The 14 Best Healing Sagittarius Crystals

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More than being beautiful pieces of jewelry and home decor, crystals lend many varying healing properties to the seeker depending on their structure, composition, and the ways in which they’re used. Your zodiac sign as well as the position of the sun in said sign plays a very important role as far as which crystals you should choose. Our characteristics and personality as well as the situations we face have a lot to do with zodiac signs. This is where healing crystals come in. They are often used to center oneself as well as aligning the chakras and healing various aspects of the mind, body, and spirit; understanding how different crystals affect what areas of your being can be quite helpful in getting through life on a daily basis as well as in the long term. In this article, we’ll address the traits and characteristics of people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius as well as how Sagittarius season affects us – regardless of our zodiac sign – and the Sagittarius Crystals that offer healing in relative aspects.

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Element: Fire (mutable)

Planet: Jupiter

Adventurous and fiery, Sagittarians are known to be passionate, spontaneous, and sometimes unpredictable. They are independent and prefer to do things their way, but they also usually keep a very open mind to learning new things as well developing new skills. Sagittarians love to learn and explore their talents and have a deep sense of curiosity for the mystical as well as scientific parts of life that are not too often acknowledged. Ruled by Jupiter, the ruler of the Gods in Roman Mythology, these people are often very much protective of the people they love and are natural-born leaders which can sometimes come across as being overly-aggressive and off-putting to those who don’t understand them.  While those born under Sagittarius have a curious and restless mind, often stretching themselves and their capabilities too thin, they can sometimes start a new project or endeavor before finishing the last. This can make it difficult to follow through with plans and they have a tendency to become depressed when they don’t meet a deadline or accomplish goals. Sagittarians have a great sense of humor and are natural communicators, excelling at self-expression, but their energy needs a little bit of fine-tuning at times to ensure that they don’t succumb to extreme levels of emotion. Below is a list of Sagittarius crystals that are best suited to fiery and far-reaching energy and how their healing properties can assist in times when the sun is in Sagittarius (also known as Sagittarius season). Before we continue, you should understand the importance of cleansing and charging your Sagittarius Crystals. 

Cleansing and Charging your Sagittarius Crystals

Every person who has handled a crystal has involuntarily made an energetic impression upon it, which will, in turn, be inevitably passed on to you. So even though some stones cleanse and charge themselves, and unless you’ve personally mined for them and they have come directly from the earth, it’s important to cleanse and charge them yourself. One of the simpler ways to cleanse and charge your crystals is by giving them a bath in either regular water or moon water and then leaving the stones out in sunlight for anywhere between three hours to three days. Most healing crystals can also be paired with selenite to cleanse, charge and amplify their energies. You can even go a step further and repeat the process of cleansing in a water bath that’s been left under the moonlight and then follow up with drying them in the sun. After each time you’ve cleansed your crystals, it’s also important to form a bond between yourself and the stones. Bonding with your crystals is quite simple. In the same way that healing stones lend energy, they also absorb it so in order to make a stone your own, simply hold it in your hands, meditate with it and wear or carry it often. This imprints your energy on the stone, forming a bond that allows for smooth communication between the crystal and the wearer. 

Fourteen Best Sagittarius Crystals 

Lapis Lazuli

It opens the throat chakra and allows you to voice your truth with a sense of underlying wisdom. Sagittarians are quite vocal and communicative but often speak without properly thinking through what they’re meaning to say. Lapis Lazuli not only enhances clarity but promotes the processing of ideas before they are spoken. Wear this stone to enhance healthy communication during Sagittarius season or on a daily basis. 


It is a self-cleansing crystal that absorbs negativity while boosting confidence and promoting good fortune. For spontaneous Sagittarius, this stone instills creativity and a sense of adventure. It brings prosperity and protection, allowing Sagittarians to safely and successfully chase their dreams, making ideas into reality. This stone relates to the Solar Plexus chakra which is perfect for introspection. 

Blue Topaz

It clears the mind and refines the thinking process, helping curious Sagittarius to focus on honing their natural talents as well as developing new skills. As it relates to the throat chakra, blue topaz aids in clear communication and helps to avoid misunderstandings. With Sagittarians’ fiery and outspoken energy, this healing crystal provides a sense of calm and collectedness. 

Clear Topaz

It is intimately related to the crown chakra, promoting cleansing energies to purify the aura and a deeper connection to the divine. For Sagittarius and their self-reflective tendencies, this stone frees the mind of clutter so they can become more effectively aware of themselves. Clear topaz improves spirituality and understanding, helping Sagittarians to build better relationships with those around them. 

