Crystals to Heal a Broken Heart

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Many of us have been in that place, with an emptiness in the stomach that doesn’t go away. It is an intense desire to cry, do nothing, curl up in bed under that dark cloud, and remain there forever. We feel helpless, with our hearts in pieces.

Each person has a different way of fighting a love disappointment, and there are times when the wound is so deep that it is challenging for us to overcome it, despite having shed many tears.

It is not pleasant, but something good will emerge. It is not pretty. It does not feel good, but it is an experience that invites us to move forward, to regroup, and change our perspective slowly; above all, it is growth.

We see all the time people resurface and find new beginnings after a love disappointment; it is as if their life takes a fresh breath. I could not list the things I have learned about myself, the books I have found to be essential in who I am today, and the music I started to love due to a breakup. But the first step is to let go.

In the following section, we will also discuss the healing crystals for the broken heart that can soothe and comfort your heart. Rose quartz, Onyx, Jet, Apache, Rhodochrosite, Unakite are the crystals for the broken heart that can heal and revive your energy.

Releasing The Past and Embracing the Present

You need to cut off the energy that still binds you to the person who broke your heart. And this is not a judgment about any person. It is just part of an internal process that will affect you both positively. Otherwise, your feelings pull you to the past and keep you from enjoying anything in the present.

A short visualization might help you in this aspect:

  1. Sit in a quiet place for a moment and picture your former partner.
  2. Allow this image to become vivid as if standing right before you.
  3. Now say, out loud is no one is listening, “I release you, and I release myself from any commitments, attachments, and illusions.”
  4. See his or her image being taken away by a strong cleansing wind. This same wind cleanses you with its strength and brings freedom.

It is a very effective way to recognize the feelings that this person causes you and free yourself. The energy changes come when you realize the damage you are doing to yourself, so it is also a good idea to write down everything you would say to that person. It should be a sincere letter, holding nothing back. This is a letter from your point of view and reflecting all your feelings. It probably has many things you did not, nor want to say to this person, but you can write it down and read it aloud as if you were reading it straight to the recipient. You can do this a couple of times, and you will see emotions clear up very fast.

Healing Crystals for Broken Heart

The idea is clearly not to suffer eternally but to take advantage of that situation and move forward.  Healing crystals can absorb negative energy and heal your heart. You can find yourself back with the help of healing crystals for the broken hearts. There are a variety of crystals-

One of the most beautiful gifts of nature, rose quartz, can help us throughout the process. It is a popular stone in general due to its incredible energy and the most widely recommended of the crystals to heal a broken heart.

Some other commonly used crystals for the broken heart are

  • Onyx (dark crystal)
  • Jet (dark crystal)
  • Apache Tear (dark crystal)
  • Rhodochrosite 
  • Unakite


Begin with one of the dark stones like Onyx, Jet, and Apache Tear. Place it Under your pillow to absorb & transmute all the negative emotions inside & around you.

During daytime, carry Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, and Unakite with you to help with depression, forgiveness, acceptance, separation anxiety, and moving on.

Do not use Obsidian crystals such as Apache Tear for prolonged periods (i.e., 24/7 a week straight). It is a very powerful stone that can bring about insecurities and self-doubt.

Throughout the ages, the different civilizations that have stepped through earth have discovered many healing ways based on nature, such as crystals, stones, and gems. However, most of their techniques we lost over time, along with other cultural aspects. As we reconnect with nature, we rediscover the power and importance of that connection in practical terms.

Although crystal therapy is not considered a mainstream approach to health, it is undeniable the role crystals and stones had in our evolution. They are as essential to our modern chemistry, in a materialist perspective, as they were to the alchemy from which it derives, in a more holistic outlook of life.

We consider as a healing crystal, in general lines, a crystal that, due to its physical characteristics and its energy vibration, is capable of harmonizing with a specific energy point of the human body, considering as these fundamentally the seven primary energy points that are, the chakras. The chakras are focal points found within the physical body and within the subtle spiritual body that sustains it. In each of these vital points, our energy concentrates and preserves the life of the body.

Based on the ancient Hindu religion, we count seven main chakras, which, according to their physical location, are called:

  • Root,
  • Sacral,
  • Solar Plexus,
  • Heart,
  • Throat,
  • Third Eye, and
  • Crown

Of course, these have unique Sanskrit names which are not essential to remember), and each of these chakras is attributed a specific color and energetic properties.

A therapeutic crystal conveys and works with the energy of the chakra. It shares its vibration, and it is capable of bringing order and health to the energy system.

