How to Charge Crystals

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After a crystal is cleansed, it will need to be reprogrammed. Charging your crystals is as important as cleansing them as cleansing resets the vibrations of healing crystals; charging infuses the crystal with natural energy as well as making it personal to you. Putting back the power in the crystal, so to speak. There are a variety of different ways in which to do this at home, with natural methods and no tools necessary. All you need is a clear mind, strong intentions, and a little bit of magic from within. In this article, we’ll have a look at some examples on how to charge your crystals. 

Natural Light 

Possibly one of the best ways to charge your crystals is by setting them out under direct moonlight or sunlight for twenty-four hours. This will fill the stone with natural healing energies and cleanse it at the same time. Find a place where they will be most exposed, like on the ground outside or on a windowsill facing the sun or moon. Exercise caution when charging your crystal under sunlight as some stones may fade or crack over time. 

Plants and Soil 

To charge your crystals with the natural energy of the earth, place them in your garden or flowerbed, or bury them in soil for about twenty-four hours. This will infuse the crystal with the natural energy of mother earth. To clean off any excess dirt, simply wipe them with a dry cloth. 

Crystal Combinations 

Combining a crystal with several other stones, will program that crystal with the powers of the other crystals. Find some compatible crystals to form a circle or grid and place the crystal you wish to charge in the center, leaving the arrangement for twenty-four hours. This will allow energy to flow in an organized manner from the other crystals to the one you intend to charge.  


Perhaps the most personal way to charge a crystal is by channeling your own energy into it. To do this, simply hold it in both hands and focus on the intention of sending your energy into the stone. This will move the energy from within yourself into the stone and help to form a bond between yourself and the crystal, making its effects more personal to your own intentions. 


Another simple way of charging crystals is by visualization. The power of manifestation comes from the ability to focus on what you wish to achieve. Simply clear your mind, focus your intention, and envision the crystals becoming charged with powerful energy. This can be done at any time, but it works best during meditation sessions, for a few minutes at a time.


To charge your crystals with a specific intention, it is possible to utilize magic spells and rituals in order to program the stone to a specific purpose. To do this, take some time for research beforehand to find out the best spells or rituals in which you can transfer intentional energy into your crystals. Spell candles are also great for programming a crystal. For this method, simply place the stone inside the wax or at the flame; exercise caution when doing this as the stone may crack due to the heat.  

Lastly, a simple and aesthetic way to charge a crystal is by wearing it as jewelry. This will keep the stone’s energy inside your auric field as well as helping to form a bond between yourself and the stone. For more information on utilizing crystal energy, see our other articles: healing crystals in jewelryhealing crystals in ringshealing crystals in necklaces, and healing crystals in bracelets.