Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

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Feelings of depression, low self-esteem, even fatigue can possibly be causes of what is known as “astral attacks”. Even intrusive thoughts are a manifestation of such spiritual attacks. These attacks doesn’t always imply intentional targeting but can rather be caused by unconscious drainage in our own auras. Although, by being around people who are referred to as these “energy vampires”, who literally drain your energy source with their negativity. You might come to believe there’s no way of escaping bad luck and low vibrations. But with the help of Crystals, you can protect and repair your aura by transmuting bad energy into more positive ones or simply by absorbing and blocking the bad vibes altogether. Here are some powerful alchemized combinations of Crystals that will help you along your spiritual journey.

1) Selenite + Black Tourmaline for protecting your HOME

This Yin and Yang combo is what you use to protect your home. Selenite’s white angelic glow purifies and cleanses the air wherever it is placed. While Black Tourmaline can be imagined as a Black protective cloak that shields your home from negative energies transmuting them into positive ones. Both are very easy to cleanse and low maintenance enough to keep by your windows. This will create deep peace and a sense of tranquillity inside of your home that will protect and alleviate the vibrations of the people inside. If you’ve experienced nervous system symptoms, like fatigue, stress, and sleep disturbances, this can also be a result of EMF radiations. Black tourmaline dispels electromagnetic radiation from computers, laptops, wifi routers, mobile phones, and other devices, and selenite amplifies its protective properties. Making this is a highly multipurpose protective combination.

2) Fluorite + Amethyst for protection when MEDITATING

This dreamy duo will carry you gently into meditation. While creating a safe space that will increase your focus or strengthen your concentration. Amethyst is a great crystal to protect your spirit from negative energies. While ancient Chinese peoples believed a variety of fluorite protected them from bad spirits. Fluorite’s mix of purple and blue energy represents blue’s spiritual protection mixed with purple’s reassurance which covers you in peace and stillness. A Fluorite crystal can guide you to make big wishes and pursue your boldest aspirations as well. Wearing these gems together like necklaces, rings, or headpieces can create an ethereal energy shield you can have anywhere with you. These crystals can also be placed in any room that require peace and positive, protective energy.

3) Lapis lazuli + Agate (Shiva’s eye) for protection for Psychics

This combination is especially important for professional psychics who regularly connect with other beings and energy in their environments. Making them susceptible to “Evil Eye”. states that “The Evil Eye is a folk concept that the hostile glance of certain people, gods, animals or mythological figures (depending on the culture) can result in injury, illness or even death. Usually, the victim is unaware of it happening to them and only in hindsight is said “to have received the Evil Eye”. Therefore, the best means of protection is to wear charms that will divert the evil gaze in the first place.” These gems paired together can activate these ancient stones to help you tap into your innate psychic gifts, enhancing clairvoyance and clairaudience as well. They are beneficial stones for mediums because of its ability to keep them protected while connecting with those who have crossed over. As well as provide protection from the malicious acts of others and keeps you unharmed by the negative effects of the “evil eye.”

4) Labradorite + Golden Calcite protection against DEPRESSION AND LOW SELF-ESTEEM

When feelings of depression arise and are about to cause a cast over your day. You can look to this sunny, vibrant set to brighten things along. Keep them in your pockets and purses for super high confidence when you’re out in public or at an important event. Labradorite can make you feel instantly happy. This is done by repairing rips or tears in your energy field, restoring the aura to optimum health. While bold Golden Calcite is a stone of self-confidence and courage. One which can physically appear in your essence creating captivating beauty. These paired together to give you the allure of strength and very strong vibrations that are hard for others to ignore. This is one of the best use of crystal protection for this high vibration will surely also increase your luck, making it socialites top-secret for networking.

5) Clear Quartz + Howlite for protection while TRAVELLING

This Crown Chakra combo will keep your mind clear and alert while traveling or just everyday driving. Clear Quartz purifies your aura which as a result will protect you while you’re away from home. This transparent gem clears the smog of confusion and promotes clear thinking that’s needed to stay alert while behind the wheel or in foreign places. Along with Howlite which is known to prevent nausea caused by travel anxiety, reducing the effects of motion sickness. This gem has amazing qualities that can also improve your vision and is also known as the stone of awareness, ironically. Together these two can activate your crown chakra which can help deter accidents while traveling. If you do however find yourself in an accident, these gems also promote clear communication that can help you out in those scary situations.

