Crystals for Self Love and Acceptance

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Oftentimes, when we feel restless, upset, agitated, or just a little incomplete it’s because our soul is calling for something it desperately needs. If you’re feeling down and unmotivated, self-critical and other such things that indicate a lack of self esteem, it means that something is missing within our hearts – not necessarily the love of another person, but a lack of love for the self. If you’ve been through it, you’ve been through it and you know (sometimes not right away) that the reason you feel insufficient is not because you are, but because there’s some underlying emotional trauma (most likely repressed) that has been left unattended for far too long. Negative emotions and feelings of insecurity often increase the longer they’re unacknowledged or unresolved. It all comes down to acceptance of the self; this includes past mistakes and poor life choices… even the many wrongs that have been done to you. You can only truly love yourself if you learn to embrace yourSelf, darkness and flaws alike. You are not responsible for carrying the burdens of others, nor the pain caused by their actions and you deserve more than you believe. Many years ago, I opened two fortune cookies, just months apart and they resonated more than anything I could imagine needing to read at the time and it is my firm belief that the world should know it too:“Forget those things that aren’t worth remembering” and “As I forgive myself, I let go of all feelings of not being good enough and I am free to truly love myself.” 

In times of emotional disquiet and spiritual desolation, it can be rather challenging to find a remedy or even the motivation to start looking. Healing crystals are an eternal blessing from the cosmic source to us as inhabitants of this earthly plane. They carry the magic of the universe and all four elements, healing powers included. Let’s take a look at some crystals for self love and acceptance. 

Rose Quartz is perhaps one of the most well known love crystals. Not just because it instills energies of universal love, but because it opens the heart chakra to allow you to welcome love into your heart. And with all things regarding love, it starts within. Rose quartz teaches compassion and understanding, especially toward oneself in times when we’re just a little too self-critical. It stabilizes the emotional body to instill true and lasting love of the self. 

Moonstone is yet another stone of love, but it brings a little extra with it. This captivating crystal opens up doors of opportunity while teaching you to let go of all which no longer serves your highest purpose. Moonstone reminds us that a fresh start and a new beginning is always possible and that it’s never too late to reinvent ourselves. We are the masters of our own image and this crystal allows us to see ourselves in the truest and most magical light possible. 

Labradorite, a transformation crystal, helps with stages of transition. It soothes emotional wounds and past trauma while allowing us to see ourselves clearly – this includes the falsely negative beliefs we have about ourselves. Labradorite channels our inner strengths, helping us to realize the true power and potential that we hold naturally within. 

Lepidolite is a calming stone that also kick-starts the energy centers of the body. As it aligns the chakras and soothes the emotional body, it allows us to open up during introspection and promotes self growth. Lepidolite nurtures and comforts, helping us to find happiness within rather than without and bringing the energies necessary to finally love ourselves. 

Citrine, as a stone of the solar plexus chakra, instills bright and vibrant energies of the life force and pure vitality. Also known as the stone of happiness, this yellow crystal heals like the sun, and not just because of its color. Citrine opens up the energy center responsible for feelings of motivation and self appreciation, allowing us to better accept ourselves, because we truly are magic, despite the negative thoughts that plague the mind.    

Rhodonite is the stone of love and balance as it opens and clears the heart chakra to release any heaviness. It balances the emotional body and comforts the aching heart, especially after a break up or the loss of a loved one. Rhodonite reminds us that you are strong and you have what it takes to overcome any obstacle. It holds you and soothes you in times of sadness and struggle to remind us that we are not alone – especially if we can learn to love ourselves. 

Pink Opal is a stone of the heart which opens, aligns, and unblocks the heart chakra to instill lasting energies of positivity and compassion. It strengthens the relationship we have with ourselves and teaches that we can be just as happy being self-reliant as we would be leaning on someone else. Pink opal lends a sense of individuality that helps us to look within and find the answers we seek. It strengthens the mind and heart to release all emotional and mental burdens that have been growing heavy.