Crystals for Mourning

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The loss of a loved one is never something easy to overcome. In fact, we may never truly get over the pain, but we can learn to accept and live with it. Sometimes it can feel like a void has been left inside you that seemingly nothing will ever be able to fill. In times like these, it’s important to remember that life goes on and the best thing we can do to honor our departed is to keep their memory alive. For this, you can keep a special place on your altar for them and adorn it with a picture, candles, crystals, and something that they enjoyed in life. The magic of crystals can create a safe and comforting energetic space in your home to relieve some of the emotions you may be experiencing. Here are some of the best crystals for mourning. 

Amethyst is best known for its soothing abilities and its capacity to ease the mind. In times of grief when we are overcome with emotions, this stone can be particularly helpful in providing clarity and emotional balance. Keep it close to your heart and spend some time with its peaceful energies. 

Lepidolite is another emotional soother. It reduces anxiety and promotes optimism, helping us to look at the brighter side of things, even if we can’t quite seem to escape the darkness. Lepidolite reminds us that there’s always a silver lining behind every grey cloud, and that we simply need to keep moving forward in order to find it. 

Pink Opal carries very calming energies that can help to ease stress and sorrow. It pervades the aura with loving energy, reminding us that we are not alone, especially not in our hearts. Let pink opal gently soothe your heart as it replaces grief with hope. 

Clear Quartz is the master healer that can relieve virtually any sort of emotional disquiet. It clears the mind of negativity and unwanted thoughts while stabilizing the energy in yourself and your home. Clear quartz aligns the chakras and naturally uplifts your mood so you can let go of those heavy feelings.

Black Onyx is a grounding stone that keeps you from straying too far away from where you are in the present. It increases willpower and personal strength while stabilizing the emotional body, preventing us from becoming overwhelmed by feelings of sadness. Keep this one in your pocket and touch it to remind yourself of where you are presently.

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart that brings harmony and balance to the emotional state of being. It welcomes and exudes loving energies that comfort and calm the wearer. Rose quartz provides a balance between the heart and mind, keeping you from tipping over the deep end of the spectrum. Wear this one against your heart. 

Moonstone is the stone of transformation and change. It brings optimism and hope to keep us moving forward, while instilling a sense of peace and magic through these difficult times. Moonstone transfigures feelings of negativity into positivity and teaches us acceptance so that we can get on to the next stage of grief and ultimately, healing.

Crystals for mourning can also be incorporated into your life in other ways. Carrying them with you and wearing them as jewelry is a great way to benefit from their healing properties. In times of grief, meditation can also work wonders as you center yourself and clear your mind – clarity and acceptance come from looking inward and spending a little time alone. Hold a crystal in each hand as you do this to absorb their healing energies. As important as ever, keep your crystals charged and cleansed especially if you’re using them to ease your mourning; these energies can become stagnant and be passed back on to you when you touch them again. Always remember, this is not the end of the road and while we will miss them dearly, our departed are never truly gone, but are alive within our hearts.