The Top 5 Most Powerful Crystals in this World

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Healing crystals – undeniably a magic of their own! Across the spectrum of healing crystals available today, we can find one for just about anything and some are even more powerful when combined. But what if there was a crystal so powerful that it was the only one you ever needed? Luckily, you don’t have to face the horror of choosing just one. Dating back to ancient cultures in Mesopotamia, China, Rome, Egypt, Greece, and South America, these crystals are nothing short of extraordinary. With such intense and amazing energy that any crystal lover would be excited to have in their collection, these crystals pack a punch (a gentle yet effective one that is). Here are the top five most powerful crystals in the world and how we can benefit from them. 

1. Lemurian Quartz is one with a very special history. According to ancient legend, these crystals originated from the Lemurian civilization – a lost city much like Atlantis, from which humanity was born, but much more peaceful. It was said to be the bridge between Africa and India. According to this legend, it is believed that Lemurian crystals were programmed while the now lost civilization was very much thriving, with spiritual teachings and wisdom and healing by the spiritually adept Lemurians. Lemurian quartz promotes spiritual transformation and works to remove energetic blockages from the chakra system, energizing and cleansing simultaneously while expanding the crown chakra to much higher reaches. Embedded in Lemurian Quartz or Lemurian Seed Crystal is a horizontal line of fragments often referred to as “memories”. The information within each point is said to contain very powerful energies capable of producing intelligent life that may guide us on our soulful missions. From this belief stems the theory that Lemurians were an intelligent race, excellent in technology and ideology.   

Zodiac: All 

Planet: Earth 

Elements: Earth & Wind 

Chakras: Etheric, crown, third eye 

Color: Colorless 

2. Moldavite is quite the intrigue when it comes to transformation crystals as its uses date back to 25,000 B.C. It is believed to have originated from the historic meteorite that impacted earth some 14.8 million years ago and may give reason as to why it is so sought after, rare, and expensive. Its uses ranged from amulets to cutting tools and spearheads as people would seek its protective, transformative and manifestative powers. In modern day, it has become a popular stone in the spiritualist community, although many will warn against using it light-heartedly. This is a stone of ultimate and irrevocable transformation that brings many difficult changes, endings, and emotional turmoil as it rearranges your life for the better. Because of its high vibrational frequencies, moldavite has been known to have overwhelming effects on the wearer and many people have reported becoming light headed to the point that they had to remove the stone, which has led to the development of the term “Moldavite Flush”, referring to the warmth that vibrates through the body as it’s held. While working with moldavite, it’s advisable to pair it with a grounding stone such as black obsidian or black tourmaline. Pairing moldavite with other augmentative crystals such as herkimer diamond will open the third eye and promote psychic visions, assisting in the transformation and manifestation process that this curious green crystal promotes. Moldavite helps one connect with the higher self while expanding the mind to facilitate interdimensional communication. 

Zodiac: All

Planet: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto 

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart

Element: Storm, Earth

Vibration Number: 2 & 6 

Colors: green 

3. Auralite -23, otherwise known as Red Cap Amethyst is one of Earth’s oldest minerals and a very rare blend of crystals. With its formation estimated some 1.5 billion years ago, it’s a wonder it was just recently discovered in the past 20 years. Its name is derived from the 23 minerals contained within the chemical composition of the stone (gold, silver, nickel, copper, limonite, iron, covellite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, epidote, gilalite, bornite, rutile, geothite, pyrolusite, pyrite, magnetite, lepidocrosite, ajoite, hematite, titanite, cacoxenite), however these minerals are in microscopic quantities and the only dominant crystals which make up for its appearance are amethyst, quartz and hematite. Auralite – 23 radiates an energy which can be felt at the touch and one which is foreign to most individuals. This energy directly relates to the chakra column, making for complete alignment and balance within the energetic system. Meditating with this stone at least 5 minutes daily will immediately shift your perspective and reorganize the way your mind processes information. Auralite – 23 is a 21st century talisman that aids in self-discovery, manifestation, healing, and a complete transformation of all aspects of our spiritual journey. It cleanses the chakras and promotes psychic awareness to bring clarity while allowing one to relinquish fears and any other inhibiting feelings. This wonder of a stone is great for aligning one’s mind with the higher self as it inspires and heals, bringing wisdom and a sense of purpose. 

Zodiac: All

Planet: All 

Chakras: All 

Elements: Earth, water, storm 

Colors: purple, red, white 

4. Rutile Quartz is one of those special crystals that require just one look to fully understand its power. It may seem like an ordinary quartz crystal, but its inclusions of golden streaks (rutile) makes its power all the more evident. It is a stone of enlightenment, psychic power, angelic communication and above all, manifestation. Needless to say, rutile quartz is a very powerful stone with such a high frequency that it makes the ultimate companion for any crystal lover and practitioner. Even though it carries its own transmutation and cleansing properties, because it vibrates at such a high frequency, it’s recommended to pair rutile quartz with a grounding stone such as hematite or black tourmaline. As one of the few crystals known to enhance all aspects of your life, rutile quartz has unique abilities such as enhancing psychic intuition and facilitating astral travel. It also expands psychic awareness, promotes spiritual growth, and helps tap into ancient knowledge and wisdom. This divine stone should be used with caution as it amplifies the energies of the crystals surrounding it as well as those of its environment – it is recommended to put the crystal away after you’ve gathered energy from it. 

Zodiac: Taurus, Gemini

Planet: Venus

Chakras: All  

Element: Storm 

Colors: yellow, red, gold 

5. Seraphinite, also known as Serafine, is an extremely rare gem variety of Clinochlore. It has only one known locality in the entire world, which is the Korshunovskoye iron deposit in Irkutsk Oblast, Russia. It is believed that mineralogist Nokolay Koksharov discovered seraphinite and named it after the biblical group of angels known as Seraphim. Seraphinite has an exceptionally powerful vibration that can be felt to the touch, which is no wonder considering how beneficial it is to the mind, body, and spirit. Some say they are overcome with a warmth in their entire body, followed by complete clarity of the mind. It is such a versatile stone that anyone working with it will immediately understand the hype. Seraphinite works from a level of perception and observation, shifting our vision to look inward as well as to understand those around us. It inspires balance, trust, courage, and growth while heightening intuition and intellect. Seraphinite expands awareness to bring us into alignment with our higher selves through spiritual awakening. This stone of transformation nourishes and rejuvenates, inspiring new beginnings, self-expression, emotional understanding and the will to create your own reality. 

Zodiac: Taurus

Planet: Earth 

Chakras: All 

Elements: storm, earth 

Colors: green   

These stones are great for meditating as well as doing any sort of spiritual work as they enhance the powers of the upper chakras to expand the mind. Due to the high frequency and powerful vibrations of these stones, it’s recommended to have a grounding crystal nearby when working with them. They are best kept anywhere in the home, in your sacred space, or even worn for massive effect on your everyday life.