind enables us to perceive the inner workings of our desires and fears and how they reflect in our thoughts. In any form, meditation puts our awareness in touch with our nature’s depth, allowing communication and inner guidance to occur.

When you are working on your spiritual progress, you can allow yourself to open through your higher chakras to the Divine realms. But once you’re done, you need to make sure you get back to normal so you don’t lose yourself.

Spiritual grounding is essential to everyone but especially critical if you have been doing spiritual development or psychic work.

Emotional grounding is essential. It will provide the appropriate energy for you to continue your spiritual work without the danger of losing your mind’s balance. By doing this, you release energy from your body. It is transformed into earth energy when you discharge it into the Earth below your feet, and it flows back to you renewed and purified.

Grounding Ourselves

Many crystals and gemstones can help us with grounding and are nicknamed ‘grounding crystals.’ Their qualities and attributes empower us to regroup our energies and dissipate accumulated negative vibrations, allowing clarity and equilibrium within the mind, body, and soul.

The act itself of grounding can be as simple as a walk or a visualization. 

A Grounding Walk

In Zen retreats, between long meditations, there is usually a paced walk (Kinhin). This is not like regular walking but very slow and with full attention, not distracting the mind.

We can do it anywhere if we have a few minutes to stay away from everybody, with our smartphone off. 

  1. Stand with your bare feet, if possible, outdoors.
  2. Back straight, feet parallel, half-foot steps each time, gaze straight ahead towards the ground, head upright. 
  3. Take a Quartz (a smoky Quartz even better) in your right hand and hold it to your lower abdomen, where it feels comfortable; put your left hand over your right, covering it. 
  4. Make each step take about five seconds. 
  5. Adapt the breath to last the same as each step. The back leg is relaxed.
  6. Keep your mind in the action of walking, feeling how your breath and your whole body moves.

After doing this for several minutes, you will notice how the mind releases thinking and becomes more receptive, connecting to the present moment and the body. This exercise should not take longer than ten minutes.

There is something exceptional about meditating and walking because it brings the mind to the body. If we just use our mind and the body is still, we need our awareness to remain within the body; otherwise, it may tend to disperse with every thought. 

A Grounding Meditation

We will focus on Quartz and its action on meditation, but Amethyst is another excellent choice. It is the stone of the soul, transition, and awakening. It calms the mind and develops intuition. It is advisable to have an Amethyst Druse or Geode at home and at work, helping transmute the place’s energies. 

Fluorite is also recommended for use in meditation. Cleanses and stabilizes the aura. It purifies, dissipates, and reorganizes in the body everything that is not in order and helps to overcome chaos. It is a protective stone.

As in the previous exercise, we need to choose a crystal, and as this is a meditation that we will do while sitting, we can just place it in front of us. It can be big or small. The Earth crystals are usually the dark ones, such as obsidian (the most recommended). But for this experience, we can use Quartz, Fluorite, or Amethyst as all of them bring clarity to mind and body. They are also healing crystals for viruses and infectious diseases because their action clears and purifies our energy. Suppose our mind is clear and our energy body is not polluted with negativity. In that case, we have a much more capable immune system.

Connecting to the Earth through visualization is also a very effective way of grounding ourselves. And it will also take just a few minutes.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, over a blanket or mat on the ground. If possible, do this outside.
  2. Imagine yourself sitting as if you could see your whole body, but close your eyes.
  3. Hold in your right hand your crystal enclosed in a fist; you can allow your hand to rest on your lap or your right knee.
  4. Visualize a white light under your navel; try to feel as if this is the center of your consciousness. This will direct both energy and awareness.
  5. Imagine strings of light, like roots, growing from that chakra towards the center of the Earth, going deeper and deeper until they reach a core.
  6. Once you are connected to that core, allow this connection to take your negative energies and transform them. The Earth will soothe and purify our energy, giving us, in return, a much lighter lifeforce.

A Few Crystals to Have at Home

Many techniques focus on bringing into our lives that which we desire. The idea usually is to create an imprint that can become a magnet for a specific change in reality. 

This same principle can be applied to any health issue we accompany with an energetic therapy based on crystals. Once we understand the diagnosis, we can use visualization to impulse the type of healing we need.

In the case of a virus, as it is not localized in a specific area, we can use our body as a whole in our efforts to fight it.

The Bedroom Grid

The most important place to create our crystal setup (or grid) is the bedroom. While we rest, our body reconstitutes and generates the necessary strength for the next day.

We should think of a grid that focuses on the bed. We will pick as many crystals as necessary, choosing them through intuition and our understanding of their properties.

Shungite: absorbs and eliminates what is harmful to health, being very useful in treating pain. It does not need loading or cleaning.

Black Tourmaline: is a unique crystal that can stop the influence of negative energies over the body. It has a raw energy that feeds the root chakra and promotes vitality and awareness. It nurtures healing in addition to repelling negative energy.

Aquamarine: this gemstone is widely used for infections, migraines, and blisters. It is an excellent crystal that generates serenity, relaxation and purifies the body. It is also a good stabilizer for mood swings or fits of anger.

Hematite: used to soothe and to promote rest. Hematite has long been used to alleviate symptoms and heal discomforts associated with bleeding and blood-related issues.

Quartz: an excellent crystal for healing diseases. The properties of this stone are strongly linked to intention. It can make any healing effort go that extra mile. It is recommended to cure diseases, bring harmony and strengthen the immune system.

Cleansing and Preparing the Grid

We can often cleanse our crystals with cold water alone or put them in a jar with water and sea salt. This method might not be suitable for all stones. There are other methods available, and here is one you can use with any crystal.

Take an incense stick; now, before you light it, put it on your left hand and purify it with your right hand. To purify it, visualize a pure white light above your head and breathe it into your body, sending it with your mind towards the palm of your right hand.

Once it reaches your right palm, send it into the incense stick to remove all previous influences of anyone who may have touched it. Then add your own intention so that it will be a source of purification for any crystal.

Light the incense and use the smoke to cleanse any crystal that you want to use.

After they are cleansed, set your intention on each of the crystals by placing your hands and sharing in your own words what you need them to do.

The grid itself is the disposition of the crystals in relation to each other. Usually, a grid might follow a geometric shape inspired by a symbol of sacred geometry. The idea here is to build this grid specifically for your needs, answering your intuition in particular. So create a setup you feel comfortable with, and feel free to adapt it in a few days if an inner sense tells you so.

Every week remember to clean the crystals of any dust and place them under the moonlight for a few hours to restore their powers.