Crystals for Weight Loss

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Those of us who have struggled with weight loss know how difficult it is to drop those pounds. In addition to exercise and a healthy diet, healing crystals can also help to boost your metabolism and lighten the load on the scale fast. Whether your reason for wanting to lose weight stems from health concerns or just the desire to feel comfortable in your own skin, these crystals for weight loss will have you feeling better than you’ve ever felt.

Rose Quartz teaches self love like no other crystal can. The best motivation you can get is from learning to accept yourself, inside and out. Rose quartz reminds us that no matter what our bodies look or feel like, we are magic, we are worthy, and we are so much more than enough. 

Blue Apatite is the stone of strength when it comes to the physical body. It boosts metabolism, curbs the munchies, and somehow makes unappealing meals look so delicious to the hungry eye. Blue apatite will work wonders for your body if you trust in its magic. 

Citrine sparkles with the energy of the sun and helps us to celebrate the beautiful things in life, especially ourselves. Its energy radiates through our being with powerful feelings of being revitalized, determined, and ready to face the day. Bring a little sunshine to the daily gloom with this yellow crystal for weight loss. 

Selenite cleanses, heals, and strengthens so you can kick those old and nasty habits right in the hindquarters. It brings clarity to the mind and vitality to the body, reminding us pf what’s important and that the body we want is only as far away as our own self-discipline. 

Tiger’s Eye is the stone of confidence and courage that lends its energies to our purposes on all levels. It pushes us out of our comfort zone and into the realm where dreams become reality, saying “how can you get it, if you don’t go out and get it.” Take your power back with Tiger’s Eye. 

Carnelian is yet another powerful harness of the sun’s revitalizing energies. It increases libido and flushes toxins from the physical body, while lending the strength and perseverance necessary to achieve our goals. Soak in carnelian’s energy before your daily run or routine. 

Iolite presents us with our true destiny and reminds us that we are in control of all aspects of our life. It detoxifies and removes impurities from the physical body as well as from the mind, so you can find your motivation among all the chaos. Promoting a healthy digestive system, this crystal for weight loss makes eating healthy a breeze. 

Sunstone is brimming with the revitalizing energies of the sun, enhancing willpower and boosting metabolism. It stimulates the solar plexus chakra to promote self-confidence and focus, keeping us physically active. Sunstone’s energy breaks through the clouds of lethargy and shows us what we can achieve if we believe in our own power. 

Green Aventurine fills the heart with purpose and positive vibrations, keeping you determined and optimistic on those low-energy days. It promotes healthy function of the thymus gland and allows energy to flow freely throughout the body so you can find the strength to push through toward your end goal. 

Tourmaline is a protective stone that absorbs toxins from the body and transmutes negativity from the mind. Boosting the immune system, it promotes healthy digestion and keeps you grounded so you remember why you started on this journey in the first place. 

Healing crystals are always best in jewelry and meditation, but however you use them, always remember that the true magic is within yourself and starts with your own decision to take that first step forward. So strap on your sweatbands and tuck your crystals inside them because this is the year we become the healthiest version of ourselves!