Healing Crystals For Teeth and Gums

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There are many conditions in western medicine which we are used to considering chronic. Our doctor may recommend a set of lifestyle changes to better accommodate such ailments. Still, these are primarily suggestions such as more exercise and a lower carb intake, which are essential but do not include other substantial changes in how we live our day-to-day lives.

As it reaches us from the East, spirituality includes ancient practices that positively impact our psyche and improve innumerable physical and mental conditions. A stronger body and a sharper and more stable mind are the results of those methods.

A personal search for a more balanced life will reveal on the way interesting tweaks and tools we can start applying today. These changes might seem small at first, but they make a big difference in the long term. This happens because of the cumulative effect of our new routines, but also because our attitude towards life itself has enormous benefits that are hard to calculate.

A Spiritual Gift

Regardless of whether the reasons we come to alternative medicine are curiosity, entertainment, health, or a personal search, we will harvest results that will surprise us.

Over time, we have learned that, leaving aside any negative connotation of a particular religion, people who have faith in a higher being or life meaning are less likely to become depressed. If they experience bouts of depression or deep sadness, they cope more quickly than people without that vision of life. This directly impacts the immune system, which is quite susceptible to our moods.

Participation in a social form of religion or spirituality also benefits from the support of those who share a similar worldview permeated with (mostly) positive human interaction.

However, other manifestations, public or private, collective or individual, also have this component that helps to improve people’s emotional health.

Emotional strength is experienced differently in those who share a philosophy that already talks of difficulties and hard times and has an approach to understanding them under the light of spiritual evolution.

Spirituality includes aspects of mental health because if you live conscientiously, it fills you with values ​​such as love, forgiveness, gratitude, hope, peace, strength. It helps you to be more emotionally healthy. It also creates healthier relationships based on affection and a set of values and aspirations. This positive context facilitates relationships as they share common goals, a perspective of a mutually beneficial long-term objective.

Spirituality and its influence on mental health have previously been measured by psychologists and psychiatrists. This does not depend on a specific dogmatic principle but on a person’s perception of feeling loved and accompanied by a higher being or a way of life.

Mind, Spirit, and Gums

The gums support the teeth. The strength of these and their condition depends a lot on the state of the gums.

A sore gum may be linked to either a decision that you had to make a long time ago or one that you postponed for later, for fear of the consequences that this decision may have in your life. It can also be a decision that you have already made but did not follow through. You may feel trapped in a state of lethargy (passive) due to fear, insecurity, and uncertainty about the future.

If, in addition, your gums bleed or you have gingivitis, you may be reflecting a loss of joy concerning these decisions. You feel stretched out, tormented.

Sensitive gums show your great emotional sensitivity and vulnerability and a need to feel loved. You may feel you are not loved right now, or you might be afraid of loneliness in the future.

You need to affirm yourself and have more confidence because the gums maintain the teeth (and these represent the decisions significantly influenced by the capacity for self-affirmation or assertiveness).

Many times saying “no” to a request or request carries a burden of guilt, fear, and remorse that blocks decisions.

It is in your hands to learn to trust your decisions and rely on life to bring you everything you need. In this way, you will be more yourself, and you will learn to make decisions without fear and stress.

A Healthy Mouth

On a purely physical aspect, for teeth to be strong and healthy, it is necessary to take proper care of oral-dental health as a whole, which implies keeping the teeth clean and free of bacteria and the tongue, the walls of the mouth, and the gums.

Taking care of your gums is especially important, as they are the foundation on which your teeth sit. Healthy gums will make the teeth firmer and protected against external attacks of bacteria. On the contrary, damaged gums will leave the teeth weaker and unprotected from the action of bacterial plaque. In addition, conditions such as tooth sensitivity are aggravated when the gums are in poor condition.

Therefore, it is essential within oral hygiene habits to pay the necessary attention to the gums’ care and be attentive before any bleeding or signs of deterioration. In case of noticing pain, frequent inflammation, or more bleeding than usual, it is essential to inform the dentist to detect and treat any gum disease in time before its effects are irreversible for the health of the gums themselves in the long run for the teeth health.

Our mouth needs constant and proper care, potentiated by healing crystals for teeth and gums. However, in the vast majority of cases, it is not necessary to take more specific measures. It is wise not to forget what dentists consider basic oral hygiene:


Brush your teeth 3 times a day after each main meal, investing approximately 2 minutes and following the brushing technique indicated by the dentist. It is advisable to select a brush with not too stiff bristles to not damage the gums. And do not forget that it is recommended to dispose of the toothbrush every 3 months to prevent bacteria from accumulating.


Use dental floss to remove the remains of food that remain embedded between the teeth, applying it carefully not to reach the gums.


Finally, use a mild mouthwash to help eliminate bacteria that still resist the tongue, the walls of the mouth, and the gums. If we have a gum problem, you can consult your dentist to recommend the most suitable product for your case.

