Gemstones and Their Powers

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Crystals make up the most elegant and symmetrical representation of the mineral world. They formed through thousands of years and geological changes in caverns and under tremendous pressures and heat. Crystals have an infinite number of applications for the human being’s mystical and spiritual existence; they are always a positive addition to our lives.

Gemstones and their powers have been our partners for millennia. Their healing properties and high vibration resonate with ours and lead us to know ourselves and heal physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. They help us align our subtle energies with those of nature, dissolving stress and bringing clarity to our minds.

Our gadgets, computers, and cell phones are nothing but complex crystal structures: they keep our clocks on time and our screens glowing.

Crystals are transmitters and receivers of energy. By using them correctly, we can turn them into our source of pure energy. In the same way that we use crystals in the manufacture of technological instruments, we can reach out to them on their spiritual-energetic side to work with us.

In the mystical world, they are excellent aids and companions. We can address them by focusing our ideas, memories, and concepts on the luminous flashes of light and energy that they emanate. Gemstones can recharge our lifeforce through a sincere connection with them.

These are minerals that have the power to communicate. If you remain silent in their presence, opening to your intuition, you can sense the gemstones and their powers by just a light touch with your hands. It may take practice, but it is a way to expand your intuition in general.

Finding Your Crystals

When you decide to get a crystal, observe it, touch it, feel its energy, and the crystal that corresponds to you on this plane of life will pull you like a magnet; trust your intuition.

The energy transmutation of crystals plays an important role in preventing and relieving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illnesses. They are also instruments of outstanding healing experiences among those who have a gift.

How to cleanse a crystal

Once you are home with your new crystal, or if after a while you notice that a crystal appears dirty, dull, or you feel it needs a good catharsis, you should clean it. There are various options to do it: with seawater, with river water, or tap water and salt (sea salt if possible). These techniques do not apply to every crystal, but you can use them in the ones I mention below.

You will need a glass of mineral water, a minimum amount of salt. Add the salt ingredients to the glass, and set the crystal there to cleanse. The next day it is exposed to moonlight for three hours. You can use sunlight, but it may alter the color of many crystals and stones; this is a great way to charge a quartz crystal.

Charging a Crystal

The first step was cleansing. Now, we can expose it to sunlight for a few minutes and several moonlight hours; other crystals can also charge it. A giant crystal can cost a lot. But keep in mind that size will not make a difference in a practical sense; an adequate size to hold in your hand will have the same beneficial effects.

A Family of Gemstones

The link between spirituality and health is an integral part of life. The addition of healing crystals to our lives can significantly impact our efforts, as they relate to every aspect of our health and actions.

Many highly spiritual people lose their willpower. It is wise to build a habit of recharging yourself regularly. Use simple exercises with your crystals to make sure that good vibes surround you as often as possible.

It is easy to connect to gemstones and their powers through a brief meditation and even a few words of intention. It does not have to be a scripted affirmation; we can allow spontaneity to be our guide.

Through your mind, send all the feelings, emotions, and thoughts to your gemstone or crystal. Using visualization, touch the crystal with your energy as if embracing it with your aura. Allow it to become a part of “you.”

Many of what are called psychic powers are just another side of ourselves. We all have gifts that we need to explore and develop. Using the psychic abilities that are given to you by the spirit is very important.

Now let’s suppose you want to attract health, love, money, and peace to your home. In that case, here are a few crystals you should keep around:

  • Quartz

It is essential to know that quartz has the property of balancing environments thanks to its receptive conditions. They clean and tidy low-vibration spaces emitted by artificial magnetic and emotional charges, such as sadness, stress, or exhaustion. They also enable meditation and can potentiate any practice.

  • Pink Quartz

The pink crystal represents the energy of love and tranquility. It is very appropriate for a bedroom or a living room.

  • Amethyst

It has the power of transmuting energies. It can be helpful to find negativity in ourselves and turn it into positive energy. It also helps deep sleep and psychic development.

  • Citrine

This crystal is attributed to the solar plexus chakra, which means that it connects with our will and determination and can help us be bolder and decided in everyday life. It is a gemstone of personal power.

It is a stone to manifest, to transform your desires and ideas into reality. It would help if you chose it to amplify creativity and imagination.

  • Jade

Along with emerald, jade is a crystal of love, compassion, healing, and abundance. It is essential to work the heart chakra and help remove blockages to make feelings of plenitude spontaneously available. It brings happiness and loyalty and enhances unity, promoting friendship and balance.

