Crystals for Past-Life Recall

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As a spiritual practitioner, you’re probably familiar with past life recall, but if you’re not, it’s the practice of recalling memories of previously lived lives through guided hypnosis. Other methods of past life recall can involve the use of psychedelics to induce a trance-like state or it can even be done as simply as sticking to a routine of purposeful lucid dreaming (if you’re mentally adept to astral travel and other such things). The concept originated a long time ago in many different cultures and beliefs which generally surround the idea of “soul karma”. During the 2nd century, a Hindu scholar Patanjali brought attention to the idea of the soul becoming burdened by accumulated impressions of karma from past lives. He called the process past-life regression or prati-prasava which literally means “reverse-birthing”. He saw this process as addressing current issues through the recollection of past lives and he would incorporate it into his Yoga Sutras. In Chinese religious mythology, there is a deity known as Meng Po, “The Lady of Forgetfulness” who prevents one from remembering their past lives by giving them a drink to erase all memories before they are reincarnated again. The theory of past-life regression can also be found in Jainism, with their seven truths referring to the soul and its attachment to karma. Of these truths, the fourth, Bandha, tells us that karma attaches itself to the soul. However, the seventh, Moksha, tells us that in order to achieve freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth, a person must separate karma from the soul through the practice of “Jati-Smaran” (remembering past lives). Now, in modern day, after the introduction of this concept to the Western world in the 19th century, it is a widely practiced belief that reaches even into some methods of clinical therapy. Even if you’re not a Shaman, past-life recall or past-life regression can be achieved through these methods and with the help of crystals. Here are 11 crystals for past-life recall. 

1. Shaman Stone, having been formed over 100 million years ago through the movement of iron minerals and sand in water, is also known as Mochi Marbles, Boji Stones, Navajo Berries, and Hopi Marbles. The Moqui Indians of the Hopi Tribe called them “spiritual talismans” and would often use them to channel higher knowledge as well as to contact angelic beings and spirit guides. The Shamans within the tribe would use the “marbles” in ritual practices and meditation rituals. Shaman stones are very powerful chakra activators and can clear out energetic blockages throughout the body. They are great for balance, motivation, and confidence, while unlocking your intuition. 

2. Angel Aura Quartz, otherwise known as Auralite, is a very high vibrational stone which can provide enough energy to fill any environment with bursts of joy and happiness. It stabilizes the emotions and relieves stress while protecting the aura to provide peace, mental clarity, intellect, and serenity. Meditating with Angel Aura Quartz increases one’s energy on a daily basis, while providing the mental clarity needed to reach those higher planes of understanding. While it also helps to connect us to our spirit guides, this is a great crystal for attempting past-life recall. 

3. Super Seven is an extremely rare mineral containing seven other naturally encased crystals: amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, rutile, smoky quartz, and quartz. Also known as “melody stone” or “sacred stone”, this mineral is quite unique, not only in its chemical composition, but also in where it can be found. As the name itself suggests, super seven is a highly powerful stone for many purposes. It is a main key to accessing the spiritual realm and unlocking communication with ancient beings and the knowledge they hold. As a high frequency stone, it allows you to attune your energy to that of celestial beings so that you can better understand the meaning of your life and the origins of your soul. Super seven provides answers to evading questions and helps you connect to your past lives. This unique blend of minerals allows you to bring this ancient knowledge to the surface so that you may utilize it in your current life. 

4. Dalmatian Stone, otherwise known as Dalmatian Jasper, is a stone which deepens your connection with mother nature and strengthens your personal willpower. In all its uniqueness, it helps one pursue their dreams while providing the tools needed to complete the task. It raises your consciousness and helps you stay on your life path. While working with this stone, you will find that you are suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to chase your dreams and you will begin to question your surroundings. This is because Dalmatian stone raises your vibrational being and allows you to focus on your personal desires. It is a stone of the inner consciousness and when meditated with constantly, it can open up portals to the knowledge you seek. 

5. Lemurian Seed Crystal is extremely delicate, but holds many magical properties nonetheless. The ancients believed they were seeds of knowledge planted to help them on the soul’s journey through life. Similar to Atlantis, Lemuria is believed to be a lost city which bridged the gap between Africa and India, from whence came one of the five roots of humanity. Lemurian Quartz is similar to clear quartz, but different in the fact that it holds much more historical energy. The lines inside the crystal are referred to as “memories” which can help us on the quest to find our soul roots; this is only one of the reasons why this stone can be very helpful in past-life recall. 

6. Snowflake Obsidian is a great choice for balancing, purifying, and grounding one’s mind, body, and auric energy. As it activates the root and third eye chakras, it enhances psychic abilities and assists in past-life recall. It is believed that in meditation, our visions of past lives are enhanced and shown to us so that we may expand our awareness and mental capacity. When working with snowflake obsidian, we connect with our spirit guides to attain vast amounts of knowledge which we can then apply to lessons in our current life. For these purposes it is recommended to pair this stone with petrified wood, another ancient and powerful stone (see below). 

7. Petrified Wood is essentially a fossil and a crystal obtained from the branches and trunks of ancient wood. It is said to contain ancient knowledge and vast ancestral history within it, allowing the practitioner to channel and direct said energy. Its powerful vibrations are essential for rejuvenation, growth, and unlocking doorways into past lives. When working with petrified wood, it’s best to practice deep meditation and third eye exercises because it vibrates at a much higher frequency than most healing crystals. 

8. Prasiolite (green amethyst) is known to carry energies which reflect and enhance the natural beauty of our planet and the world around us. It provides an energetic bridge between the root and heart chakras, a channel for prasiolite’s energy. Because its rejuvenating energies arise directly from mother earth, we can feel our aura revitalized when working with this stone. Prasiolite frees the consciousness to promote self-appreciation, growth, and confidence while opening the path towards enlightenment. Place this stone above your heart during meditation sessions for past life recall. 

9. Blue Halite, also known as blue rock salt, carries and releases energies which unblock the third eye chakra to promote intuition and psychic abilities. The vibrations of this stone pervade the mind to give one a better understanding of their place in this vast and mysterious universe. Through deep meditation with this stone, one can achieve the answers to questions long since unanswered. It is said that by working with blue halite, one can experience a transdimensional occurrence wherein the soul is elevated to a higher level. 

10. Elestial Quartz or window quartz, is given its name for its ability to open portals to spiritual worlds. It quickly and effectively opens the third eye to higher realms, providing you with seemingly unattainable insight. Elestial quartz is known to align the chakra system and bring harmonious energy throughout our entire being while its vibrations activates spiritual connection and allows us to receive divine messages. Because it is such an intense stone, it is recommended to pair it with a grounding stone such as garnet, galena, or hematite. 

11. Spinel is a rare magnesium aluminum oxide mineral that crystallizes in many shapes and sizes. For many centuries it has been adored and prized for its beauty as well as its properties. It helps with the overall flow of energy within our beings and realigns the chakra system, promoting mental clarity and a strong connection between your spiritual and emotional body. Spinel helps to shed light on the parts of ourselves that we are unable to recognize while revealing our suppressions and channeling the healing powers of nature. With its pure and potent energy, it helps us to look at ourselves from an entirely different perspective – perhaps even a celestial one.