Crystals for Emotional Balance

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The modern world is hectic. We are living in a really unstable time at the moment, and we are becoming more and more disconnected from the natural world where we live in. Because of this, it is super important to keep your emotions balanced and your connection with mother nature strong. One way of doing this is with stones that help with emotional balance. But what are the best crystals for emotional balance?

Are you feeling under pressure? Are you overwhelmed with negative thoughts? Do you feel burnt out? If so, now is the time to develop your crystal healing rituals to find the balance you need!

Why Use Crystals?

Firstly, it is great to understand the power of crystals and why you would want to use them for emotional balance. According to, crystals are an ancient form of medicine that uses philosophies from Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. 

Crystals give off vibrations that interact with the energies in your body, mind, and soul. This is because they contain the powers of the earth and emit this healing energy. 

Everything in the world is charged with energy, with their atoms moving and interacting. With crystals you are directing that energy towards yourself, using it to balance and heal yourself. Our energy links with the energy that is coming from the crystals. 

7 Amazing Crystals for Emotional Balance

Crystals are an amazing way to fight against stress and restore strength in emotions. People use the mood crystals for:

  • emotional healing
  • emotional strength
  • mental health
  • balance strength
  • emotional stability
  • anger
  • sadness
  • loneliness
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress, and
  • grief

No matter where you are on your crystal healing journey, these crystals will do wonders for your health and wellbeing! There are so many amazing stones for emotional balance, but in this article, we have picked the seven best ones that are suitable for both beginners and experts:

1. Moonstone

The moonstone is an incredibly powerful crystal that has a deep connection with the moon. There is a nurturing quality to this stone as if it reflects the motherly love that the moon provides. It is a calming stone that enhances emotional stability.

Moonstones come in lots of different colors, and when you are wanting to use them for emotional balance we recommend a white, peach, or yellow moonstone. 

If you use moonstones to heal, remember to charge them under the moonlight fairly often. This allows the energy to be potent and therefore more effective. 

The moonstone also is used to enhance the powers of the third eye chakra. When having this crystal near, you can soothe and maintain this chakra, allowing you to keep it open and balanced. When working on your psychic powers that your third eye brings, make sure you have a moonstone at hand for emotional balance and power. 

2. Rose Quartz

This crystal is a necessity for anyone who is just starting out on their crystal healing journey. It has so many amazing qualities and is really easy to work with!

The rose quartz is the crystal of love and tenderness. It assists us with relationships with the people in our lives, but also the relationship we have with ourselves. Emotional imbalance often opens the door for self-doubt, insecurities, loneliness, and sadness. Life can be a struggle, and sometimes it is easy to fall into bad thought cycles that promote self-hate! 

Using the rose quartz allows you to heal emotionally as it connects with the heart chakra. It promotes self-love and seeing things clearly, allowing you to understand and acknowledge all the amazing things about you! It is a soothing and relaxing crystal and releases and counteracts negative and stressful thoughts, allows your emotions to balance and realign. 

3. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful protective crystal. Its vibrations soak up negative energy, allowing your mind and soul to stay balanced and positive! Having this crystal around means that you are protected from any outside forces that are affecting you emotionally or wanting to do you harm. 

This stone is also great for protecting you from yourself. We all succumb to negative thoughts, feeling anxious and stressed about our life and the journey that we are on. Black tourmaline takes this worry from you and cleanses your thoughts so you can focus on being the best possible you. 

This stone protects you so you don’t get hit with a whole load of negativity! 

4. Agate

Agate is a stabilizing crystal that helps you stay grounded in your life. Agate is a type of quartz and usually has banded layers, specks, or stripes in the rock. It is really beautiful and comes in loads of different colors. 

Agate is a brilliant crystal for emotional balance as its gentle vibrations soothe and relieves stress, realigning your emotions, and creating harmony. Agate’s energy has a low frequency and therefore does not overwhelm people who are using it to heal and stabilize.

If you suffer from high levels of anxiety, you should always have an agate crystal near you. If you start to get stressed and anxious, hold onto the agate, inhale and exhale slowly and deeply, and feel the vibrations from the crystal interact with and soothe your emotions.   

5. Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is a very special crystal as it is able to deepen our connection with mother nature. There are a lot of different varieties of smoky quartz and the Cairngorm variety is a favorite in Scotland and is sacred to Druids. It is found only in the Cairngorm mountains, a beautiful mountain range in the Scottish highlands. 

All smoky quartz has an amazing grounding and stabilizing abilities. When you have one of these crystals near their strong vibrations connect you with the earth and its power. It protects you from geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog, freeing your mind from these distractions. 

