Healing Crystals Guide

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Finding a crystal that’s right for you is as simple as searching for those best suited to your zodiac sign as well as those that offer healing properties related to what you’re looking for. However, it still remains that the best way to choose your healing crystals is by letting your intuition guide you. If a stone is meant for you, you’ll feel drawn to it as soon as you see it, even more so when you touch it. So what do they mean, and how can they heal? Take a look at our short healing crystals guide below. 

Crystals to Enhance Creativity 

Ametrine is a powerfully energetic stone that stimulates creativity and instills mental clarity. It bridges the gap between visualization and realization. 

Aventurine stabilizes the mind and enhances perceptivity, allowing for the assimilation of new ideas. 

Carnelian is a strongly energetic stone that balances the sacral chakra. It restores ambition, motivation, and creativity. 

To promote inspiration and creativity, keep these stones in your workspace or meditate with them on your sacral chakra. 

Crystals for Attracting Wealth 

Pyrite, most commonly known as “fool’s gold”, is not only a symbol of good luck, but it also a “high manifester”. It keeps you grounded and focused on making your aspirations a reality. 

Citrine promotes happiness and is related to the solar plexus chakra, the energy center responsible for the way we view money and abundance. This stone sets the foundation for prosperity. 

Green Jade has always been known as the stone of good luck, but also promotes harmony in all aspects of life. In any culture, green jade is recognized as the stone of wealth and abundance.  

To attract wealth and abundance, keep these stones in your wallet or cash register if you own a business. 

Crystals to Promote Love 

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It welcomes nurturing and loving energies to promote familial and romantic love as well as love for yourself. 

Pink Topaz is the more luxurious option to rose quartz. Pink topaz offers energies of sophistication that will help you find genuine love. It also promotes manifestation.

Ruby brings with it a strong sense of confidence and power. It activates the root chakra to promote sexuality and intimacy. Ruby helps to build a strong foundation in romantic relationships. 

To manifest love in all its forms, keep these stones in the bedroom or meditate with them near the heart and root chakras. 

Crystals for Psychic Development 

Labradorite is a transformation stone whose luminescent bands of blue and green help us to imagine energies of magic. It promotes vision and intuition, while illuminating your spiritual path. 

Lapis Lazuli is a communication stone that promotes wisdom and grace from within. It instills power, confidence, and trust in one’s own intuition. 

Azurite is a powerful stone for the third eye chakra that instigates visions and enhances one’s natural psychic abilities. It is the stone of mediums and fortune tellers.

To unlock your psychic abilities, meditate with these stones, while envisioning an open third eye. 

Crystals for Spiritual Growth 

Kyanite carries energies to promote emotional healing through introspection and intuition. It releases negativity and supports perseverance to help you grow into your true self.

Amethyst creates a clear communication pathway between yourself and the divine. This stone promotes mental clarity and releases emotional trauma to help you relocate your authenticity. 

Blue Lace Agate is the perfect spiritual communicator. It balances the emotional body to promote calm and soothing energies that encourage spiritual growth and understanding. Its strengthening, yet gentle energies help to instill lasting vibrations. 

To enhance spiritual growth, wear these stones in jewelry.

If you’re still unsure of what crystals to choose and why, let your intuition and gut feelings be the ultimate healing crystals guide. Energy can’t lie. Feel with your feelings.