Crystals for Moving Forward

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Stagnancy can stem from a lot of different things: emotional trauma, depression, grief, or simply from a lack of energy. In times of hardship and for whatever reason, it can often feel impossible to take that first step forward, but procrastination only leads to more procrastination. Spending time around crystals will boost your energy and productivity as they fill your space with high vibrational frequencies, helping you to naturally feel better inside your body and mind. Here are 6 crystals for moving forward. 

Fluorite, especially the rainbow variety, can provide many benefits from clarity to spiritual growth. It is the crystal of focus, creativity, and determination. Having this stone on your computer, desk, or in your workspace can help you to focus on the task at hand while cultivating new ideas and promoting creative problem-solving. Aside from its metaphysical properties, the visual aspect of simply seeing the crystal itself will remind you to keep going. 

Citrine is the stone of the sun and vitality, bringing with its energies the life force and ultimately inspiration. It rekindles the fire of passion within us, lending hope and optimism to keep moving forward. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut or are experiencing a lack of motivation, citrine can reignite your imagination and help you to remember who you are and what drives your passions. Wearing this stone is a great way to harness its healing energies.

Moonstone, as a stone of new beginnings and opportunities, lends us its energies of change and transformation. With this stone in your energetic field, you will be comforted through the knowledge that it’s okay to take some time for yourself because when you emerge, you will return better and even more ready than before to face the challenges ahead. Moonstone carries the energies of the moon and reminds us that like its phases, we too must shift and change with the tides. 

Aquamarine holds a strong affinity with water and fluidity. Like gently crashing waves, it calms and soothes anxiety to instill a sense of peace through which clarity is gained. It comforts in times of emotional distress and eases the transition from dark into light. Aquamarine promotes communication and self expression to get your feelings out instead of keeping them bottled up. Let this stone help you focus on the things you can change instead of those which you cannot.

Chrysoprase is the perfect stone for those who are stuck in unhealthy emotional cycles. It releases negativity and those pestering thoughts that keep you turning circles in the same place. If the reason for your stagnancy is heartbreak or sorrow, chrysoprase opens the heart chakra and soothes emotional pain, allowing you to release that which no longer serves you. Step into your true potential and let go of the baggage with this healing crystal. 

Smoky Quartz is particularly helpful for those who find themselves stuck in the past, revisiting uncomfortable and disturbing situations. It is the energetic cleanser that removes all negative thoughts and feelings while keeping you grounded in the present so you can focus on what’s important. With its earthy hues and smoky translucency, it presents a sort of magic that comes from somewhere deep within – the place where you will find your hope. Meditate with smoky quartz and keep a cluster in your home to relinquish those things that are holding you back. 

Whether you’re looking for energy, focus, positivity, or simply a little push forward, these crystals can help you step out of the funk and on toward more fulfilling days. As always, meditation is key to aligning your chakras and centering your mind. Through this practice you can find renewed hope, relief from stress, and even new and exciting ideas for opportunities that can motivate and inspire. Try meditating with two crystals, one in each hand, or simply surround yourself with them on a daily basis. On the feng shui bagua map, there’s an area for each aspect of your life. For knowledge and self-cultivation, keep these crystals in the East or middle-left part of your home.