Tarot Cards and their Crystals

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As one of the most popular forms of divination today, tarot cards have come a long way and with quite an interesting story. The lineage of modern tarot cards can be traced back to the late fourteenth century when European artists created the first deck of playing cards with suits similar to those of the tarot we know today. By the mid fourteenth century, Italian illustrators began creating additional suits which would be considered exclusive to wealthy families. Although used mainly for parlor games, these card decks quickly developed into divinatory tools, their illustrations ranging from simplistic and more affordable to intricate and more expensive. Over the years, the concept of divinatory meanings in each card evolved and in 1781, French Freemason Antoine Court de Gebelin published a complex analysis of the tarot, explaining that the symbolism in the Tarot was derived from the esoteric secrets of Egyptian Priests. Even though he was never able to present evidence of this, it’s still an interesting avenue to explore. Today, the central system for every unique tarot deck in existence lies within the original designs and descriptions of the Smith-Waite tarot deck, first created in 1909 by Arthur Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith, both members of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Whether you’re a beginner or a well-learned reader of the tarot, you’ll know that each card in both the major and minor arcana holds a specific symbolism and representation that can be interpreted through intuition and, as with anything else in the spiritual world, they can be attributed to specific healing crystals. Let’s take a look at tarot cards and their crystals. 

The Major Arcana denote important life events, milestones, and lessons in the querent’s life. Its cards can be used in combination with crystals which relate best to each description and symbolism. 

The Fool represents a fresh start and new beginnings, corresponding to crystals of the same value such as moonstone, labradorite, and agate.

The Magician represents the application of power and skill, corresponding to crystals such as fire opal, carnelian, and sunstone. 

The High Priestess represents intuition, psychic ability, and higher wisdom, corresponding to crystals like moonstone, selenite, and amethyst.

The Empress represents abundance, fertility, and creativity and her crystals are green aventurine, citrine, and rose quartz. 

The Emperor is representative of authority and willpower, corresponding to crystals like ruby, garnet, and red jasper. 

The Hierophant represents religion, spiritual beliefs, and collectivity; its corresponding crystals are topaz, aquamarine, and lapis lazuli. 

The Lovers represent love, union, and harmony, corresponding to crystals like rose quartz, moonstone, and rhodonite. 

The Chariot is representative of victory, motivation, and perseverance with its corresponding crystals being carnelian, citrine, and pyrite. 

Strength represents willpower, courage, and self control. Its corresponding crystals are tiger’s eye, rutile quartz, and malachite. 

The Hermit represents solitude and reflection, with corresponding crystals such as bloodstone and obsidian. 

The Wheel of Fortune is representative of karma, the turning of cycles, and chaotic growth. Its corresponding crystals are aventurine and jade.

Justice represents fairness and cause and effect with corresponding crystals like clear quartz and garnet. 

The Hanged Man is representative of stillness, suspension, and duality. Its corresponding crystals are pink opal, aquamarine, and blue calcite. 

Death represents endings, new beginnings and rebirth, corresponding to crystals like moonstone and obsidian. 

Temperance is representative of balance, development, and healing. Its meanings correspond to amethyst and pink calcite. 

The Devil represents bondage, restriction, and obstacles. Crystals to combat these attributes are hematite, onyx, and clear quartz. 

The Tower is representative of sudden change, conflict, and surrender. Its corresponding crystals are kyanite, moonstone, and labradorite. 

The Star represents hope, spiritual growth, and inspiration with corresponding crystals like sugilite and lapis lazuli. 

The Moon is representative of mystery, dreams, and intuition. Its corresponding crystals are moonstone, amethyst, and pearl. 

The Sun represents success, vitality, and accomplishment. Its corresponding crystals are sunstone, carnelian, and citrine. 

Judgement represents forgiveness, perception, and balance with its crystal correspondences being rose quartz, opal, and malachite. 

The World represents accomplishment, completion and success. Its corresponding crystals are carnelian, pyrite, and Fluorite. 

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