Healing Crystals for Sinus Congestion

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Sinus congestion can be a real pain! Being headachy or having a runny nose seems to always happen when you really don’t have time to deal with it, and it can ruin your day. But did you know that you can use healing crystals for sinus congestion?

In this article, we will look at what sinus congestion is, the link between the sinus and the third eye chakra, and what healing crystals are perfect for relieving sinus congestion.   

What Is Sinus Congestion?

According to webmd.com, sinuses are hollow cavities that are connected to each other. They are located behind the nose, the cheekbones, the forehead, and in between the eyes. They produce mucus. 

Sinus congestion is where too much mucus has been produced, blocking up the sinuses. It gives you a feeling of being full and blocked in the areas where the sinuses are. 

Symptoms of Sinus Congestion

Before we use healing crystals for sinus congestion, it is good to know the signs and symptoms of sinus congestions so we know that we are treating the right thing!

Symptoms of sinus congestion include; 

  • A feeling of fullness and pressure behind the eyes and on the forehead. 
  • A headache.
  • A stuffy or runny nose. 
  • Sore throat. 

Causes of Sinus Congestion

There are a lot of different things that can cause sinus congestion. It normally occurs because of allergies or hay fever, or an infection. If you have a cold you normally get symptoms of sinus congestion. This is because your body is producing the mucus to fight the infection.

A lot of people suffer from allergies. This can be caused by pollen or dust in the air. Sometimes building work in cities will cause dust and minute debris in the air and this can cause sinus congestion.

If you are suffering from sinus congestion a lot, you must seek medical advice. There might be an underlying issue that is not being addressed. However, for sinus congestion caused by small issues that come and go, crystals are great to relieve some of the strain. 

What Is the Link Between Sinuses and the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra is located in the middle of the forehead. This is normally where you feel pressure from sinus congestion. If your third eye chakra is blocked or imbalanced, you might feel sinus congestion. If there is not enough energy flowing through your third eye chakra you will feel sluggish and lazy. There will be pressure on your forehead which affects your mental clarity. 

Because of the link between sinuses and the third eye chakra, it is important to incorporate crystals that aid in the healing of both. The third eye chakra is so important, so you need to be aware of how it feels and what you can do to help it!

6 Healing Crystals for Sinus Congestion

So, now we know the symptoms of sinus congestion and how it is linked to the third eye, we can look at some amazing healing crystals for sinus congestion!

1. Sodalite

Sodalite is a beautiful healing crystal of deep blue. The vibrations that come from this stone soothes and calms.

This stone is great in relieving sinus congestion as it has a strong energy that opens up and flows through your body. It creates a flow of energy from your throat chakra to your third eye chakra, balancing thought and communication. 

Because of this flow, you are able to see more clearly, feeling your fog of congestion lifting. It also allows you to speak from the heart, and develop the connection between your heart and the outside world. It also relieves pressure from the vocal cords and the larynx, which can be affected by sinus congestion. 

Sodalite is great for enhancing intelligence and bringing order to the mind. It allows you to think rationally and be objective about certain situations. 

It is linked to the element water and when you are meditating with this crystal to relieve sinus congestion, it is great to have water nearby. You might even wish to charge the water with the energy from the crystal by sitting them next to each other. Then, drinking the water will help the vibrations from the sodalite to have a better effect on you. You will soon notice your sinus congestion clearing, feeling relief from the pressure. 

2. Fluorite 

This amazing crystal has been used by healers for centuries and glows different colors under ultraviolet light. It comes in so many amazing colors and contains so much beauty within the stone. 

This stone is a cleansing crystal and stabilizes the aura, absorbing negative energy. It guides you into a peaceful state, helping you to see the positivity and beauty of the world around you. 

Fluorite is an amazing healing crystal for sinus congestion as its vibrations connect with the immune system and gives it a powerful boost. This helps you fight any infection that may be causing sinus congestion. It also works on restoring the respiratory tract which may be affected by the sinuses. 

Fluorite is also an amazing crystal to have when you are sleeping. If you are suffering from bad sleep and nightmares, have this crystal nearby. Its vibrations will enter the dream world and provide you with beautiful dreams. 

3. Aventurine 

This crystal is known as the stone of luck. It opens doors for prosperity and wealth, allowing great things to come into the lives of those who wear it. This is because of its vibrations which interact with your own energy. It attracts opportunities and encourages perseverance. 

Not just powerful for prosperity, however, aventurine can be really useful for healing sinus congestion. It has strong anti-inflammatory powers, easing allergies and headaches. The vibrations that come from this crystal unblock the sinuses and soothes the pressure that the sinus congestion causes. 

It also protects against environmental pollution, which can be a big cause of sinus congestion. If you are prone to sinus issues from walking around your town or city, start to carry aventurine with you on these walks. It will serve as a protection against the dirt and debris that might be in the air, and the pollution that causes coughing or your eyes and nose to run. 

