What to do With Your Crystals on the Full Moon

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By now you’re all probably aware that the moon is the mother of some serious energy which can greatly affect us here on earth, moving our emotions just as it moves the tides. In earlier articles, we’ve talked about the different moon phases and what we can expect from each of them, including the healing crystals which are best suited to said phases. Perhaps the most powerful of phases is the full moon, which marks the halfway point in each lunar cycle. The full moon bathes us in a very powerful type of energy that can be harnessed for the purpose of manifesting, especially when crystals are involved. Here’s a few ideas of what to do with your crystals on a full moon.

Set your intentions 

As with every type of spiritual work, it’s important to look within and figure out exactly what it is that you wish to conjure up before you begin. It can be one or multiple things, but try to be reasonable with yourself. The universe won’t grant you things that you’re not ready for. 

Make some moon water

After you’ve figured out what it is that you’d like to manifest during the full moon, you can get yourself a glass container (preferably with a lid to keep bugs and dirt out) and fill it up with some clean water. You may whisper your intentions into the water and into your crystals before you set them out to soak up the energy of this powerful moon. Think of it as a magical little crystal bath. Leave the container on a windowsill or anywhere it can catch direct moonlight overnight or for a few days – whatever feels right. 

Set up an altar 

If you don’t already have an altar in your home or are unsure of what exactly it is, take a look at our article on setting up an altar for crystals. You can make one yourself by finding a tidy shelf or flat surface in an area of the home where it will be undisturbed. One example of a simple altar would include a candle, your moon water, and an assortment of your favorite crystals. As with anything else, set your intentions around the altar and make it your manifestation station!


As we all know by now, mediation can be quite beneficial for releasing negative energy and centering ourselves. It can also be especially powerful when done on the full moon as it can help us to focus our intentions around what we truly wish to manifest at this time. Practice meditating with a couple crystals in hand as well as surrounding yourself with their energies. If you haven’t heard of crystal grids, take a quick look online – they’re quite simple and especially effective for harnessing the power of multiple crystals at once. 


Think of sunbathing, but at night under the light of a full moon. Doesn’t it sound magical? You can submerge yourself in a body of water or simply lay out under the moonlight and soak up its energies. Laying out flat on your back, you can place your chosen crystals at various points along the body, from your forehead to your base chakra. This will align your energy centers with the help of their corresponding crystals and allow you to tap into your natural manifesting abilities. 

Crystals for the full moon are typically those that have a natural affinity with the feminine energy of the moon, as well as those that can help you manifest. Essentially any crystal that speaks to you and your intentions will work just as well. Here are a few examples of crystals best suited for the full moon and its energy. 

Moonstone is, needless to say, a carrier of the moon’s energies. It is best known for assisting the wearer in transitioning into a new beginning as well as opening doors of opportunity. Whatever new venture you’re looking to dive into, moonstone will help you get there. 

Pyrite, otherwise known as “fool’s gold” is a powerful manifestation crystal that attracts wealth and prosperity like a magnet. If you’re looking to manifest abundance and new income during the full moon, consider using pyrite in your practices. 

Rutilated Quartz is known to bring out the best in the person touching it. It grabs our natural innate power and pushes them to the surface so that we can recognize our true potential. Rutilated quartz is one of the most powerful manifesters and is the perfect choice for your full moon rituals. 

Contrary to popular advice, you shouldn’t cleanse after your full moon rituals. You’ll want to keep as much of the energy you’ve harnessed as possible during this time. You may, however, cleanse yourself and your crystals before, just to get rid of any stagnant energy that may be impeding upon your desired outcome. As usual have fun with it, and happy manifesting!