Crystal Formations and their Meanings

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Did you know that the formation of a crystal holds just as much meaning as the crystal itself? Interesting, right! Depending on the shape, formation and inclusions, crystals can be used for their own unique purposes aside from those suggested by their metaphysical properties alone. For example, a geode is better for certain intentions than a point, etc. These formations are normally seen in quartz crystals, but may also appear with other types of crystals and stones. Here’s a quick reference guide for different types of crystal formations and their unique meanings. 


Features: a single terminated (one-point) crystal which can have many of the features of the below listed formations. 

Properties: to send, focus, and direct energy upward or to any particular direction. Commonly used in intention setting and rituals, i.e. attached to a wand or hanging from a necklace. 


Features: a single crystal with a termination (point) at each end.

Properties: used to send and receive energy at the same time. Known to transmute negative energy and is great for protection casting and cleansing. Promotes better perspective and understanding of different points of view as well as healthy energy flow.  


Features: two crystal points joined together by the side facets, from the base to the top. Otherwise known as a companion.

Properties: balances energy, such as male and female; yin and yang. Great for meditation practices and rituals which require duality. Unites the spiritual and physical bodies while promoting unity and divine connection with other beings. 


Features: many crystal points grouped together and growing outward from the same base, which is usually a host rock. 

Properties: enhances group mediations and gathers collective energy within a space. Great for connecting spiritually with others and for rituals regarding a large group of people. Promotes harmony and togetherness. 


Features: many crystal points growing inward as a cluster inside a hollow host rock. 

Properties: great for balancing energies, grounding, and energizing. Usually beneficial for connecting with Gaia as well as centering oneself. 


Features: a recess in the side facets or near the base of the crystal, usually in a hexagonal or angular shape. May also be protruding, in which case it would be called a Bridge. 

Properties: awakens your DNA and assists in introspection, self reflection, and shadow work. Often used for shamanic past life recall. Promotes understanding of oneself to help release emotional baggage and trauma. 


Features: a reflection inside the crystal resembling a tiny rainbow, caused by a special feature flaw and only seen when it catches the light. 

Properties: balancing and cleansing. Opens and aligns all the chakras. Perfect for meditation and practices regarding purification. Promotes healthy flow of energy. A representation of light and all of creation. Lends a deep healing energy and alleviates sadness, depression, and anxiety. 


Features: other minerals which are trapped inside the crystal and sometimes appear as darker bits suspended inside it. 

Properties: added effects of the minerals which are contained within the crystal. If they are colored, you may reference the chakra colors. 


Features: a ghost-like image of another crystal point within the crystal. May appear to be holographic and exist in multiples. This is actually a “ghost” of the crystal’s size before it grew bigger. 

Properties: helps to connect with your higher self and spirit guides. Great for meditation, introspection, life changes, and spiritual growth. It releases karma and helps to overcome obstacles. Promotes healing and purification. Represents wisdom, knowledge, and the many stages of life. 


Features: a rare triangular indentation on the face of the crystal, which can also be raised. In these cases it is called a “crystal baby” or a Bridge. 

Properties: useful in practices to access information from ancient civilizations, particularly pyramid-building like Egypt and Atlantis. Creates a bridge from the inner world to the outer world, promoting communication between the two. 


Features: a five-sided face, usually with an elongated point. 

Properties: helpful in connecting with the divine feminine, female spirit guides, and goddess energies. Great for workings associated with the feminine aspect of spirit. Promotes inner strength. 


Features: a crystal point with six faces, usually triangular and meeting together at the tip of the termination. 

Properties: very powerful amplifier of energies and intentions. Perfect for healing crystal grids and balancing energies. Best used in combination of multiple other compatible crystals. Promotes clarity and concentration. 


Features: a diamond shaped extra face on a crystal point, usually with four sides. Also known as a sixth face. 

Properties: opens the third eye chakra to promote psychic abilities, inspiration, and spiritual communication. Great for practices regarding accessing intuitive wisdom. Removes illusions to reveal truth. 


Features: an extra facet which forms near the main face, usually elongated with four sides and in the shape of a parallelogram. 

Properties: accessing information regarding timelines. When leaning to the right, it can access information from the future. When leaning to the left, it can access information from the past. Great for divination and scrying purposes as well as past-life recall. 


Features: otherwise known as Lemurian lines. Horizontal lines formed on the side facets of the crystal point. It may be a Lemurian Seed Crystal if the lines are formed on all sides of the crystal. 

Properties: it is said that these crystals hold ancient information from past civilizations, specifically from Atlantis, but also Lemuria which is believed to be the mother of all other civilizations.