Before using it, one can cleanse the crystal in a variety of ways. I propose cold running water (for the crystals I mention in this article, but it could damage others, so be careful). You can charge it under the sun for hours, ideally.

The Center of Our Heart

The heart chakra is located between the first and fourth dorsal vertebrae. It relates to the proper functioning of the hands, arms, heart, and blood flow. Insufficient energy in this chakra can be a factor in the appearance of asthma, all heart and lung diseases, and depression.

The energy of this chakra is one of love and openness. It is the center of existence, and as such, it is a place of compassion and understanding.

It is also the door to the higher self because our day-to-day awareness holds the key to its own deeper realms. Even in the Kabbalah, man can aspire to his own divinity directly from his heart.

It is the spiritual center of the self

In this chakra, the pink quartz is because it resonates with that love of unity. We can also use green quartz or green aventurine, though an emerald might be a better choice, albeit expensive.

A Friend and Companion

The simplest way to remain connected to our crystals is to make sure to keep them close to us, whether in the form of jewelry, in constant contact with the skin, or by placing them in our environment. Every time they feel our energy, this will amplify and solidify our kinship according to the positivity that we give them.

The energy that our crystals will store reflects our life. A positive environment will create an even more favorable output from our crystals.

Initially, I favor wearing a rose quartz every day after a breakup, at all times, at least during the first couple of weeks. This is when the memories are still fresh, and even the most common thing reminds us that that person is no longer there or that that bond somehow broke. It does not need to be precisely on your heart. You can have the stone in a pocket, and it will still help your heart chakra.

Remember to cleanse the stones by running water and charge them in a few hours of sunlight from time to time. In the end, each one finds his method; the important thing is that we clean that energy around us.

Another excellent way of using pink quartz is to get four pink quartz and an amethyst through a small, effortless meditation. The idea is to create a crystal grid (an energetic setup, a mandala of sorts).

A Crystal Grid Meditation

  1. Facing East, sit on the floor, use a blanket or sit on a carpet.
  2. Place the amethyst right in front of you; if you are sitting crosslegged, this crystal would be in line with your knees, right in the middle.
  3. Put the four rose quartz crystals further from you in the four cardinal directions. They are there to soften the energy around you.
  4. Ask the amethyst to help you release the past. You can touch it or stare into it. Interact with the crystal by feeling it as an extension of your body. This is not visualization because we are not focusing on an image in your head; the feeling is what matters here. Repeat your intention of leaving the past behind, if possible, without words; hold on to the idea.
  5. Now approach a moment of silence, give space to allow the crystal to act, to transmute the energy you sent to it.
  6. Choose an affirmation and repeat it as a mantra for a few minutes. For example, “The universe guides me and nurtures my path with love and light.”

Although my first instinct is to use crystals to heal a broken heart, if there are many tears, there is nothing better than letting them come out if there is anger too, still, without the need to attack or attack oneself. In the end, the most important thing is to give effect to those emotions so that we can flow and see that it has been a blessing that all that had happened.

I know that it is not a comfortable situation. However, at times like these, you have to use all the available aids. The pink quartz being the stone of love par excellence, can be an excellent ally to emerge well and strengthened on the other side of the storm.

Energy is an essential part of every area of ​​our lives. Most of the time, we can underestimate its power, especially when we find ourselves in an emotional crisis derived, for example, from a sentimental breakup. Such an event may affect our inner balance mentally and spiritually.

A proper holistic method helps us synchronize our energy with that of the Universe around us, leading us to the greater goal of fulfilling our mission within it and, finally, being integral people, both in the physical and spiritual realms.

An Aid to Your Personal Path

It is important to note that not everyone who wishes to use crystals to heal a broken heart must become a crystal healing specialist. This knowledge can be a tool that you apply in the way you see fit in your own path. But keep in mind that healing crystals are an extraordinary tool for fulfilling goals, manifesting intentions, and energy recharging.

Healing crystals are excellent in fostering the fulfillment of projects that we only have in our minds or our imagination. This is because their vital energy connects them to the earth, making our goals more tangible and achievable, allowing us to go further on the material plane.

They also provide strength and resistance in the face of adversity, charging us with an increasing vibration, which will depend on how much trust and care we place in the crystal.

Getting used to a higher energy vibration is truly life-changing, and crystals help us achieve that. No matter the current challenge we are facing, having a good energy vibration makes the difference between a setback on the road, one we can manage, and a disaster.

Maybe the great shaman Carlos Castaneda puts it more simply: “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”