4. Amethyst

The amethyst crystal is one that every healer should have in their collection. It has so many benefits and different ways in which its energy can heal you. It is seen as the master crystal, always useful.  

This crystal is found all over the world and comes in a beautiful shade of purple. It is a variety of quartz and aids in grounding and tranquility. If you meditate with this crystal you will instantly feel calm and at peace as its vibrations will work to clear any negativity in your soul. It is also perfect if you are finding meditation hard with your mind wandering as its strong and potent psychic energy will center you in your spirituality. It allows you to see things clearly as its high frequencies purify your aura and spirit. 

Amethysts also have a lot of physical healing properties and are therefore great to use in treating sinus congestion. It boosts the production of hormones and cleanses the immune system. It relieves the stress that sinus congestions cause by simply rubbing the amethyst on your forehead. 

It also interacts with the third eye chakra, healing and unblocking it. This will relieve headaches and pressure between your eyes that may be caused by a blocked third eye chakra.

5. Lepidolite 

This crystal is a great mood stabilizer, relieving anxiety and stress. It aids in the relearning of habits and behavior, allowing you to grow and change, developing into the best person that you can be. It is a really soothing crystal and contains a high amount of lithium, which is known to stabilize emotions. Lepidolite balances the heart and mind, allowing you to let go of stress. 

If you are suffering from troubled sleep because of sinus congestion, sleeping with a lepidolite crystal on your bedside table will allow you to find peace in your sleep much more quickly, even if your sinuses are blocked. Sleeping with sinus congestion can be really hard and therefore it is good to use crystal healing in order to bring about a calm night’s sleep. 

Lepidolite also strengthens the immune system, meaning that your body is more able to fight infections that might be the cause of sinus congestion. It helps with relieving allergies, so if you are prone to hay fever, make sure you have a lepidolite on hand when the season begins! 

It also connects with the third eye chakra, soothing any stress or imbalance that might be occurring. 

6. Iolite 

This beautiful crystal comes in shades of purple and blue and is known as a vision stone. Using this stone helps you see things clearly and allows you to understand life’s ups and downs much better. It can help you develop your psychic abilities and allows you to open up to the spiritual realm. This is because it links to your third eye chakra and works in opening up your third eye. 

Its vibrations bring forth a calmness, allowing you to gain a feeling of peace.  

Iolite works to ease sinus congestion by strengthening your overall health and wellbeing. Its energy will eliminate toxins and bad bacteria that are in the body, aiding in the recovery of colds and flu. It encourages strength, both physically and mentally. 

How to Use Healing Crystals for Sinus Congestion

These crystals can all be used to relieve the symptoms of sinus congestion. They help fight illnesses, relieve tension in the third eye chakra, and protect you from pollutants that cause allergies. There are different ways of using healing crystals for sinus congestion and it depends on the symptoms and causes. You may need to meditate with the crystals, wear them, or have them by you when you are sleeping.

1. Meditation

One of the best ways to use these healing crystals for sinus congestion is to meditate with the crystal placed on your sinuses. Lie down comfortably and place the crystal on your forehead, between the eyes. If you are feeling pressure elsewhere in your face, place the crystals there. 

Whilst you are lying there with the crystal on your sinuses, visualize the swell of energy and power that is emanating from the stone. Allow it to travel into your third eye chakra and through your sinuses, cleansing and relieving the strain. 

While you are meditating with the crystal, remember to breathe deeply. Try and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, unblocking your sinuses as you do so. Creating the flow of air will work on opening up your sinuses and getting rid of the blocked mucus. 

2. Wear The Healing Crystal 

Some crystals are great to protect you against the cause of sinus congestion, such as pollutants, dirt, and debris, or pollen. Wearing these on a necklace will help you avoid becoming ill with sinus congestion. This is because their energy is always there flowing through you, relieving sinus pressure and strain. 

3. Have The Crystal By Your Bed

If sinus congestion is causing you difficulties sleeping because it is irritating or you have a blocked nose, have the healing crystal by your bed as near as possible to where you sleep. A bedside table is a perfect place for healing crystals. 

Placing the crystal by your bed will mean that its vibrations are sending forth calming energies that will aid your sleep. It also means that it will work on healing your sinus congestion all through the night. 

The Wonders of Healing Crystals 

It is truly amazing what crystals can do for you and what issues they can fix. Sinus congestion is such a common issue that many people face, and while it doesn’t often cause any harm, it can be really irritating!

Using these healing crystals for sinus congestion allows you to deal with problems in a natural way, using the energies from planet earth. 

If these do not work and your sinus congestion does not go away or gets worse, visit your doctor to get a second opinion. Your doctor will make sure that there are no underlying causes for your sinus congestion!