Objects made out of jade are sought after in the East; they represent prosperity and abundance.

  • Obsidian

The bathrooms are places where we wash, where we leave our physical and energy waste, are generally very charged spaces. It is why obsidian makes for an excellent protector to carry around with us.

Dark-colored crystals such as obsidian (and onyx) can protect us from hostile forces. The use of protection crystals is much more effective than other spiritual or psychic protection methods. They prevent the adverse energies of our surroundings from taking hold of our aura.

  • Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli brings freedom to the throat chakra. It helps us express our ideas with more confidence as well as owning our emotions. It is excellent for releasing what feels heavy on us. It is also a stone of peace, which flows from letting go. It brings immense serenity and is key to spiritual realization.

  • Emerald

This is a precious stone, and it is expensive. The emerald is a stone of wisdom: it brings calm to emotions, banishes negativity, helps generate positive feelings, transmits mental clarity, stimulates memory, and broadens our global vision of situations.

Afterward, place all the crystals in a place where moonlight reflects. Or leave them outside to receive the moon’s energy at least once a week and on every full moon. Only the owner should touch the crystals.

An Obsidian Therapy

Crystals aim to support our awakening and to return us to consciousness. It is a path for us to rediscover our reality, heal and cross the portal that connects us with abundance, well-being, and happiness.

Obsidian allows us to observe, remove and cut from our psyche all that belief system that keeps us with disease and containment on a day-to-day basis, for example: when one is saying I am not capable of doing something, I am afraid, I do not know why I act this way, I get angry very quickly.

The first step to undergo this therapy type is to perform an energetic cleansing as if washing our whole aura with obsidian. Later on, we should relax for a few minutes, paying attention to our mind’s thoughts and images.

Now is when the healing process starts—taking shape from every realization. It will not happen in our minds but through our energetic bodies. Later on, we will see the change reflected in our thoughts.

This process provides us with knowledge about ourselves for our awakening. It leaves us in a state of inner peace equivalent to deep meditation.

Crystals and Chakras

According to Hindu philosophy, the chakras are invisible energy centers located along the spinal cord through which energy flows, connecting body, mind, spirit, and soul. Its name, chakra, which means wheel, already hints at the relationship between one and the other by treating them as a set of interconnected gears. Each part depends on the other.

To put it simply, we can say that each chakra represents a different energy center. A separate physical and emotional state governs the functioning of a specific endocrine gland. This interconnection and interdependence between one and the other determine the good energy flow through all parts of our body. They also link to the health of our bodies. Energy therapies such as reiki consider blocking any of them as triggers of different types of diseases related to particular body areas.

We will use the energy of stones and crystals to help us regain the balance between body and mind. In the same way that the chakras heal an energetic imbalance, the stones allow us to identify our blockages and deal with them ourselves.

Then the stones will have an impact on our well-being and our emotions. Also in our skills and abilities. They will also have a protective role. Therefore, it is essential to use them when our chakras are out of balance.

Chakra Healing

Laying down, place the stones beginning with the root chakra and work upward to help direct energy flow. The first and the last stones may need to be placed on the mat or bed. Just accommodate them as close to the corresponding chakra as you can.

Put the stones in each of the energy centers, such as:

Top of the head – Clear Quartz

Forehead – Amethyst

Throat – Blue Quartz

Heart – Jade or Green Quartz

Solar Plexus – Citrine

Sacral Chakra (below the navel) – Carnelian

Root Chakra – Smoky Quartz

Be aware of any changes in your body. Stay with your feelings as much as with your emotions. You may feel sudden temperature changes or a sensation of movement. Whatever happens, when you focus on a chakra might give you a clue to what is going on in that center. A sudden cold impression in your body may refer to a lack of energy flow.

Chakras and Spiritual Life

At times it may seem we are talking about health as pure well-being. It is more than that. Keeping our body and our mind healthy is a way to promote spiritual evolution also. We may engage with any spiritual path, but we need to be as healthy as possible to live it fully. This broader concept of health implies an alignment of our energies with those of all life. The great shaman Carlos Castaneda referred to this idea as a reconfiguration of the internal energies of what Don Juan, his teacher, called the “luminous egg” (the aura). In that alignment, our connection to nature goes from a poetic idea to a way of life. It means filling our existence with increased perception and connection to the present moment and all existence. Gemstones and their powers can be that extra step we need to facilitate our inner progress.