Larvikite Healing Properties

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Larvikite is the lesser known member of the Feldspar family, often confused with black moonstone and labradorite for its “schiller effect” or labradorescence. You wouldn’t be wrong in referring to it as a type of labradorite, since both stones are from the feldspar family and very similar in features with one apparent difference being larvikite’s darkness in color. Its flashes of blue, caused by Ternary Feldspar (rich in potassium, sodium, and calcium) are only visible when the stone is properly cut and when held under light at the right angle. The effect is subtle, but magical nonetheless. Larvikite is said to have formed over 298 million years at a depth of approximately 18 miles below the Earth’s surface. Its name comes from the town of Larvik, Norway where it was originally discovered, but has also since been found all over the world with one major deposit in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Due to its heavy usage in the commercial world, Larvikite is the national rock of Norway. Large corporate buildings use the mineral as wall tiles and it is quite the popular choice for countertops. Seems a bit lavish, but definitely something I’d love to have in my house, especially given its amazing healing properties. 

Zodiac: Cancer, Aquarius 

Planet: Neptune 

Chakra: Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Root

Element: Water

Vibration Number:  

Colors: Light Blue, Blue, Black 

Larvikite in Spiritual Healing 

Commonly referred to as a worry stone, Larvikite is a great neutralizer of powerful emotional reactions, especially anxiety. It dispels negative emotions that may have built up throughout the day and helps to focus on positive energy and good vibrations. Larvikite is especially powerful when used in meditation, but simply touching or wearing it can bring a surprising sense of calm. This stone of inner transformation allows one to better adapt to change, providing the spiritual tools needed without too much effort. Larvikite taps into your inner strength and willpower as it fully protects the spiritual and physical bodies as well as the auric field. It cleanses, purifies, and forms a deep connection with the earth and the spirits of nature. As it increases our security in the strength of our own intellect and wisdom, this stone of intuition allows us to see ourselves through the eyes of our higher self. Because it opens pathways for knowledge and spiritual information, Larvikite also stimulates inner vision and enhances psychic abilities. Grounding, introspection, and patience are especially prominent in this stone’s properties and for these reasons, it is a powerful stone for past life recall. 

Larvikite in Physical Healing

Aside from its many spiritual attributes, larvikite has also been known to aid the physical body in many ways. It is said to help with learning disabilities, most likely because it boosts confidence in the self and facilitates intake of knowledge. It also enhances vitality and youthfulness and can be used to treat skin disorders. Larvikite is said to help brain function and aid in the recovery from strokes. It cleanses body tissue, balances metabolism and detoxifies muscles, all while calming the nerves and lowering blood pressure. 

Larvikite in Feng Shui 

The philosophy of Feng Shui is practiced by arranging furniture and items in certain spaces of the home to balance energy throughout. On the Bagua map, the different areas of the home are depicted with cardinal points to show which areas of the home correlate to which areas of life. If you have a larvikite cluster or point, the best place to put it would be in the South West or front left area of the home – the area responsible for knowledge, self-cultivation, and spirituality. 

Larvikite in Jewelry 

Larvikite can be worn on any part of the body you like, but it is especially powerful when worn as a bracelet or ring on the left hand. Keep in mind, “give with the right, receive with the left”. Personally, I find it especially effective in balancing energies since this is where it hangs in the middle of the body and the auric field. As earrings, it can further heighten intuition and open the third eye. As a necklace, it can help with communication through wisdom and truth of the heart. As a ring, it is best worn on the thumb, the finger relative to freedom and willpower. Wearing larvikite as an anklet will help to keep you grounded and bring you closer to earth energies – although, some may find it a little “heavy”. 

Larvikite Pairings 

Perhaps the best match for Larvikite is Rainbow Moonstone as they both represent the yin and yang, a balance of light and dark. Where larvikite promotes introspection and self-confidence, rainbow moonstone harmonizes energy and opens the heart chakra. Another great partner for larvikite is Black Tourmaline as it provides extra energetic protection and grounding. However, some might find this energy a little heavy. And then of course, when paired with Clear Quartz, larvikite’s properties are enhanced to open the upper chakras and promote further spiritual growth. As always when choosing crystal pairings, use your intuition and go with what feels right. Usually, you can tell just by looking at a stone if it will be right for you, but go ahead and touch it to be sure. Hold it in your hands for a bit. 

Caring for Larkivite

Crystals are known to store information and energy so it’s important to cleanse them often. Cleansing can be done in a number of ways, but most commonly with water. Water does not affect Larvikite so it’s completely safe to rinse it with cold or lukewarm water or let it sit in a moon water bath. You may also try other cleansing methods like smudging by passing the stone through sage smoke or any other cleansing herbs you prefer to burn. Sound cleansing is also great to remove negative or stagnant energy from the crystal as well as the environment. After cleansing, you may charge it up in sunlight if you like. Spend a little time with it by meditating or wearing it.