6) Orange Calcite + Aventurine protection against LOW VIBRATIONS

This happy-go-lucky combo will keep low vibes far away! Vibrant in color this duo gives the holder a boost of energy and upliftment like no other. Orange calcite gives energy towards creativity, sexuality, and motivation. It’s known to remove lethargy and get you moving. Green Aventurine is known as the “Lucky Talisman” for its good luck properties. It is said to attract abundance, Aventurine reminds you to keep things light and remember to have fun! Once you are boosted up and energized with high vibrations, the body will be amped up and protected against any low negative vibrations that can keep you stagnated. This also increases your luck and attracts better connections, experiences, and opportunities into your life.

7) Black Obsidian + Titanium Rainbow Quartz protection while MANIFESTING

Both of these gems are known for their super manifestation powers. When manifesting, it is important to keep your mind clear away from anything the opposite of your intended desires. When using the law of attraction, Black Obsidian acts as a physic cleanser that opens specific paths for you. Black Obsidian also helps with identify any negative thought patterns and either shift them into positive beliefs or learn how to let them go. Black obsidian will stop limiting beliefs in its tracks. Titanium Rainbow Quartz is known to speed up your manifestations, bringing them effortlessly to you in this reality. Carrying or wearing a piece of Titanium Quartz will make you feel grounded, centered, and energized all at the same time. Strengthening subconscious mental activity, together this duo is perfect for when you are journaling your goals, keeping you safe as you enhance your manifesting abilities.

8) Rose Quartz + Malachite Protection in LOVE

Maintain a healthy and balanced Heart Charka with these gems. Rose Quartz is a crystal that emits strong vibrations of love. This stone appeals to the heart chakra and by tapping into the divine feminine energy, helps restore faith, become compassionate, attract new loving relationships, amplify self-love, and heal from the past. With its high density and deep green strays, Malachite is a crystal that will help you connect to, open, and heal your heart space by identifying anything that no longer serves you and that you need to let go of. Add these crystals to your self-care routine, while saying positive affirmations to yourself, you will protect your heart space and be able to love more freely. You will be able to love others without the fear caused by past experiences in relationships. Having this protection with you will also make you more attractive to those who are also in alignment in that same loving frequency as well as keep you away from people who are not.

9) Citrine + Pyrite to protect your FINANCES

It is possible to have astral attacks attached to your finances, which are a result of negative beliefs about money and overall wealth. To remain in an abundant mindset, and also to attract more energy of wealth. This combination will help you to protect your finances. Citrine is known as the money stone. It has a vibration that will help you raise your vibration, elevate your mood, and shift your mindset to a place of optimism, prosperity, and abundance. Place a citrine stone in your office, next to your computer, in your wallet, or wear it on yourself to activate its protection abilities and get ready to open the doors to abundance. Paired with Pyrite you will easily align with the energy of abundance, wealth, and luxury. This stone will also attract good luck in all aspects of your life. With its shiny and golden appearance, Pyrite is the perfect crystal to remind you of your abundant birthright. It helps you to release your love/hate relationship with money that comes from deeply ingrained limiting beliefs (e.g. money is the root of all evil). Many Kings and Queens were told to have these gems in their kingdoms and workspaces.

10) Black Kyanite + Pietersite for protection against ENERGY VAMPIRES

If you’re feeling energetically drained and lethargic after talking to certain people, you may need help setting energetic boundaries with those who are tapping into your energy field. Some of these draining types of people can be classified as “Energy Vampires”. states that they are “people who — sometimes intentionally — drain your emotional energy. They feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed”. Energetically these types of emotional abuse can leave a hole in your aura which in time will lower your vibrations. This “excess stress can lead to anxiety, depression, heart disease, and more”. Some of these people may not know they are energetically draining, and they might also be permanent people in your life such as family members. With the use of crystals, you can subtly protect your energy without letting the other party know. Black kyanite can help cut cords with unwanted attachments from abusive people who are attached to your subconscious energy. This stone helps to heal and restore your aura’s natural defenses as well. While Pietersite helps you to get to the core of dysfunctional relationships. This combination of crystals creates no-nonsense protective energy that wards off those of ill intent and shields you from absorbing projected emotions.

Always remember to cleanse your crystals, and set clear protective intentions into them, for them to work in your best favor. But ultimately the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself is to take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, actions and environment, and the state of your own soul.