Balanced diet.

Pay attention to eating, following a balanced diet, and especially avoiding products with too much sugar. Foods that are too hot or too acidic can damage the gums, and foods such as crispy chips can cause minor cuts in the gums. In general, if you detect discomfort or irritation in the gums after consuming certain foods, try to avoid them.

A Friendly Visit

Visit your dentist periodically for check-ups. Ideally, you should check your mouth every 6 months, or at least every 12 months. Many severe long-term conditions cause little discomfort at first. Detecting and treating them in time is essential to avoid damage, problems that can be very painful and cause irreversible damage to the gums or teeth.

If you follow these recommendations, you will be taking proper care of your entire mouth, and both the teeth and the gums will be healthy for longer.

How do you know that they are damaged?

The gums are especially sensitive, and any minor condition causes discomfort almost immediately. The advantage is that thanks to this feature, it is easier and faster to detect when they are damaged.

When gums are healthy, they usually have pink color with reddish tones. On the other hand, when the gums are neglected, they typically have a dull purple color that indicates inflammation.

In addition to color, other easily detectable factors help us detect that there is a problem in the gums:

  • Frequent bleeding during brushing.
  • Bad breath.
  • Hypersensitivity to cold.

A Few Home Remedies


This is an outstanding anti-inflammatory, and it has been used in Europe for over two hundred years. It was used before dental procedures to avoid pain and inflammation. It can be used straight in the gums, either in powder or toothpaste.


The flowers of this plant are part of the folk tradition in Europe. It has been used as a mouthwash for centuries. You can prepare calendula as you would a tea and use it when cold. 

A Multi-Purpose Solution

Liquifying the leaves of calendula and some arnica flowers, in equal ammounts, creates a very soothing mouthwash that will help you heal your gums and decrease the inflammation quite fast. Add water as needed. It is easier to use if it is more of a liquid than a paste.

Crystals for Teeth And Gums

Healing stones are the elements that are used in gem therapy. Despite the passing of the years, they continue to attract some people’s attention for various reasons beyond their pretty appearance and curious shapes.

Many crystals can speed up natural processes. The best healing crystals for teeth and gums are those which help the inflammation decrease as fast as possible.

Crystal therapy is a widespread technique, which consists of treating different ailments by applying healing stones at various temperatures to specific points on the body.

It is interesting to know that gem therapy is a technique that is part of alternative medicine. It has several interesting approaches, such as that energy is concentrated in various parts of the body. By knowing, identifying, and attending to these, it is possible to treat ailments of several types.

Since ancient times, stones have been used as talismans to protect against evils and diseases. In fact, in various cultures in different parts of the world, we find crystal therapy remedies, from Europe to South America.

Let’s see more about the healing stones that are most often mentioned and used and the benefits attributed to their use.


According to tradition, amber would help relieve headaches and migraines, strains in the back and neck, asthma, and bronchitis. It would also help against gastrointestinal problems, fever, nosebleeds, colds, inflammation of the tonsils, cavities, gingivitis, and bleeding gums.


It is used to aid in speech problems and the treatment of ailments of the throat and teeth.



Although some civilizations used it to strengthen bones and teeth due to its high fluoride content, it is also appreciated for its multiple energetic properties. It is beneficial for bones, and it is one of the most extraordinary healing crystals for teeth and gums. It is also instrumental in reactivating the libido and curing some viruses. It helps with the flu if prepared as an elixir. It also relieves arthritis, rheumatism, and spinal injuries.

The best way to apply these crystals to teeth and gums is by making your own gem elixir.

Making An Elixir For The Mouth

One of the ways to harness the energy of the crystals is to make an elixir. Water is highly programmable and is easily impregnated with the properties of the stones with which it comes in contact, allowing you to use that energy as a homeopathic remedy, or in this case, a homeopathic mouthwash. Use this mouthwash every day as soon as you wake up. It will also positively affect your decision-making.

You Will Need

To create your gem elixir, you need the following items:

  • A glass container

You can use a jar, a bottle, a bowl, or another type of container, whichever is more comfortable for you. Still, it is recommended that it be made of glass to receive light and does not contaminate the content (as in the case of plastic) or alter energy (as with metal). If you use a container that can be covered, it will also serve to store the elixir.

  • Distilled water

The purer it is, and the fewer metals it contains, the better. If you are lucky enough to have drinkable spring water, that is great. But otherwise, any bottled water will do.

  • Crystals

You may choose fluorite, amber, or aquamarine to make this elixir. You may also mix them but after preparation.

  • Intention

Keep your goal in mind when creating the elixir. If you want, you can even write it down and put it under the container. The intention you set will also be brought into the elixir along with the energy of the stones.

  • A small bottle

If you want to preserve the elixir for more than a week, you will need to add a preservative to the mother tincture. It can be vodka, but I prefer to add a cider vinegar shot (with honey) to a regular water bottle.