It relieves the anxiety and depression that the modern world gives you, allowing you to become one with nature, connecting with the elements. This allows you to develop your psychic powers and magick. It helps you let go of negative energies that you might be holding on to, opening up your mind and heart to goodness and light. 

6. Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye crystal has been a favorite for many healers for centuries. Ancient Egyptians are said to have used these crystals for protection and put them in the eyes of statues of their gods. Tiger’s Eye has been used all over the world in so many different cultures, but what is so great about it?

Tiger’s Eye is not just a healing crystal, it brings good luck and protects you from any bad intentions and energy that might be directed your way. 

Its energy will help you balance your emotions, so is perfect if you suffer from mood swings. It allows you to see the situation clearly as it gets rid of the fog of stress and anxiety that blurs your thoughts. 

It unlocks courage and bravery, promoting a practical outlook on life. A great crystal for emotional balance, but also wondering if you have big decisions or events coming up in your life which demand clarity and decision making!

7. Aquamarine

This stone brings forth the power of the ocean to provide you with calmness and tranquility. It is a great crystal to bring about emotional healing, using the elements of nature to do so. 

A lot of healers use aquamarine crystals to assist in the recovery from trauma. If you have been through a bad experience and your emotions are all over the place, the strong vibrations from this crystal will cleanse and clear your energy. Like seawater, this stone will refresh your emotions. It released any anger that you might be holding onto, washing it away and giving you the power to move on from any bad thoughts or feelings.

It inspires you to trust and believe in the powers of mother nature, the elements, and the universe. If your emotional imbalance causes a lack of faith or a level of desperation, this crystal is great to rejig your beliefs and emotions, gaining clarity and understanding. 

How To Use Crystals for Emotional Balance

These seven crystals are amazing tools to bring forth balance and harmony to your emotional world. They all come with amazing qualities that will heal and purify your emotions, releasing negative energy, and bringing about positive changes. 

There are loads of different ways to use crystals for emotional balance, and it all really depends on what you prefer! Experiment with different ways and find the one that is right for you. 

Some people like to have their crystals by their bed or on their desk so they are nearby. This means that the energy from the crystals will fill the room that they are in. It can be really great to have crystals by your bed as you sleep, as whilst you are sleeping your psyche is open and awake. 

Other people prefer to use meditation or make the crystals into jewelry, and it is truly personal what you prefer!

Incorporating Crystals Into Your Meditation

A great way to bring about the benefits of crystal healing is to use them to meditate. This allows you to focus on the connection between your energy and the energy of the crystal. 

  1. Sit or lie down and get comfortable. You may wish to close your eyes to fully focus on the meditation. 
  2. Hold the crystal in your hands. Clasp your hands to your chest. This allows the vibrations of the crystal to connect with the heart chakra, which is associated with balance and harmony. 
  3. Inhale for seven counts and exhale for eleven. At first, concentrate on regulating your breathing. Breathing deeply brings more oxygen to the brain, helping you to think more clearly. 
  4. Move on to focusing on the vibrations that are coming from the crystal in your hand. You may start to physically feel the energy emitting from the crystal. 
  5. Picture bright, clear light coming from the crystal and into your chest, cleansing and clearing your heart of pain and imbalance. Allow yourself to open up to the healing properties of the stone. Remember to carry on breathing deeply. 

You can meditate like this for however long you wish, whatever you feel comfortable with. As you feel the energy coming from the crystal into your soul, you might wish to repeat affirmations in order to clarify what you are needing to get out of the crystal healing process. This may be about wants, wishes, or changes that you need to make. This is entirely up to you! Do what feels good and what you feel will help your emotions. 


A great way of harnessing the energy from crystals is to have them on jewelry. This means that they are close to you at all times, allowing you to constantly be soaking up their vibrations. 

You can often buy crystals as jewelry, but you can also make them into jewelry yourself if you are feeling creative! You can pick up jewelry wire and chains or cord pretty cheaply from craft stores. Then, you can wrap the crystal in the wire and attach it to the chain, making a necklace. 

It is a bit of a fiddly process, but once you get the hang of the process you will be making crystal necklaces for everyone!

A lot of craft and spiritual stores also sell spiral cages on a cord where you can just slot your tumblestone crystal in and wear it as a necklace. 

Use Crystals for Emotional Balance

Crystals are a great way to heal any emotional wounds and to rejig and rebalance your emotions. Life can be overwhelming, but with the power of crystals, you are able to clear yourself from the stresses of the modern world. 

In using crystals we are developing our connection with the powers of mother nature and the elements. We are allowing the energy from the earth to heal and support us, linking this powerful energy with our own energy. 

There are so many different crystals to use, and different ways to use them for healing! Everybody is different and will practice crystal healing in their own way. Go and experiment with crystals and discover what is perfect for you!