Crystals and their Meanings

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To speak on crystals in general, their meanings are largely diverse. Their healing properties extend throughout all aspects of our being, lending their energies as determined by their composition and structure. For the purpose of narrowing things down to make crystal selection a little easier, let’s take a look at 11 easily attainable, popular healing crystals and their meanings.  

Clear Quartz is commonly known as the “master healer” as its healing properties cover all aspects of our being; also because its augmentative abilities lend cleansing and charging energy to each stone it’s paired with. Clear quartz purifies and cleanses the auric field, instilling uplifting vibes and feelings of elation. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It opens and unblocks the heart chakra, healing emotional trauma and making one more receptive to and giving of love. This heavenly pink stone promotes self-love, familial harmony, and strength in romantic relationships. For problems regarding emotional discord, heal with rose quartz. 

Amethyst is perhaps one of the most popular healing crystals among spiritual practitioners. Its soothing vibes help to calm mental noise as well as to instill clarity. Amethyst brings the emotional body into balance and enhances intuition as well as creativity. To open the third eye, keep amethyst crystal close to the head. 

Citrine is a gorgeous yellow crystal that heals all broken aspects of the spirit. Its vibrant energies help to release negativity such as fear and insecurities, replacing them instead with joy and self-appreciation. Citrine also promotes creativity, ambition, and focus- perfect for the artistic spiritualist. To bring the sun’s healing energy into your home, add citrine to your crystal collection. 

Carnelian has been known for its protective abilities since antiquity. Its deep red color is most commonly associated with blood (the life force) as well as the life-giving energies of the sun. This ancient healing crystal promotes passion and brings good fortune in all aspects of life. Wear carnelian jewelry to promote intimacy and success. 

Turquoise is another ancient healing stone best known for its ability to protect the wearer from harm and illnesses. Folklore says that a turquoise stone will break or crack to warn a person of impending misfortune. This crystal and its meanings revolve mainly around protection, communication, and overall stability. 

Jade, since its discovery in ancient China, has been known for its properties of luck and good fortune. This beautiful green stone is said to bring happiness, harmony, and good luck to the wearer. Its color is also associated with wealth, promoting success in financial endeavors. Keep a piece of Jade stone in your wallet or workspace to bring its lucky energy into your life. 

Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that is most commonly associated with grounding and stability. Its energy is quite protective as it absorbs negativity and deflects psychic attacks. Obsidian is also often used in divination practices such as scrying. Keep an obsidian crystal near the entrances of your home to protect against malice. 

Tiger’s Eye is a golden brown, striped or banded healing stone that brings luck in all matters. It is known to protect the wearer, while providing them with strength and courage to face any and all obstacles. Tiger’s eye works best to deflect evil intentions. Wear this stone to carry its protective energy with you wherever you go. 

Moonstone is a transformation crystal that promotes spiritual growth and new beginnings. It relieves stress and feelings of instability, paving a smooth road toward your goals. It promotes positivity, inspiration, and intuition. Moonstone brings success and good fortune through its properties of change. 

Labradorite, also a transformation stone, promotes introspection and self-reflection. It encourages us to look inward and search for ourselves, setting the foundation for spiritual growth. Its luminescence reminds us of hope and all things magical. Labradorite makes for beautiful jewelry as it also provides the wearer with protection. 

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