Clear Quartz Healing Properties

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Perhaps one of the most powerful and versatile healing crystals known to the spiritual community, clear quartz and its healing properties extend beyond what one would initially expect. Among its many attributes, it affects us in a variety of ways and serves for a multitude of healing purposes – physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


First discovered in 300 B.C. by Greek biologist Theophrastus, this transparent crystal was given the name kristallos meaning “ice”, signifying the ancient belief that this crystal is water eternally frozen. Today, many colors and varieties of quartz are known for their individually special healing properties, but clear quartz remains the crystalline embodiment of all their properties combined. 

Celestial Attributes 

The energies of clear quartz resonate with that of all the planets, including the Sun and the Moon, encompassing the vibrations of our entire solar system as well each of the 12 zodiac signs, making it the ultimate crystal for everyone and every retrograde. If we were to assign one celestial body to Clear Quartz, it would be the sun, as its energies are at the center of our being, reverberating outward. In these respects, it is the crystal that has the ability to open and align all the chakras, unifying the physical and spiritual body as one. 

Clear Quartz Healing Properties 

Cleansing is a main attribute of clear quartz as it purifies energy, releasing the negative and welcoming the positive with its uplifting vibrations. When paired with another crystal, clear quartz will actively remove any stagnant energy and restore its partner’s natural healing abilities to a steady vibration. Having a cluster of clear quartz at the center of your home helps to keep energy flowing healthily throughout.

Mental Clarity is a major side effect of having clear quartz in your energetic field. In the same way that this crystal clears out negativity, it helps to balance the mind by removing chaotic and obsessive thoughts that inhibit the thinking process. Simply being close to this crystal will allow you the clarity that seemingly evades on a regular basis.

Protection is mostly attributed to darker crystals because of their grounding properties, but clear quartz is one exception. Its ability to cleanse, purify, and unify ensures that your mind and body remain in harmony and health while the auric field is consistently refreshed. The energetic purity that it carries serves to dispel anything that poses a threat while protecting against psychic attacks.  

Alignment is often overlooked when it comes to spiritual healing, but is vitally important to one’s overall wellbeing. When energy centers are imbalanced so is our mental and physical health. Clear quartz assists in aligning the chakras from the Root to the Crown so that we are perfectly balanced spiritually as well as physically, making it the perfect crystal for meditation.  

Manifestation sometimes seems a tricky thing to accomplish, but the ways of the universe ensure that somehow, some day [soon] our intentions are manifested as we will it. Clear quartz allows our mental energy to navigate the complex web of existence, quickly finding its path to realization. This is why it’s vital to be careful what sort of thoughts you allow to dwell in your mind. Holding a piece of clear quartz in both hands and whispering your desires to it is like asking the universe directly for what you want. 

Cleansing and Charging 

Regardless of the fact that clear quartz is a cleansing crystal in itself (but also because it is), it requires frequent cleansing. If you think of a mirror that tends to become clouded and dirty over time, this reflective crystal can become tainted in much the same way, causing its effects to dull and lessen. Cleansing your clear quartz under the light of a full moon or in a moon water bath will dispel any negativity that may have affected your crystal, as this specific moon phase is about release. In these respects, bathing your crystal in direct sunlight will recharge its natural healing energies. Because of its correlation to the Sun and the Moon, these methods work exceptionally well for clear quartz. 

If you’re on a quest for new crystals and are unsure of which one to get, clear quartz is the best bet. With its varying and limitless healing properties, it truly is the master healer. Sit this crystal in the middle of your crystal grid and feel the energy in your space instantly change for the better, for good. Check out our crystal selection at the Spirit Magicka shop and start your spiritual journey today.