A Geode Terrarium Is The New Trend That Will Bring Magic In Your Home

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A geode is a crystal with a hollow center filled with crystals and other minerals. Some common crystal geodes include Amethyst, Calcite, Quartz, and Citrine. They can be used for protection for homes and are said to cleanse a room’s energies.

Geode terrariums are the perfect way to showcase geodes. They can be used in plant and prism terrariums, and you can find geodes that are big or small, and add one to your terrarium to make it extra special. The size of the geode you use in your terrarium will depend on the size of the terrarium. Another idea is a small hanging terrarium, just plant your favorite plants, with succulents and cactus being good choices. Then add some small geodes into the terrarium, and you’ll have a beautiful geode terrarium that will be the perfect decor for any home.

You can also decorate your terrarium with some small stones or pebbles. layered for a colorful effect. Once the stones are in place you can add plants by making a small indent into the middle of the terrarium’s stones and fill with cactus soil. The cacti or the succulents can be planted into that, without making too big of a mess. A funnel helps to place more stones of different sizes as well as a finished layer of sand into the empty spots after you are done. Try some colored sand if you’d like, dried moss, and faux moss balls. Then place the crystals or geodes into the terrarium to make the project complete.

This is an easy DIY idea that won’t take you a lot of time, and it’s so easy to make you’ll want to give them as gifts too. You can find the terrariums at a thrift shop or dollar store, in different sizes to suit your needs.