Crystals for the New Year

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If 2020 was the year of chaos and 2021 was the year of disassembly, then 2022 will be the year of putting all the pieces back together – in the right order this time. In numerology, the number 20 (or 2) signifies the existence of an underlying potential within a difficult situation. We can then assume, with everything we have analyzed about 2020 now, that it was the beginning of a transformational journey, one of which we are now at the point of transcendence. The number 21 can be interpreted through breaking it down to 2 and 1, which amounts to 3, the root. 21 is also the product of 3 and 7, a highly spiritual number. We can doubtlessly say then, that the year 2021 was not the average year, even in comparison to its predecessor. This was the year that everything fell apart within ourselves and, depending on our level of awareness, we would see the destruction as an opportunity for reconstruction. As we approach 2022 (22 being a master number of potentiality which unifies the spiritual and the material), we can expect to reinvent ourselves and our circumstances by tapping into our intuition. Master numbers like 22 carry powerful energies which connect us to our spirituality and help us to find purpose in our existence. This particular master number allows for the channeling of energy from the cosmos down to earth, helping us to manifest our dreams. Needless to say, great things await. So how can we make them happen? Aside from making vision boards and writing down affirmations, we can take action and actually stick to our new year resolution/s. Meditation and intention setting are a great way to get into a routine of applying what you truly want, especially when crystals are incorporated. Here are 7 crystals for the new year.

Clear Quartz is an essential stone for any crystal enthusiast as it cleanses and purifies stagnant energy (we all need a good cleansing from the past two years). Also known as the “master healer”, clear quartz corresponds to all aspects of spirituality and aligns all the chakras. It also amplifies energy so it’s the perfect stone to pair with your other crystals. 

Eudialyte, although not talked about very often, is a great crystal for when you’re seeking transformation as it brings energy and optimism to help you achieve your goals. Eudialyte reminds us of our talents and skills, helping us to apply them where they’re most necessary – into transforming our circumstances. 

Sunstone, as its name suggests, carries the energy of the sun through the solar plexus chakra to promote vitality, energy, and the recognition of our soul’s purpose in this earthly plane. It inhibits procrastination and brings motivation so we can stick to a plan. This is a crystal that you’ll most likely want to hold on to for the rest of the year and not just at the start. 

Blue Aventurine is a stone of the throat chakra which helps you to identify your truth and speak it clearly and confidently. It inspires creativity while setting intentions and helps you to follow your spirit guides and your own intuition. Blue aventurine inspires integrity in creative thinking and helps you to follow through with your goals. 

Citrine is yet another powerful stone of the sun, bringing energies of vitality and concentration. As a powerful manifestation stone, it’s especially effective for attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity, which is something we can all use in the new year, am I right? Citrine brings the positivity needed to stay optimistic and motivated enough to realize your dreams. 

Amethyst is a stone of the third eye chakra which allows you to tap into your intuition and see what it is that you truly need. By increasing your natural psychic abilities and sense of spiritual intuition, it helps you to see your path clearly while soothing stress and anxiety to help you stay focused. Amethyst also protects the aura so you can avoid interference when setting and sticking to your goals.

Pyrite, also known as “fool’s gold” is a great stone for manifesting not only abundance, but basically anything you set your intentions to. It uplifts your energy and inspires creativity while allowing you to focus on what’s most important. Carry a piece of pyrite in your pocket or meditate with it daily. You can also place it somewhere you can look at it every day to remind you of what you need to do. 

If you’re extra extra and want to spice things up, you can incorporate these crystals into your spiritual practices and tools, like creating intention pouches, jars, candles, and other such manifesting tricks. But if you’d prefer to keep it simple, simply meditate with them daily, place them on your altar, or carry them around in your pocket. You can even put them under your pillow to help manifest your dreams.