Crystals for Psychic Ability

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When it comes to healing crystals, there’s one for just about anything you can imagine. We’ve talked about crystals for love, protection, prosperity, and health. But what about bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual? The third eye and crown chakras are two very important energy centers when it comes to spiritual growth as they help us to communicate with the higher power within ourselves. Developing your intuition is key when it comes to accessing your psychic power and stimulating the vision of your third eye; we must first learn to listen to ourselves before we can expect to properly listen to what the universe has to say. Here are 10 crystals for psychic ability. 

1. Amethyst stimulates spiritual growth and unites the third eye with the crown chakra, promoting inner wisdom and better understanding with the self. It soothes the mind and helps you to tap into those higher realms of communication. Place this stone against your third eye to promote psychic visions.

2. Obsidian comes from a long history of divinatory uses and is great for keeping yourself grounded, especially during mediation. It provides a level of protection that extends beyond the physical into the spiritual, while allowing you to access your most hidden truths. Hold this crystal tightly in your hands whenever you feel like you are stepping back from your full potential.

3. Clear Quartz is the master healer that clears out any and all obstacles, blockages, and psychic inhibitions. It releases negative thoughts and energy to revitalize the chakras and your auric field, allowing you to manifest your reality as you will it. Look to clear quartz in times when you need clarity.

4. Sodalite stabilizes the emotions and helps you to find reasoning and truth within yourself and your surroundings. It grounds and strengthens intuition to increase psychic ability and is a perfect companion during divination. Keep it on your altar or near your tarot deck.

5. Moonstone adds a touch of light to your practices and meditation sessions, bringing with it the energy of the divine feminine and intuitive strength. As it illuminates your path, it also stabilizes the emotional body and helps you to find answers where they seem evasive. Seek the help of moonstone in times when you need to uncloud the mind.

6. Labradorite is the stone of transformation that provides illumination in the darkness. This magical stone provides the tools needed for self-reflection and introspection, helping you realize your own power through authenticity. Uncover your destiny and enhance your visualization abilities with labradorite.

7. Agate, specifically Blue Lace Agate, is known for its ability to calm the mind and soothe the emotions. It encourages healthy communication and instills a peace of mind, without which intuition is nowhere near as effective. Hold this stone close in times when you’re having trouble expressing yourself or finding what is that your spirit most desires.

8. Lapis Lazuli is a highly protective and mystical stone that nurtures the third eye chakra and deepens intuition. It provides wisdom and knowledge of our most authentic self, opening the door to powerful psychic practice. To promote self-awareness and truth, meditate regularly with lapis lazuli in your hands.

9. Selenite is closely connected to the crown chakra and thus removes any spiritual inhibitions you may be facing. It unravels the knots in the mind as well as the soul to allow for clear communication between every aspect of your being. Always keep selenite near to ensure that every crevice is illuminated to reveal your hidden truths.

10. Celestite, as its name would suggest, is a celestial stone that guides us on our path into higher realms. It provides insight and understanding when we can’t seem to make sense of the messages from our subconscious. If you’re an overthinker, this is the perfect crystal for you as it aids the thought process and expands your psychic reach.

Crystals for psychic ability are a great addition to your crystal collection as they bring an extra dash of universal magic into your space. They are perfect for incorporating into your meditation routines as they help to stimulate visions, inner wisdom, and self-understanding. Always remember to cleanse and charge your crystals to keep them working at their full potential.