Green Fluorite Octahedron


Shown in the photo are several examples of the kind of fluorite octahedron that you will receive, but only 1 octahedron is included. If you wish to purchase multiples you may add multiple octahedrons to your cart.

Green Fluorite is a gentle stone, which is said to be a detoxifier and energizer. Green Fluorite is believed to minimize negative energy especially electromagnetic smog from computers and other electronics as well as the negative energy from the environment.

Green Fluorite Octagon Specimen

New age thinking associates green fluorite in processing information from your subconscious mind, staying focused on completing a task and helping you to keep a clear mind offering enhancement on personal growth and insights.

Note: it is suggested that you might want to add up to 10 octahedrons to your cart to save money on shipping. You may add more than this of course - but the cost for shipping will be the same from 1 to 10 octahedrons, and then the same from 11 to 20 octahedrons - and so on.  Every 11th octahedron will bump up to the next shipping weight bracket (shipping is approx $5 per 10 octahedrons).

These green fluorite octahedrons are semi-translucent and the intensity of the color varies from one to the next as these specimens come from naturally occuring crystals.  They also vary in sizes, no two are the same. They have irregularites in their formation.  This is a lovely little crystal for any collector.

The Octahedron stonesweigh about 2-18 grams approx (.2-.6 ounces) and are about  .5 - .75cm  - (1/2 inch to 3/4 inch) in size.  You get a random selection of sizes and light and dark pieces.

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