Crystals for Spiritual Protection

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We face a lot of stress during the day. We get used to it, so we might not notice that it remains in the background, making things more difficult in general. Sleeping will not restore the body to its natural state. In the morning, the stress will pick up pretty much where it left off the night before unless we do something about it.

We need to practice relaxation purposefully to see good results. Through meditation and mindfulness, and even by taking walks, we add peace to our minds’ balance.

Like with stress, damaging or bad energy can get mixed with our aura or affect where we live. There is a strong connection between our personal energy and how we feel at any given moment. So keeping a clear aura is not an abstract concern. A calm and clean aura will reflect on how you move and think in your daily life. Dispersing unwanted energies in your body and home is one of the most important things you can do. Protection should be the next step.

Laying protective stones and wearing protective jewelry promotes a constant flow of energy throughout your body and space, vital to your health and well-being.

Personal Protection

Many stones can help you energetically, but few are unique and widely used. I prefer to mention these as I am quite sure you will see results you can genuinely notice.

Tourmaline cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy while cleansing and balancing all the chakras.

Natural Tourmaline wands are useful for healing: they cleanse the aura, remove blockages, disperse negative energies, and balance and connect the chakras and meridians.

Quartz clears accumulated emotional junk, helping the body restore balance and heal itself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In addition to preventing diseases, quartz can be a useful healing tool when they have manifested themselves.

Black onyx is one of the best protection crystals because it makes decision-making easier. By connecting with a black onyx protection crystal, you can work to protect your energy from regression to negative habits or patterns.

Jasper is also among the cleansing stones that absorb negative energy, but they are especially beneficial for nurturing the aura.

How to Use Them on Yourself

Meditating is an excellent way of contacting a crystal or stone, a form of connecting your energy to it, to strengthen your mind and spirit.

  1. Sit or lie down quietly to prepare for the meditation session. Prevent any interruption so that your mind does not need to be ready to respond to the outside world. Deep relaxation improves our faculties.
  2. You can use a candle to help you focus and to reinforce the intention of your protection meditation. Place the stone or crystal before the candle so that you may see the flame reflected on its top.
  3. Touch the crystal for a moment and feel its shape; allow your mind to get a feeling from it. Then feel your energy going into the stone as if it were a part of your body, feel its presence. No image in your mind is necessary; unlike a visualization, the sense of touch should remain the focus here.
  4. Now resting the hands on your lap, palms down, make a connection with your crystal. Start by remembering how its shape and texture feel. Build your rapport from there.
  5. Allow your mind to rest on the crystal and close your eyes. Now you inhabit both your body and the crystal in front of you.
  6. Your energy will transmute and leave behind its impurities. You will feel the result of this practice a feeling of renewal and peace.
  7. Close this meditation, giving thanks and asking your stone to protect you being open to your life energy.
  8. Carry the crystal or stone with you as an amulet if you can, or keep it close in your daily life.

A Better Living Space

Your home can be a temple of peace, where you can free yourself from all the negative thoughts that accompany you. Different stones can help absorb vibrations so that you can ease your mind quickly. Placing them strategically in rooms where we spend a lot of time will help their vibrations all the time.

Using these crystals will ensure that your home remains protected from any negative energy or outside influences. Still, before placing stones or other energy remedies at home, it is advisable to clean the spaces of negative energies that may have accumulated.

If you are starting to live in a new place, it is essential to do so and after a dispute, an event that may have attracted lousy energy or a very negative person’s imprint. But in general, it is a positive custom to do it a few times a year no matter what.

Cleaning and Cleansing The Home

This cleaning is as simple as it is useful. Open the windows so that fresh air enters and the denser energies come out. First, light a stick of incense (a bundle of sage is even better if you can find it), then walk with it throughout the house, moving clockwise. It means that there is always a wall next to you on your left side. Remember to start at the entrance.

It is important to pay particular attention to the corners, where more stagnant energy accumulates, and the thresholds. If you get a strange sensation or uneasiness while doing this, stop and stand there for a little while. Sense it and ask it to leave. I do not believe that we are talking about a “presence” as if referring to an entity, but dealing with abstract things as entities is pretty standard and useful in a ritual context.

Before starting to live in a new place, it is essential to do this sort of practice. Another circumstance to do this would be after an ugly dispute or an incident that may have attracted bad energy (a home accident), or a very negative person’s visit.