Golden Topaz

It is commonly known as a symbol of wealth and manifestation. It is closely related to the Solar Plexus chakra which strengthens the will and determination of a Sagittarius. People born under this zodiac sign or who are affected by its energy can sometimes become lethargic or overwhelmed. Golden topaz allows you to remember your purpose and push forward, keeping you on the right track to get where you need to be. 


It is a stone of emotional balance and creativity can easily calm a Sagittarius who has become overwhelmed with emotion or stagnant in their productivity. This crystal opens the third eye and allows you to utilize your intellect and trust your gut. Amethyst’s grounding and protective properties keep Sagittarians from straying too far from their current goals while helping them to focus on the task at hand. Keep this stone close as Sagittarius season approaches to settle the mind and enhance vision. It also makes the perfect gift! 

Blue Lace Agate

It is yet another crystal that clears the throat chakra and aids in effective communication. As we know, Sagittarians are outgoing and outspoken, and sometimes a little loud. This stone soothes the busy mind and promotes healthy self-expression while toning down high energetic frequencies. It inspires Sagittarius to pursue philosophical knowledge and adventure. 


Also known as the great communicator improves speech and provides protection to the wearer, making this an ideal stone for the traveling Sagittarius. It keeps you safe on your journeys and promotes the creativity and empowerment needed to stay in pursuit of your goals. Turquoise also stabilizes, mends, and sustains relationships by providing peace and harmony. Keep this stone in on your person or in an area of your home where you would normally host guests. 

Clear Quartz

It corresponds to the crown chakra and promotes healing on all levels. It amplifies and purifies energy while dispelling negativity. For Sagittarians who often have a lot going on at the same time, mentally and in daily life, this stone can help to keep them balanced and in tune with their inner being. Clear quartz improves clarity and enhances intuition, making it a great choice for impulsive Sagittarius. Keep this stone close to stay connected to your higher self. 


It is a mystical color-shifting stone that resonates with the throat chakra. It mesmerizes the seeker with its iridescent luster and reveals hidden knowledge. Just as its color seems to change in the light, it is a stone of transformation, perfect for the restless Sagittarian who is always looking for a new adventure. This stone promotes introspection and change while encouraging peace of mind and discernment in difficult situations. Wear it on your person to attract all good things into your life. 


It has been believed to be a divine stone of enlightenment by many ancient civilizations as it is associated with the third eye, promoting intuition and a deep connection with one’s spirituality. As Sagittarians can sometimes feel stuck, stagnant and aimless, this beautiful blue stone provides a sense of direction. It can help to improve psychic abilities and strengthen the activity of the subconscious, making it more possible than ever to lucid dream. This is the perfect stone for those interested in astral travel and mysticism. 

Tiger’s Eye

It is said to bring good fortune and ease in the manifestation of your intentions. As it relates most commonly to the Solar Plexus chakra, it boosts self-confidence, self-esteem, and motivation which allows Sagittarius to pursue their endeavors and successfully accomplish tasks. It increases will and battles complacency while enhancing perception and mental clarity. Keep this stone in the workplace or near your cash register. 


It is a stone of passion and protection whose properties are closely related to the Root Chakra. This stone keeps Sagittarians grounded and helps them to remember where they come from no matter how far away from their home they may travel. It boosts energy and stamina while aligning the body, mind, and soul which is a great choice for Sagittarius who often gets pulled in too many different directions. This stone makes the perfect ring for Sagittarians. 

Sagittarius Crystals Pairing  

Most healing crystals can be paired to combine their energies for various purposes. For example, light can be combined with dark or two stones of a similar color, but be careful when pairing stones of the same energy as this can sometimes lead to drastically high or low emotional states. The Sagittarius crystals listed can also be paired with either Black Tourmaline for added protective energy or with Clear Quartz for amplified properties as well as added clarity. From November 22nd to December 21st, the sun is in Sagittarius. This is called Sagittarius season and everyone is affected by its energy, regardless of their zodiac sign. It’s important to understand and address how Sagittarius’s energy impacts us so we can better adapt to this time and work to overcome the trials they bring. If you’re a Sagittarius, you’re more likely than most to feel these energies in a much more powerful way. Utilizing Sagittarius Crystals and their healing energy in meditation and other forms of spiritual therapy will assist in alleviating most if not all of the negative effects of this time as well as helping to improve your character in a more long-term sense.