Large (4.4 lbs.) Labradorite Freeform (Item #0030)

$350.00 $550.00

Introducing a true marvel of nature: this One Of A Kind Large Blue Flash Labradorite Specimen, weighing in at approximately 2000 grams (4.40 lbs.). This extraordinary piece is a singular creation, and what you see in the photo is precisely what you'll receive. But act swiftly, as there's only one unit available, and once it finds its forever home, it's gone for good.

Prepare to be entranced by the awe-inspiring beauty of this Large Blue Flash Labradorite Specimen. It's not just a visual delight; it also possesses intriguing metaphysical properties that make it an exceptional gift, whether for yourself or a loved one.

Labradorite is renowned for its metaphysical qualities, believed to enhance intuition, creativity, and spiritual growth. It's often referred to as the "Stone of Transformation" and is thought to bring positive energy into one's life. This makes it a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone seeking inner growth or a touch of magic in their life.

Integrating the Large Blue Flash Labradorite Specimen into your décor infuses your space with a touch of enchantment. Its captivating blue flashes and metaphysical properties can create a sense of tranquility and inspiration, making it a unique addition to any room. This remarkable piece of nature's art enhances your environment, infusing it with a mystical energy that resonates with both beauty and purpose.

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