Crystals for Scorpio Season

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Scorpios often get a bad rep, possibly because of their tendencies to be brutal and upfront, which can sometimes cause some intense emotions to stir. However, these creatures are perhaps the most intriguing of all the zodiac signs as they can either go one way or the other, but somehow still end up winning you over. It’s probably all that natural sexiness and charisma. Because they are a water sign, emotions run deep; they can be intense, brooding, emotional, and very sexual beings. Primarily, they are known as intense, perceptive, and having a quiet sense of power and determination. This is because Scorpio has two ruling planets, Pluto (the planet of transformation, rebirth, and the subconscious) and Mars (the planet of aggression, action, and desire). Scorpio season runs through October 23rd and November 22nd, during which emotions are at an all time high. Things can become intense, overwhelming, and a little scary as Halloween season usually should be. It’s also a time of change and transformation. In Tarot, Scorpio is represented by the Death card, but not in the literal sense – it represents endings, rebirth, and new beginnings. So whatever this Scorpio season throws your way, remember to grab some crystals, breathe and trust in the divine design of the universe. 

Crystals for Scorpio season are a great tool to overcome the challenges ahead and meditation can help a lot when it comes to dealing with emotions. Here are some crystals you can count on to keep your emotions in check, while embracing all the changes that await. 

Amethyst is perfect for Scorpio season as it enhances your intuitive abilities and promotes spiritual growth, which is what this opportunistic time is all about. It will help you understand your purpose in life while increasing stamina and vitality, strengthening the natural determination that flows through each of us during Scorpio season. 

Aquamarine is a great crystal for water signs who are struggling with their emotions. It brings balance and harmony to encourage the flow of positivity when feelings become overwhelming. As this blue crystal is relative to the throat chakra, it helps to promote healthy communication so you can avoid any misunderstandings and heated arguments that may arise during this time. 

Sodalite is yet another harmonious stone that balances your intellect against your intuition. It promotes spiritual perception to help you understand those things unseen and find those hidden truths that perhaps you’ve been avoiding. After all, how else can we expect to grow? 

Moonstone enhances spiritual growth and brings out the feminine in all the zodiac signs, but especially Scorpios, who are sometimes in need of a little more grace, compassion, and understanding. As it instigates and aids new beginnings, this stone can help to ease the friction of change during this transitional period while instilling loving energies. 

Citrine is a manifestation stone that empowers, motivates, and inspires. It will absorb negative energy to keep you grounded and help you to stay on the right track. As it relates to the solar plexus chakra, citrine can also help you to problem-solve more creatively and effectively. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, harmony, and romance and while it can manifest those things, it also heals emotional trauma and instills confidence. For Scorpio specifically, it will open the heart chakra to release feelings of jealousy and the need to be in control. 

Rhodochrosite heals emotional trauma to teach forgiveness and understanding. It balances out the emotional body to replace negativity with positivity. Rhodochrosite brings calm, relaxation, happiness and joy. 

Because Scorpio season is about balance, change, and transformation, you can use these crystals to enhance virtually any area of your life. As suggested by the Feng Shui Bagua map, try keeping your crystals for Scorpio season in either of these parts of the home, depending on what best suits your needs. 

For Wealth & Prosperity place your crystal grid in the South East or Rear Left area of the home. 

For Fame & Reputation place your crystal grid in the South or Rear Middle area of the home. 

For Love & Relationships place your crystal grid in the South West or Rear Right area of the home. 

For Family & Home Life place your crystal grid in the East or Middle Left area of the home. 

For Overall Health place your crystal grid in the Center of your home.  

For Children & Creativity place your crystal grid in the West or Middle Right area of the home. 

For Knowledge & Self-Cultivation place your crystal grid in the South West or Front Left area of the home. 

For Career & Work Life place your crystal grid in the North area of the home or at the front door. 

For Travel & Helpful People place your crystal grid in the North West or Front Right area of the home.