Crystals for Grief

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Everyone experiences grief in different ways and oftentimes, some have a more difficult time of it than others. Whether you’re struggling with overwhelming feelings of sadness or heartache, crystals can help you ease some of the pain and come to terms with your current reality in healthy ways. Here are 7 crystals for grief that will help you with acceptance. 

Pink Calcite’s gentle energies comfort the heart and remind us to treat ourselves with love. Its energetic connection to the angels and the divine bring serenity in the knowledge that we are not alone. Pink calcite activates the heart chakra and releases emotional trauma to promote healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. 

Lepidolite is a nurturing stone of transition that lovingly guides you toward healing. This stone contains lithium, whose calming effects soothe the mind and help to release depressive thoughts. Its balancing energy calms and comforts, providing peace when you need it the most, perfect for times of grief when you can’t seem to sleep.   

Chrysoprase is a crystal of the heart that restores emotional balance and strengthens belief in oneself as well as the divine powers of the universe. It teaches us forgiveness and acceptance when we are looking for someone or something to blame. As it soothes the heart, chrysoprase instills renewed optimism and a positive outlook on life.  

Smoky Quartz is best known for its grounding and stabilizing abilities. In times of grief when negativity is unavoidable, this healing crystal helps to balance the emotions and clear the mind of chaotic thoughts. Smoky quartz shields your mind and spirit against the effects of grief, softening the blow of unwanted thoughts. Keep this stone near in times of despondency.  

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, promoting acceptance and forgiveness like no other stone can. It instills compassion and encourages you to recognize the beauty in everyday life, especially when times are dark and feelings of hopelessness befall the night. Rose quartz heals trauma, releases guilt, and soothes emotional pain.  

Black Onyx is a highly protective stone that shields against negativity and releases emotional pain. It restores confidence and vitality in times of depression and grief, offering support and helping you to move on. Encouraging healing on an immense emotional level, black onyx dispels sorrow and keeps you grounded. This stone in particular should be cleansed often as it absorbs negativity in its form of defense.  

Apache Tear is a form of obsidian whose empathetic energies help to soothe grief and promote acceptance. This stone lends energies of strength, perseverance, and determination to remind yourself that the universe exists of its own divine design. Apache tear reminds us that even in times of tragedy and hopelessness, a future still awaits and we must greet it with chins upraised.

Crystals for grief should be worn on a necklace near the heart for comfort, emotional stability, and to encourage love for oneself. This is a time for processing and release; meditation with these crystals can provide some much needed closure. In times of depression and sorrow, it’s especially important to keep your healing crystals cleansed as they tend to absorb these emotions. Pair one or more of these with selenite to keep the energy in your space positive and the vibrations uplifted. Death is but an exit from this earthly realm – departed spirits have never truly left us.