Crystals: which ones to choose

The house is already clean energetically, and we can move on to place the protective glass. There are many stones with protective qualities, but two among them work very well together. These are Black Tourmaline and Selenite.

Black Tourmaline is clearly at the top of the most protective stones that exist; it acts as a shield that repels any negative energy, be it electromagnetic activity, ill will, a psychic attack, or damaging energies. This stone expels those unwanted energies and encourages a positive attitude that affects those in its area of ​​influence and brings vitality; both aspects also help disintegrate negativity.

Selenite brings softer energy and a sense of calm; it balances and perfectly complements the shield’s protective energy (Tourmaline). In addition to protecting from harmful influences, this stone brings deep peace and serenity, which helps to keep your home clean of negativity.

Crystal Grid: How to Build It

The shapes that we find in connection to spiritual practices are quite diverse. But we can find some of those in many traditions. It is fascinating because they show us an aspect of the spiritual experience that seems to be symbolized similarly in cultures thousands of miles and hundreds of years apart.

They reflect something very primal about ourselves and what we accept to be a language of shapes. Then those shapes can take part in mandalas, medals, and of course, buildings.

While we are keeping this in mind, we should consider a crystal grid as an arrangement of sorts, which indicates a shape from the placement of crystals or stones in specific points of the body they represent.

So we are not drawing with the stones as much as we are marking the shape’s outline, not unlike the stars keep the form of a zodiac sign.

Regarding the placement, you can put Tourmaline inside or outside the house, but keep in mind that Selenite must be inside since its structure is much more delicate and fragile. The ideal is to place them together in each house’s main corner, forming a protective fabric. If the room has a round shape, the placement could follow the four quarters.

While you are placing the crystals in the corresponding place, it is positive if you use an affirmation to program them, a quick phrase with the intention of protecting the house; You can do it out loud or mentally and use something like “now this home is fully protected” or whatever is most appropriate for you.

Once the stones have been placed, stand in the approximate center of the frame and visualize the crystals joined by lines of light, it is the energy that keeps the structure together and active, protecting the entire space of your home. If you want, you can also imagine a protective shield surrounding the whole house on the outside.

With this, your home would already be protected. Nevertheless, do not forget that your activities, emotions, and thoughts and those of all the people who live with you or visit you continuously move and transform the environment’s energies. We all have the possibility and the responsibility to maintain these clean and positive energies to enjoy a protected, peaceful, healthy, and welcoming home.

Protecting Your Home in Simple Steps

You can change your space’s attitude in a few minutes, so it is not easily affected by negativity. You can do this at any time, but near noon, on a clear day, would be perfect.

  1. Open all the windows and clean each room, making sure any negative energy can move and go out the window. Stagnant air is always part of the problem, while it is so easy to solve.
  2. Find a place in your home where you can set your intention. Sit in the center of that space, relaxing and focusing your energy.
  3. Place the crystals in the corners of your home. It can be done using one crystal in each place of a combination of two: Black Tourmaline and Selenite, as mentioned before. If the general shape of your home is round, you can set them in the four directions.
  4. Visualize the protective crystals connecting to each other; this interaction is what we are looking for, integrating and reinforcing the purpose we are setting into our home.

In the Tarot deck created by Aleister Crowley, the Four of Disks is pictured as a fortress, and the card is called “Power.”

A square shape is recommended as a sign of strength and protection. The number four is a basic structure of stability: the traditional elements are four, and they constitute the created universe’s essence. Also, we have the four winds as the main directions, the four letters of God’s Hebrew name, the four Archangels, etc.

In this same manner, we will find other shapes that we can use in creating a crystal grid; this is explored in-depth in Sacred Geometry, and it surprises the variety of complex shapes in which you can find crystals and stones cut.

A Way of Life

At times we may go through a situation that catches us off guard. We may be entirely out of balance from one moment to the next. You may wonder if crystals can help you then. The answer is a resounding yes. But the secret to having good results, as it happens with sports, and spiritual practice in general, is the discipline we keep. We can be real friends with our crystals or just acquaintances.

Cleansing your crystals and charging them, keeping them in your routines is what connects you to the crystal so that your mind is open to their vibration, and your energetic structure is accepting of this transmutation. Moreover, it combines the crystal to your aura, so both are always communicating, a real symbiosis.